Miami Dolphins Training Camp Notes Day 9 (Tua, Xavien Howard, Shaheen, more)

This is day 9 of camp, and the pads were on. Started with a heavy emphasis on the run game, but ended with Tua Tagovailoa fireworks. The offense did most of the winning on this day, and save for a few plays by the 2nd team, the defense was off balance for the most part.

Xavien Howard. Howard was a full participant in full uniform, but did sit out 11v11 portions of practice. Xavien Howard was also busy giving instruction to the secondary in the live portions. He participated in 1v1 tackle drills, and got beat by Lynn Bowden on a memorable juke move. Howard was also in the 6v8 portion and looked fluid. When practice was over, Xavien Howard could be seen running gassers with several players, including Jacoby Brissett.

Tua Tagovailoa. Another strong practice. Tua seems to have settled on punishing the Dolphins defense deep whenever they bring pressures. He had several hook ups with Jakeem Grant, and had a memorable jump ball 50 yard TD throw to Mack Hollins (Mack Hollins beat Byron Jones on it). His best play of the day came from the 25 yard line going in, where he recognized cover 2, and he dropped a throw behind Byron Jones, and in front of Eric Rowe for the Touchdown to DeVante Parker. On another play to Parker, the Dolphins dialed up a blitz, and Tua responded by throwing a deep fade to Parker on Jones, where Jones made the play. In my opinion, it was 50/50 on whether pass interference could have been called on that play. The Referee waved it incomplete. So good play by Byron Jones.

Jevon Holland. He had a miscommunication on a coverage, and allowed a big post completion to Albert Wilson. He was also a bit late on a 20 yard curl to Jakeem Grant, and those alone were a cause for further instruction, which he did receive from several players. It is not clear however, what exactly was the issue, although my best guess is that he failed to recognize route combinations that would allow him to come off routes and get a better break on the ball.

Adam Shaheen. Adam Shaheen is now the 1st team Tight End in 11 personnel in the absence of Mike Gesicki. Shaheen had a strong day, and considering the places he lined up at, and the plays he ran, you can tell he was in direct competition with Rookie Hunter Long on this day. Shaheen had a good day. After practice he also clarified (from a question asked by Joe Schad of The Palm Beach Post) that the “I will not comply” in his Twitter Bio has nothing to do with Covid, and everything to do with his strong belief in the 2nd amendment.

Jerome Baker. Jerome Baker and Bernardrick McKinney have gotten into a rhythm against the run, and Baker especially has had good moments in coverage this camp. His A gap blitzes are always there, but we are beginning to see him rush wide on passing situations, and he really looks the part as an edge rusher. Jerome Baker has consistently been a top camp performer and this season is no different. Andrew Van Ginkel was not in pads today, but was rather busy coaching up Jaelen Phillips in the install portions of practice.

Practice MVP: Tua Tagovailoa
Struggled: Byron Jones

Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) is one-third of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Notes Day 8 (Walk Through, Xavien Howard,more)

This is day 8 of camp, and walk-through day. So, I won’t be posting formations, personnel packages, and plays here as that is frowned upon by the Dolphins and the NFL. So it was a lite day, so these will be lite camp notes.

Xavien Howard. Let’s not bury the lede. Xavien Howard was a full participant in the defensive walk through for base, Nickel, Dime, and other packages. He was preparing “to play”. So if today is any indication, he is preparing to return to practice/action after sitting out most of the start of camp with a reported ankle injury. Head Coach Brian Flores also spoke to the media before practice, and said he does not want to trade Xavien Howard. So Flores continues to make news/noise on the situation, with continued optimistic sounding quotes.

Jesse Davis. Jesse Davis is wearing a sleeve on his right leg, but he says he has no pain and is “ready to go”. He was also back to his 1st team duties at RT, and was spelled rarely. Jesse Davis when asked “what position” he actually plays (By Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post),said he plays “Offensive Line for the Miami Dolphins. It will be interesting to see how the OL shakes out in the coming days.

