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Dwyane Wade’s Son Recreates Converse Commercial

The Miami Heat honored their departing legend Dwyane Wade in any number of incredible ways tonight. But this might have been the coolest. Wade’s son Zaire teamed with the Heat to recreate one of his most iconic commercials with Converse.

Watch the remake and the original:


Thank You, Dwyane Wade: From HEATnation

Dear Dwyane Wade,

While we really never wanted this moment to come, it’s time to officially say goodbye to the person HEATnation watched grow up before our eyes, the player we called our captain, and the hero this town nicknamed their county after.

There are very few legends in this community. Maybe that’s because South Floridians have a tough time opening up our hearts to sports heroes unless they are truly worthy. Dwyane Wade, YOU have been worthy of it all. From the moment you joined the Miami HEAT as a draft pick in 2003, you proved you were worthy like a flash of lightning descending on this city and creating a spark in the league. And like a flame that never burns out, you’ll always be worthy of the love, respect, celebration and admiration from the fans and the community for generations to come.  We are HEATnation, because of you. Without #3 leading the pack, there aren’t three championships parades, there’s no “Big 3” era, and there are no ring ceremonies or banners hanging from the rafters of the American Airlines Arena. You made us more than just a #BasketballTown, but a town that WINS.

But more importantly, you gave our community LYFE and lead us in fights we couldn’t win on our own. You made our town a better place with your endless philanthropy. You stood up for so many who couldn’t find the strength to do so during one of the most tragic, darkest periods of our time: gun violence. And you didn’t just care about the tragedies in our own backyard, you fought for everyone in the country because you care about them as if they were your own sons, daughters, sisters and brothers, because that is the WAY OF WADE.

So how does this town, this city, this league thank you for all you’ve done on and off the court? Nothing seems to suffice! But here’s a shot:


Thank you for the years you devoted to our team. For the thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears you poured into your craft. For giving us your soul and lifting us up when we needed it most. Thank you for representing our team 13 times in the NBA All-Star game and for being one of the most respected members of our community. Thank you for playing with all your heart as you represented our team on your jersey and for giving all of your heart as a citizen to the place we all call home.

Thank you for literally putting all of HEATnation on your shoulders and for embracing South Florida.

You gave us your all, always. Time. Effort. Energy. Gave up money to make our team better. Played through pain to bring us the glory of a championship. Spent your days off fighting to make the world a better place. You’ve been our family and we’ve been yours. And FAMILY IS FOREVER!

HEATnation may wish for another year to watch your greatness in the house that you helped build, watch you drop back for another pull away three, and scream as you hop on top of the scorer’s table one more time, but there is so much more to the Dwyane Wade L3GACY than the years you’ve spent wowing us as an athlete.

As the the final buzzer rings on your prolific career, we know you’re just getting started. We hope wherever this retirement takes you, you are always reminded of the pride, love and admiration we have for you. And we know the drive, dedication, commitment, passion and love you brought to the sport that made you a household name, will continue to burn brighter than ever as you get ready to begin the first quarter of another game in this thing called life.

It’s been our pleasure to live by the thrill you provided night after night to HEATnation, and South Florida will never forget what you’ve done for us. Your place in history among our intimate club will always remain at the top…because of who you’ve been to us on and off the court. We can’t wait for you to be brought to your feet the way you repeatedly brought us up on ours. The stats may one day get surpassed, but your legacy and impact are forever irreplaceable.

We thank you, we celebrate you and respect you for being as much of a champ off the court, as you are on it …for being our brother and friend…for being knocked down 7 times but getting up 8!


The key is forever under the mat,


Every HEATlifer, member of HEATnation, fans of the game and all of South Florida.


Genna Revitz, a Miami media veteran, is the latest addition to Miami Heat Beat. 

What did Dwyane Wade mean to you? Everything

The day started with a simple question.

What has Dwyane Wade meant to you?

Here were some of the best responses:

Those aren’t tears! That’s beer! (Budweiser & D-Wade)

Today’s a difficult day for Heat fans. Dwyane Wade is playing his last game at AmericanAirlines Arena. And the emotions are running high. But my goodness both Wade and Budweiser just turned the emotion up to 11.

