Young Talent Starting to Show up for the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins continued their win-streak to reach 4 wins straight this past week. Although the Dolphins started the season 1-7, they won out in their past four games, thanks mostly to the young stars on their team.

Tua Tagovailoa has stepped up during the Dolphins win-streak. Tagovailoa’s season completion percentage is 70.1%, which would clock in as the 18th best completion percentage in a season of all time!  To put that into perspective, if the season ended today, Tagovailoa’s completion percentage would be higher than Tom Brady’s highest accuracy ever.

In Sunday’s game against the Panthers, Tagovailoa completed 27 of 31 passes, putting him 8th best for completion percentage in a single game in NFL history (when attempting over 30 passes). If Tagovailoa keeps this up, Miami may have a chance at winning the rest of their games, and maybe even securing a playoff spot.

Jaylen Waddle also played his best in an NFL game yet this past week. He was targeted 10 times, racking up 9 receptions. Waddle also recorded his first ever 100-yard game, gaining 137 yards. Waddle led the Dolphins in receiving, recording more than half of the total receiving yards, along with the only receiving touchdown by the team. Hopefully, this is a good showing of Waddle’s future, as he played amazingly in this game.

Defensively, the team’s rookies also showed out. Jaelan Phillips recorded three sacks this past week, his best game of this season so far. He led the Dolphins in sacks, and arguably put up the best defensive performance of anyone on the team. Jevon Holland also played well, recording his second ever interception in the NFL. It appears he’s headed for Pro Bowls if he can stay healthy, good in coverage and when applying pressure. Whatever one thinks of Miami’s 2020 draft, it appears that Chris Grier did well in 2021.

If Miami’s young stars can keep up this play, the future is bright for the team’s next few years.


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