Jevon Holland. There he was once again, on the 1st team, and he seemed to have a good grasp of what the team is trying to do with their coverages. Holland has not had the work load of let’s say a Jason McCourty (different positions), but he has had a very high rep count.

Larnel Coleman. This could be the story of camp. The 7th round draft pick out of Umass is firmly entrenched as what seems like the “swing tackle” on this team as he has seen 1st and 2nd team duty. The prototypical size, large frame, and obvious athleticism is worth an extended look. If Coleman pans out, the OL suddenly gets an injection of depth. On this day, Solomon Kindley seemed to get a promotion to the 2nd team, so things are beginning to look up a little bit for the OL unit.

Michael Palardy. Ok. This is now multiple times Michael Palardy has gotten his name into my notes. This time for a trick. I wasn’t going to offer a “Practice MVP” for this day since it was a walk through, but Michael Palardy was putting on a display that was rather entertaining. I’ll allow Travis Wingfield of fill you in, and yes, I have never seen anything like it either.

Practice MVP: Michael Palardy
Struggled: Nobody (walk through)

Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) is one-third of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Notes Day 7 (Tua, B. Scarlett, Holland, more)

This is day 7 of camp, and day 2 of pads. A much more balanced approach on offense saw 2nd year QB Tua Tagovailoa shine once again. Some interesting shuffling in the secondary, highlighted what they are trying to do on defense, and the tight end unit had a good day despite being short-handed.

Tua Tagovailoa. No other way to put it. This was an impressive day. First, the bad. Tua did have some throwaways on the goal line facing pressure. And he had pressure in his face, as he locked in on a deep over route to Waddle. On that play, Hunter Long was on the slant underneath as rookie Jevon Holland came off the hash to get wide and intercept the too wide, overthrown pass from Tua. Other than that, Tua was really sharp on RPO. He had a few escapes that led to big plays, and was generally in command as he had a great day throwing the football.

Brennan Scarlett. Brennan Scarlett played everywhere. First team, 2nd team, 3rd team, played buck linebacker (weakside), played end, rushed as a wide-9 specialist. Brennan Scarlett showed a motor today, and had at least one confirmed sack against Austin Jackson. When he was on 2nd team, he did a number on 2nd team LT, Timon Parris. You can see what they are thinking as far as depth with Scarlett. Both he and Shaquem Griffin are gobbling up special teams reps and being played essentially the same on 2nd and 3rd teams. Both players figure as roster players so far, as the reps are being evenly divided on defense, but are near 100% participation on punt/kickoff teams.

Larnel Coleman. Jesse Davis played a couple snaps, then sat out practice. Larnel Coleman came in, and acquitted himself well early on. Then Vince Biegel beat him for a late practice sack. At 6’6″, 315 pounds, Coleman is a noticeable athlete, with prototypical size. The 7th round pick out of Umass is one to watch in the preseason as he figures to play plenty with the 2nd unit. On this day, this was not a bad debut versus the 1st unit. Color me interested to see him play versus Chicago in a week’s time.

Jevon Holland. It took him a little while, but Jevon Holland saw first team snaps on this day, and made a few plays, including the interception mentioned above. He also participated in the install portion as Byron Jones watched it with Xavien Howard and Nik Needham. Holland is a long, lean, fast athlete, who was diagnosing plays well on this day. Holland also matched up with Hunter Long, several times, and was good to turn and run with the BC tight end. This was a bit of a coming out party for Holland, and if today is any indication, you can pencil in the rookie as a starter/top snap getter.

Noah Igbinoghene. This was not a good day for the 2nd year DB. Igbinoghene got beat badly by Isaiah Ford on a go route, then got beat again on a deep in-cut by Bowden. Then gives up a big play to Hurns. It was hard to put a finger on what was wrong with him today, other than his technique being sloppy, a bit choppy, and being a bit slow to get out of his backpedal. He worked on install, while a few veterans from last year did not, so that is anecdotal evidence that he might not have a full grasp of the coverages the Dolphins want to play. I am looking forward to seeing Igbinoghene bounce back on Friday when the team returns to practice.