An incredibly well told story on the vast swaths of people Dwyane has impacted, from those closest to those furthest away. Tonight’s about much more than his playing career, and this video captured it perfectly.

¿Se acabó la Cultura del Miami Heat?

El Miami Heat anunció el despido de Rodney McGruder tras la derrota ante los Toronto Raptors.

¿Sorprendidos? Muchos de los que seguimos al equipo sí..

¿Porqué en este preciso momento?

El famoso tope salarial era la principal razón de esta extraña movida, y algunos analistas de Five Reasons asomaron la posibilidad de que este fuera un golpe letal a lo que se le llama la “cultura” del Miami Heat.

A falta de dos juegos solamente para que termine la carrera de Dwyane Wade con el Miami Heat (a menos que pase algo improbable), se asoma la posibilidad de que ese concepto, que ha sido clave en la manera de construir esta franquicia en los últimos años, se deje en el abandono.

¿Fue el despido de Rodney McGruder la clara señal de que el equipo va en otra dirección?

¿Quién mejor que él para personificar lo que en escencia es la cultura del Miami Heat?

Ese fue el tema principal del episodio 29 de Cinco Razones Podcast, en la víspera del último juego de Wade en el American Airlines Arena:

Good morning. Paul Pierce is fake news.

Paul Pierce and the rest of the late 2000s, early 2010s Boston Celtics have always had an inflated sense of self.

They won one championship together, but you’d think it was 12. They felt they owned Ray Allen, like, literally. They believed they were in LeBron James’ head, right until he dropped 45 on them in their building of blowhards when the Celtics might have ended the Heat’s Big Three right there and then.

But Pierce, oh, Pierce. He’s really big market Alex English and slightly lower budget Carmelo Anthony, but somehow he’s always been the biggest blowhard of the bunch; at least Kevin Garnett was actually a top-3 player at one point. And last night, on ESPN’s pre-game show, he couldn’t help putting himself ahead of Dwyane Wade in terms of career accomplishments.

And Twitter had its way.

A few highlights of, um, Truth…..




And, finally, Wade speaks the real truth…

Dwyane Wade: “Voy a necesitar terapia cuando me retire”

Dwyane Wade estará en boca de todos los fanáticos de baloncesto en el mundo durante la última semana de acción en la NBA.

El Miami Heat se juega la clasificación en los últimos cuatro juegos de la temporada.

Probablemente Wade llegue a su último partido en Brooklyn sin estar seguro si realmente esos serán sus últimos lances sobre un tabloncillo del mejor baloncesto del mundo.

¿Cómo será la vida de Dwyane Wade después del retiro?

El momento del retiro de cualquier jugador profesional es algo dramático porque incluye no solo dejar de hacer lo que mas le gusta, pero le da un vuelco entero a la manera de vivir el día a día.

“Voy a necesitar terapia. Siempre estuve en contra de que alguien que no me conoce me diga como vivir mi vida, pero voy a necesitar a alguien con quien hablar al respecto”, respondió Wade cuando Rachel Nichols, de ESPN, le preguntó sobre ese tema. “Va a ser un gran cambio. Le dije a mi esposa. Yo necesito terapia. Nosotros necesitamos hacer terapia. Va a ser diferente”

“Quiero ver en qué puedo ser bueno. Hacer un poco. de todo. Estoy emocionado por lo desconocido. Vamos a pasar mas tiempo el Los Angeles. Hay muchas cosas con las que he tenido que ser un ajuste en mi mente,” dijo un muy serio Dwyane Wade, acompañado por su esposa Gabrielle Union y su hija mas joven Kaavia.

Su tour de despedida

Dwyane Wade ya tenía tomada la decisión de retirarse cuando terminó la temporada 2017-18, pero unas conversaciones con Carmelo Anthony y Chris Paul lo hicieron cambiar de parecer.

Convencieron a Wade de regalarnos un año mas para celebrar su carrera, y hemos visto un tour lleno de momentos emocionantes en todos estadios de los Estados Unidos.

