Five Options for the Miami Dolphins at #6

  • Take Florida TE Kyle Pitts. The number one mission in this draft needs to be to surround Tua with help. This does just that, Pitts may be the best TE prospect since Vernon Davis in 2006. In eight games Pitts had 43 catches, 770 yards and 12 TD’s. This includes 7 catches for 129 yards and a touchdown in the SEC championship vs Alabama. There was nothing a Nick Saban led defense could do to stop him. Saban had first round prospect Patrick Surtain Jr on him and frankly it didn’t matter. If Miami can pair Pitts with Mike Gesicki, they will have two dynamic TE’s which for a young QB like Tua that is very helpful in his development. 
  • Take LSU WR Ja’Marr Chase. Chase is the consensus top ranked WR in this class and would be a tremendous addition to Miami. He did opt out of the 2020 season due to covid-19 concerns. That hasn’t affected his draft stock at all as he was the top WR on a historic 2019 LSU offense with Justin Jefferson playing next to him. He had 84 catches, 1780 yards and 21 TD’s just an absolute beast for Joe Burrow and company. He had his best game when it mattered the most, coming in the National Championship game vs Clemson. Clemson put Falcons 2020 first round pick AJ Terrell on him, and it didn’t matter. Chase had 221 yards on 9 catches and 2 TD’s. Chase has some Devante Parker in him, but his traits are better and more consistent. If you can’t get Pitts this is clearly the second-best option for Miami on Thursday.  
  • Take Alabama WR Jaylen Waddle. Waddle comes from Alabama who has been absolutely loaded at WR the last two years. They had Henry Ruggs and Jerry Jeudy drafted in the first-round last year and this year 2020 Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith and Waddle will likely be first round picks as well. That is an historic level of talent at one position and Waddle may be the best pro out of all of them. Prior to Waddle’s ankle fracture against Tennessee October 24th, he had better stats than eventual Heisman winner DeVonta Smith. Prior to injury Waddle had 25 catches, 557 yards and 4 TD’s. While Smith tallied 477 yards on 38 catches and 4 TD’s. 80 more yards than Smith on 13 less catches shows you how explosive Waddle can be. There are many WR’s who get Tyreek Hill comparisons but this one is legit. Waddle has that elite 4.35 speed along with underrated strength and excellent route tree. Tua’s former teammate would be an excellent addition to Miami’s offense and a deep threat that opposing defenses must prepare for. Waddle can be an elite member of the return game as well as he showed with his 3 returns for TDs in his three years at Alabama. While some may think this is a reach at #6, they must pick who helps Tua the most and this would be an excellent fit.
  • Take Alabama WR DeVonta Smith. DeVonta was the work horse at Alabama last year helping lead them to another National Championship. This was especially the case after Waddle went down with injury in just the 5th game of the season. Over the next eight games Smith averaged 162.5 yards per game. That is with the opposing teams knowing he was the top target on offense every week. Those are numbers you don’t find very often no matter what school they come from. Many will question Smith and how it will translate to the next level as he’s a little small weighing less than 170 lbs. While that is small, he didn’t have any issues getting off the press at the line of scrimmage or dealing with bigger defensive backs. Many of the smaller WR’s to come out recently such as Marquise Brown or Desean Jackson are much more one dimensional than Smith. Typically small WR are mainly speed guys who don’t have a great route tree. Smith is a great all around WR and I think the weight issues are overblown with Smith. Smith would be a great fit for Miami and would make for the best all-around WR on the roster. 

Trade Back and Gain Picks While Getting a WR. In this scenario a team trades up to get either QB Trey Lance from North Dakota State or QB Justin Fields from Ohio State. A team to watch here would be the Denver Broncos who pick at #9 and have been linked to Lance frequently. Miami would be able to pick up another day 2 draft pick or future first rounder while still picking in the top 10. There is a great chance that one of if not both of Waddle and Smith would be available at #9. Miami fans should be rooting for the San Francisco 49ers to take Mac Jones and then they can let teams get in a bidding war to trade up for Lance or Fields. If you can still get a great WR while picking up more draft compensation that is something Miami should absolutely do. This is a team that if they can add offensive talent for Tua to go along with what already is a great defense, they will be ready to make a run in 2021.

The pressure is on Chris Grier to rebuild the Miami Dolphins through the draft.

Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier Addresses 2021 NFL Draft, Chauvin Verdict 

In the windup to the 2021 NFL Draft, Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier took time to address the media. A conversation that many expected to be exclusively about draft picks and free agency started off, however, with Grier’s prepared statement about the verdict in the (in)famous trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who killed George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, by kneeling on his neck for nine minutes.

“For me, as an African-American, there was a sense of relief and sadness,” Grier, who is one of only five Black GMs in the NFL, said. “It’s 2021 and yet people of color are still asking for equality and justice… The justice system worked for people of color yesterday. However, we cannot forget that a life was lost.”

He went on to note the work that the Miami Dolphins organization has done in the South Florida community, specifically mentioning owner Stephen Ross, head coach Brian Flores (who is also Black), Dolphins CEO and President Tom Garfinkel, and Dolphins’ players as a whole. 

“We have the opportunity to make things better for everyone in our country,” Grier said. “It’s encouraging to hear the number of white people in big companies willing to be uncomfortable and speak out against systematic racism. There are a lot of good law enforcement officials who want change for the better…. We need to support them as well.”

Grier also mentioned the recent attacks against Asia-Americans and Pacific Islanders in his speech, before the talk moved to the draft.

The GM didn’t hand out many interesting tidbits but did say that the ‘Fins would be willing to move out of the No. 6 spot if an “aggressive pitch” was offered to them. The Dolphins originally owned the No. 3 pick in the draft but dropped three places after two blockbuster deals with the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles that garnered them significant draft capital for years to come. Grier expressed “zero regret” about these trades, seemingly sure that whoever the Dolphins want at three will still be available at six.

“We’re not afraid to make picks,” he said. “We have great confidence that this coaching staff has shown that they can develop players and get the best out of them.”

He also added that the team will not be holding opt-outs against those college players who chose not to play in the 2020 season due to coronavirus concerns.  

Most analysts and fans seem to agree that Grier and co. will be using their No. 6 pick on Alabama receiver Devonta Smith, Florida tight end Kyle Pitts, or LSU receiver Ja’Marr Chase, any of whom would provide sophomore quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with a much-needed offensive weapon. Oregon offensive lineman Penei Sewell has also been connected with the Dolphins.

The 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland will be televised on ESPN, ABC, and NFL Network beginning with the first round on Thursday, April 29th at 8pm. 

How a Hacker Changed the Dolphins’ Future

In the 2016 NFL Draft, a video of projected top ten pick, Laremy Tunsil changed the future of the Miami Dolphins. At the time, Laremy Tunsil was projected to be picked as early as the number 1 overall pick in the Draft.

The Draft was about to begin when a video of Ole Miss Offensive Tackle, Laremy Tunsil smoking marijuana through a gas mask was released. Nobody could have guessed when this was released, but the hacker who leaked this video made that draft the best the Miami Dolphins have had in a while.

The sports world was crazed when they saw this video, and teams instantly started losing faith in the number one talent.

By some miracle, Laremy Tunsil dropped all the way to the 13th pick where the Miami Dolphins snagged him.

In 2019, the Dolphins traded Laremy Tunsil to the Houston Texans and received a 2020 and 2021 first round draft pick, and a 2021 second round draft pick.

The 2020 draft picked turned into Cornerback, Noah Igbinoghene, who has not proven to be too good yet, but may be able to show his worth in the upcoming season. The 2021 first round draft pick ended up being the third overall pick. This is where Chris Grier started his magic.

The Dolphins were a part of two blockbuster trades on Friday, March 26, between both the Eagles and 49ers.

First, the Miami Dolphins and the San Fransisco 49ers made a trade. The Dolphins gave away the number 3 overall pick to receive the number 12 overall pick, two first round picks, and a third round pick. The Dolphins then traded with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Dolphins gave up the number 12 pick, a first round pick, and a fourth round pick to get the number 6 pick and a fifth round pick.

In the end. The Dolphins traded Laremy Tunsil for four first round picks, two second round picks, and a third round pick. Laremy Tunsil can now be seen as a hero for the Dolphin’s future, and he even acknowledged it by posting this story’s featured photo on Instagram.

Recap of Miami Dolphins’ March 26 Madness

Let me just start off with this,


Chris Grier my brother your flowers and a round of applause


I will be the first to admit that I had been a skeptic of Chris Grier because of picks like Charles Harris and no RB or WR being drafted before the 6th round, but wow did Chris knock it out of the park in trading back with the 49ers…. So, in the in the midst of me praising Chris Grier and writing this article, He decided that he would make another trade this time with the Philadelphia Eagles so let’s recap all the craziness so far.