Practice MVP: Tua Tagovailoa, Brennan Scarlett
Struggled: Noah Igbinoghene

Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) is one-third of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

Miami Dolphins Camp Notes Day 6 (McKinney, Goal Line, Eichenberg, more)

This is day 6 of camp, and the pads came on. Some Red Zone Install, and plenty of work on the run game as the Defense has a dominant day.

Bernardrick McKinney. Over front, under front, didn’t matter. McKinney was rolling downhill day and making plays on the run game. No missed tackles, one good hit on Myles Gaskin, but most importantly, Bernardrick McKinney was flowing to the ball, and making good decisions, with good angles. McKinney reading off of Raekwon Davis was almost not fair. The activity of Christian Wilkins/Zach Sieler won the day and McKinney was the big beneficiary. Practice MVP on this day.

Nik Needham. It’s official. Needham is first team in base, and was the LCB in a Nickel install that saw Needham and Byron Jones at corner, and Jason McCourty, Eric Rowe and Brandon Jones as Safeties. Jevon Holland, Noah Igbinoghene, Jamal Perry are the top performers on 2nd team, and are pushing for spots in the many groupings the Dolphins have for the secondary. Once or if Xavien Howard returns, (he watched practice from the end zone), the secondary will be very deep and talented. Nik Needham has made a statement in my estimation, and has been the top performer in the secondary this camp.

Liam Eichenberg. It was early when Liam Eichenberg had a “welcome to the NFL” moment with Zach Sieler. Early 1v1 rep, where Sieler blasted past Eichenberg and used a swim move to leave Eichenberg defeated, soundly on a very noticeable rep. Then a personal war developed and the rookie acquitted himself very well, engaging in physical play with all of the usual suspects (Davis, Sieler, Wilkins). The opening offensive line from left to right was Jackson, Eichenberg, Dieter, Hunt, Davis. Solomon Kindley was on 3rd team duty, and Matt Skura served as the 2nd team center. Larnel Coleman was off the Covid 19 list, and in full uniform. Coleman had a solid day in pass pro (2nd team) and had a couple of decent double teams with Hunter Long.

Durham Smythe. The defense may have beat the hell out of the Dolphins offensive line on this day, but Durham Smythe continues to show his value as a blocking specialist. His doubles, and combos with Austin Jackson and Jesse Davis were effective on this day. Problem was that the backs couldn’t get to landmarks to make decisions off his/the tackles’ blocks. Of the healthy TEs (Shaheen, Gesicki, Carter are on the Covid list) on this day, Smythe was the clear cut standout as a blocker, in a goal line/run heavy practice.

Myles Gaskin. What can you say for Myles Gaskin? Not his fault, the offense took a beating on goal line runs. What is apparent, is that they are exploring many options for goal line runners, and Malcolm Brown is the leader in the clubhouse. On this day, they used Carl Tucker, Durval Queiroz Neto, Solomon Kindley as lead blockers/fullbacks and of the three, I must say, Neto had a feel for it. Other than that, the Offense was completely dominated on the Goal line, save for a couple of 2nd team play action passes, and a Tua run. FAIR WARNING: This was a run heavy day, and Goal Line 2-3 Personnel packages essentially tell you what is coming. So, the defense had an advantage, but what a beating they laid upon the offense.

Practice MVP: Bernardrick McKinney
Struggled: Offensive Line

Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) is one-third of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

Xavien Howard reported to Miami Dolphins training camp but his contract demands remain unresolved.

Quick Take: Time to Move on from Xavien Howard?

Over the past few days, Xavien Howard has made it widely known that he wants a trade away from the Miami Dolphins. Howard feels underpaid and under-appreciated by the Miami Dolphins.

So should Miami keep him or should they trade him?


Reasons to keep Xavien Howard:


  1. He was in the DPOY race

Howard was known as a top candidate for the DPOY award. Although Aaron Donald and TJ Watt beat him out as the top 2 contenders, Howard was right there with the best defenders in the league last NFL season.