“Uno siempre tiene una idea de como le gustaría que se dieran las cosas, pero cuando la realidad supera lo que uno había imaginado, es una experiencia extraordinaria”, afirma Dwyane Wade en la entrevista con la presentadora de The Jump. “Mi esposa no me va a dejar poner todas esas camisas. Creo que tendré que comprar otra casa,” bromea el mejor puesto dos de la historia de la NBA después de Michael Jordan.

La incertidumbre de no saber cuál será su último juego

La despedida definitiva de Wade puede ser con una dolorosa derrota en Brooklyn o en los playoffs.

Todo parece indicar que ese duelo directo entre el Miami Heat y los Brooklyn Nets el miércoles 10 de Abril definirá el destino de ambos equipos.

Dwyane Wade llegará al que puede ser su último juego con el Heat con el escenario que no quería vivir, sin saber exactamente si esos disparos al aro son los finales en su carrera.

Sobre su despedida, Wade no tiene expectativas tan altas.

“Kobe puso la barra muy alta, creando la expectativa de que uno se debe retirar anotando 60 puntos en su último juego. ¿Quién hace eso? Solo Kobe. Yo me voy a despedir de la manera en la que Dwyane Wade está supuesto a despedirse,” dice Wade sobre esos últimos minutos. “Ayuda que estamos en la carrera por los playoffs, porque así solo me enfoco en ganar, pero voy a tratar de anotar unos 40 puntos”

Need the chills? Here’s another Wade video

It is the season for nostalgia when it comes to Dwyane Wade.

We’ve done our share on the Five Reasons flagship podcast, Miami Heat Beat has done plenty of its own on podcasts and videos (check THIS out), and naturally the Heat have hyped plenty about #OneLastDance.

We have felt that the national media have been a little slow to this story. Yes, Sports Illustrated just published a cover story, and sure there was plenty of coverage of Dwyane and Dirk at All-Star Weekend. But it’s been nothing like the attention afforded to Kobe Bryant’s farewell, and he was broken (and kind of an arrogant a– at times).

Yet you turn on ESPN today and they’re talking about LeBron. Of course.

And TNT is choosing to show a Celtics game rather than Wade’s last home game, next Tuesday against Philadelphia.

At least Brian Windhorst acknowledged the importance — and positivity — of this story when he was on our podcast.

And another of our friends, a Miamian named Jay Gutierrez, has put together a pretty cool video for the mother ship.

We thought we should share:



Who’s second to UD for teammate of the year?

This Teammate of the Year thing is a cute idea.

Reward someone for being there for the other guys on his team…. day after day, year after year.

For his passion.

For his sacrifice.

But really, what are any of these other guys doing here with Udonis Haslem?

We like Mike Conley a lot…. he’s a nice guy and a major Dwyane Wade stan.

Channing Frye is a popular figure…. and a Goran Dragic fave.

So is Jared Dudley.

Khris Middleton?

Our Nekias Duncan (pictured left below) has more than a man crush.

He has a restraining order against him from the Bucks forward.

(Maybe. Maybe not. But he should.)

But Wade, Haslem’s teammate since 2003, had it right.

There’s no one else on that list who repeatedly stayed with the same team, offseason after offseason, taking less money until recently. Sixteen years in all. There’s no one else who is feared inside the locker room by those 50 pounds heavier. There’s no one else who would have done this:

Oh, and there’s this:

He follows @MiaHeatBeat on Twitter.

If that’s not taking one for the team, nothing is.


(Feature photo by Tony Capobianco at a Dolphins/Bears game, where Haslem tolerated Wade.)

Dwyane Wade’s Return Video, the Untold Story

Dwyane Wade’s long time cinematographer Bob Metelus (@MistaDubb) joined Ethan Skolnick and myself for today’s Five Reasons podcast. Metelus is currently working on a documentary chronicling Wade’s final season in the NBA.

In the episode, Metelus tells great stories about life with Wade over the last decade plus, including some trips abroad that demonstrate just how big of a star he is…. something even Wade hasn’t always realized.

But among the more interesting parts of the episode is just how the #OneLastDance video came together, and just how much everyone around Wade was convinced he was retired. The story’s a bit long but, just like Wade’s career, worth every second.

Check out the clip below and make sure to listen to the full episode.


And in case you forgot how that video turned out….