2. If Howard leaves, Miami is left with a huge hole at cornerback

Miami would be left with Byron Jones, Jason McCourty, and either Nik Needham or Noah Igbinoghene. And let’s just say Needham and Igbinoghene aren’t the best options to play a slot corner spot for us.

3. Howard makes Miami a more fun team to watch

He led the league with interceptions and also got 8 more interceptions than the next best on the team. From one handed interceptions, to acrobatic plays, he brings a new level of fun to the game.



Reasons to Trade Howard away:

  1. Howard is overrated

Xavien Howard just had the highest-performing year of his life. In my opinion, I see no world where Howard can have the same season he just had. He will lose trade value if he isn’t gone by the end of this year.

2. A Howard trade could bring another star to Miami

Getting rid of Howard could bring in names like Stephon Gilmore or even Deshaun Watson. Howard is regarded as one of the best cornerbacks in the league, and could easily get the Dolphins more star-level talent if given away.

3. Howard could hold out from playing if he’s kept on the team

If Howard stays, he may decide not to play this season, and we will lose a player without getting anything back. He really wants a bigger contract, and Miami hasn’t provided that for him, which could lead to a season-long holdout.



Final Analysis:

I think The Miami Dolphins should trade Xavien Howard. Whether it’s a deal for Deshaun Watson, draft picks, or another star, Miami doesn’t need the negative energy he now brings to the team.


Miami Dolphins Camp Notes Day 3 (Defensive Day, Brissett, Grant, more)

A muggy friday, moved slowly, as the team was heavy into Offensive, Defensive, and Special Teams install. Then some fireworks, and a dominant performance from one side of the ball.

Tua Tagovailoa. This was a decent encore to what was a great day on Thursday. Tua Tagovailoa continues to show great command of the offense, and is still showing an aggressiveness that has only grown the past few days. His best throws of the day came early in some 6v8 where he hit Jaylen Waddle on a deep crosser for a nice gain, and then followed that up with a go route that Jakeem Grant pulled down for a big gainer. His Red Zone work was pretty strong to start, till the defense came on late in practice. Later on in 11v11, Tua began to feel some pressure and the offense sputtered inside the 20 yard line.

Jacoby Brissett. This was not a good day for the backup QB and his unit. At one point, he had gone 6 consecutive pass plays without a completion, gave up several sacks, had some throwaways, and then sailed a couple more into harms way. Jacoby Brissett was by no means “good” on this day, but I believe the defense also deserves credit. It has been a strong camp to start for Brissett, this was just a bad patch. I look forward to seeing how he adjusts.

Nik Needham. Always on the spot. Playing every cornerback position, Nik Needham got his hands on several footballs. While he did not post a turnover, he was noticeable in coverage, and the versatility he showed, displays the depth this secondary has. This team (even with Xavien Howard out) has a strength in this secondary. By a crude count, I had Nik Needham targeted 5 times, allowing one reception of less than 10 yards.

Brandon Jones. Seems to have an expanded role. While he has racked up snaps on defense, Brandon Jones also shows up on several special teams units, and really logged the mileage in this practice. While the Miami Dolphins/NFL don’t want the media to reveal specifics on how players are being used, I can assure you, he is seeing expanded action since last year.

Jakeem Grant. This was a big day for Jakeem. Grant hauled in a go route early in practice, then showed up once again on a toe tapping TD in the back of the end zone. After a couple of days, where he was essentially invisible, Jakeem Grant took full advantage of the reps afforded to him today. The most impressive route run, was a rep where he got good depth on a skinny post, on what was a RPO, and managed to make the grab in traffic for a nice gain. Jakeem showed great concentration on this day, logging no drops, and several big plays.

Practice MVP: Jakeem Grant/Defensive Secondary
Struggled: Jacoby Brissett

Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) is one-third of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

Miami Dolphins Camp Notes Day 2 (Tua stars, Griffin, X, more)

Day 3 of camp, and the intrigue has just begun. Xavien Howard stretches,then leaves the field. Then returns. Then is seen all smiles with Jason McCourty. Then watches practice. Does a little coaching. Then it is revealed he has a “minor” injury. Exhausting. Moving On!

Tua Tagovailoa. This was a good day. A Strike to Gesicki in traffic, a well placed wheel route for Savon Ahmed for a huge play. Another 65 yard touchdown on a deep corner route to Albert Wilson. Tua Tagovailoa was really sharp today. His Red Zone install work was also very good with very few negative plays. He had very good chemistry with Myles Gaskin on option routes, and those two were a terror near the goal line. This was likely his best practice of the last two training camps.

Byron Jones. Tua Tagovailoa tested Jones on a 9 route with Jaylen Waddle,and the ball was on the money. But so was Byron. Pass break up. With McCourty floating around different units, and Xavien Howard being wherever Xavien Howard is, Byron Jones exhibited great leadership on the field on this day. His play was also a standout on a day where the offense seemed to have a step on the defense. How quickly people forget that at the time of signing, most football people thought Byron Jones was a better cornerback than Howard. He might have to prove that once again.

Albert Wilson. Ok, I might have been wrong. Any thoughts/takes about Albert Wilson possibly being cut are quickly evaporating. With the absence of DeVante Parker (PUP, but he was out there today), and whatever physical issue Will Fuller is dealing with, it has been Albert Wilson, Allen Hurns, and rookie Jaylen Waddle to the rescue. Albert Wilson has also started a streak. Wilson has consecutive practices with 65 yard touchdowns on deep routes. Today’s on a deep corner route, that he ran in for a TD and then emphatically spiked the ball. Tua and Albert have a connection early on, and it doesn’t look like it will go away anytime soon. Oh, did I mention, he almost had two 60+ yard TD’s today?


Shaquem Griffin. What a breath of fresh air. Huge smile, giddy while answering questions, and will crack a joke or two. His availability with the media was a hit today, but his play is getting notice. He plays fast, fires off the edge like a shot, and has shown an ability to get into his zone in pass coverage with the kind of ease that only Jerome Baker usually displays. He looks the complete football player, they will find a role for. Some good special teams play in the preseason could land him a roster spot, as Griffin has a very useful look to him. Arrow up. Excited to see him in pads come Tuesday.

Mike Gesicki. Enough with Hunter Long already. Maybe Mike Gesicki feels the same way? He sure showed up today, stretching the field deep down the middle, hauling in a tight pass from Tua Tagovailoa for a big gain. He also made a good attempt on another pass where Tua led him too much toward the boundary. Gesicki was looking dangerous today, and reminded all, that he won’t lose his grip on targets anytime soon. Big standout day for Mike. After practice, he also took some extra work on the Juggs machine, as he caught 50 balls from each side (left, right). Welcome to training camp Mike Gesicki.

Practice MVP: Tua Tagovailoa
Struggled: WR Unit (health)

Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) is one-third of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

Five Tips to Increase Your Chances of a Lucrative NFL Payout

When it comes to the American sports betting market as hard as the likes of the MLB, NBA and the NHL may wish otherwise, it’s still the NFL that rules the roost when it comes to the sheer weight of action that occurs on any given Sunday.


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Bet With Your Head, Not Your Heart


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Steer Clear of the Super Bowl (Unless Your Team is Playing)


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Brian Flores makes it clear that Tua Tagovailoa will be the Miami Dolphins quarterback when he is healty. (Craig Davis for Five Reasons Sports Network)

Quick Takes on Dolphins 2021 Draft

No. 6 overall pick

Jaylen Waddle, WR

My take: I think this was Tua Tagovailoa’s pick. And I think it was a great one. The Miami Dolphins have released that Jaylen Waddle was their top pick no matter who was on the board. They wanted Waddle over Ja’marr Chase or Kyle Pitts if they were available. Tua used to play with Waddle on Alabama, and Waddle was his top target to throw to. Waddle is speedy, and adds an amazing slot-threat to The Dolphins offense.


No. 18 overall pick

Jaelan Phillips, DE

My take: I think this was an absolute steal. I don’t think Phillips should have dropped to the Dolphins, but I sure am happy he did. A pass-rusher is a huge edition for the team, and while it is a risky pick, Phillips is worth the possible reward.


No. 36 overall pick

Jevon Holland, S

My take: The Dolphins have been in dire need of a Slot Corner, and while Jevon Holland is a safety, he played 64% of his snaps at slot. The Dolphins used to play Nik Needham at Slot most of the time, and I can’t even count the amount of times I saw him get beat by his man. I think Jevon Holland could be a great defensive playmaker for the Dolphins Secondary.


No. 42 overall pick

Liam Eichenberg, OT

My take: While the Offensive Tackle isn’t the flashy pick, the Dolphins NEEDED some pass protection early on in this draft. Eichenberg is one of the best pass blockers in the draft, only allowing pressure on 1.1% of his blocks in the past two years.


Overall first two rounds: I think these were all amazing picks, and while the Dolphins didn’t pick a running back early on, they filled in some major holes that needed to be filled.

Why FanDuel and DraftKings have enjoyed success in Florida

Daily fantasy sites have grown at a rapid rate over the last 10 years and are now almost a ritual activity for players across the United States. Residents of Florida have access to two of the best products on the market in the form of DraftKings and FanDuel.

Daily fantasy sites are not illegal in the Sunshine State, but there are no laws regulating the practice. However, DraftKings and FanDuel have been a constant presence since moving into the state and are now firmly entrenched with thousands of registered users at their disposal.

The argument continues to this day whether they are an official sports betting product or whether their competitions are games of skill. Yahoo opted to pull their daily fantasy game out of the region in 2015, leaving a head-to-head battle between DraftKings and FanDuel for customers.


FanDuel have been around the longest, creating their product in 2009. It has been a staple of the industry since and was bought out by Flutter Entertainment, who also own FoxBet, TVG, Paddy Power, and Betfair; among other leading betting companies states

FanDuel has provided an excellent product for users and has also secured partnerships with the NHL and the NBA. It is the simpler of the two operators on offer, limiting the amount of work required to alter your fantasy team, while working with a strict salary cap across all 11 of their sports. Their partnership with the NBA is vital in Florida, given the number of basketball teams present in the region.

FanDuel provide the authentic experience for NBA daily fantasy games over DraftKings, especially for those fans of the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic. Their presence in Florida has allowed them to build a solid customer base within the Sunshine State with the hope of further expansion. Sports betting is not on the agenda yet in Florida, but when it comes to the fore, FanDuel will be in direct competition with DraftKings for users.

Both FanDuel and DraftKings will be hopeful that they will be able to see off threats from new companies that may emerge on their territory, should litigation allow traditional sports wagering products to operate in the Sunshine State.

DraftKings, too, have developed a strong core of customers, and nationally boast a larger contingent than FanDuel. They are arguably in a better position to that of their rival due to their partnerships with the NFL and MLB. The NFL has the largest following in the United States, and Florida boasts the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers along with the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars within its borders.


The sponsorship with the NFL allows DraftKings to benefit from the huge television audiences that the league commands. In turn, that breeds greater recognition of their product and the benefits of using their daily fantasy game instead of FanDuel.

DraftKings does demand a savvy sports mind to play their games, although there are greater rewards available. Features such as the variable salary cap can force users to have to change their rosters with regularity to keep them ahead of the competition and their friends. There is always something to think about when playing with DraftKings, which makes it appealing for sports enthusiasts. In a state where sport is found at almost at every turn, DraftKings certainly made a wise decision to remain entrenched in the region. It has allowed them to build a loyal base of customers and further enhance their product.

Both products made a sound business choice to keep offering registrations to Floridians. They are reaping the benefits now with the continued success of daily fantasy games, and potentially in the future, should sports betting become regulated in the Sunshine State.


Photo by Unsplash Images.


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