The First Deal:

This bomb shocked everyone as Flores had previously mentioned picking someone “let’s say in the top 10” so a trade with the 49ers came as a surprise as most expected it to be the Carolina Panthers at 8 who would trade up. For the 49ers this move signals that a QB run will start the 2021 NFL Draft. For the Dolphins the move to 12 signaled serious Najee Harris vibes as the first pick but Chris Grier had other plans apparently, as he was not done dealing for the day.



Trade with Eagles:

If the deal with the 49ers didn’t kick you off your chair, then the one with the Eagles for sure did. This one move here signifies that the Dolphins aren’t just about wheeling and dealing for picks, but they’ll do it for a specific player as well. I really have to wonder which player or players they have identified as being potential choices for the number 6 overall selection.


New Draft Order:

Overall looking at the end result of the 2021 NFL Draft and a couple things standout for me.

  1. The 2021 NFL Draft will start with 4 straight QB selections.
  2. The Bengals will have the choice of both Penei and Chase
  3. And the Dolphins might still have the choice of the top 3 WR and Kyle Pitts at 6.

To round it all up, this move was probably the biggest indicator of Chris Grier playing chess not  checkers with the competition. Not only was he able to turn the #3 overall pick into a plethora of riches in the coming years:

But he was also able to put the Dolphins in a position where all the options that should be getting considered at 3, are now slam dunk picks at 6 after all the moves.


Chris Grier, you killed this one chief!

Which team (Heat, Lightning, Rays) in Florida will win state’s next title?

It probably doesn’t need saying, but it’s been quite a seven months or so for sports teams in Florida. From September through March, we saw Florida teams in the Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, World Series and the Super Bowl. If you count the MLS Is Back Tournament Final, which saw Orlando City SC lose out to Portland, that’s five major sports finals for Florida teams. Not bad. Not bad at all. 

But Florida sports fans already knew all of the above. The more pertinent question is what comes next? Can Florida teams capitalize on the best period of success since the Bucs, Marlins and Lightning won championships between 2002-2004? We just don’t know. But we are going to guess by power ranking every NBA, MLS, NHL and MLB teams by the probability of winning a championship in 2021, starting with the least likely. 

  1. Orlando Magic 

It’s a testament to Florida sports teams’ strength right now that the team at the bottom of these rankings isn’t awful. Orlando has been blighted by injuries this season, and that looks like it might cost the team a third consecutive tilt at the Playoffs. There have been positives, notably Nikola Vucevic emergence as a truly elite NBA player. 

  1. Miami Marlins

Clinching a first postseason berth since 2003 might have convinced Marlins fans that better days lay ahead, but the rebuilding might have to continue in 2021. A problem beyond the team’s own limitations is the strength of the NL East, with both the Mets and Braves tipped to have big seasons.  

  1. Inter Miami CF

Florida’s newest sports club is finding its feet in the MLS. The team has big ambitions, and the acquisition of Phil Neville as head coach looks to be a clever move. Gonzalo Higuain, too, could provide the X-factor and goals. But this is a long term project, and we would be shocked to see Inter Miami in the latter stages of the MLS Cup. 

  1. Miami Heat

It’s not impossible that Miami wins the NBA Championship this year. In fact, the basketball odds at MansionBet put the Heat at 28/1 – about ninth-favorite overall. So, you shouldn’t rule it out. But the team really needs to start winning consistently. We are approaching the half-way point of the season, and Miami sits outside the playoff spots. 

  1. Tampa Bay Rays

Sportsbooks and pundits are quite cool on the Rays’ chances this season. Both MLB and CBS have the Rays at 10th in their power rankings, behind the AL East’s Yankees and Blue Jays. It’s a tough call, but Kevin Cash and the Rays could make those journalists eat their words – again. 

  1. Florida Panthers

It might seem strange to rank the Panthers ahead of the Rays and Miami Heat, but NHL is a little less top-heavy than NBA and MLB, so we rate the Panthers’ chances just a little higher. A lot would have to go right, of course, but this is an organization on an upward trajectory. 

  1. Orlando City SC

You have to like Orlando City’s chances this season. Coach Oscar Pareja has made the team hard to beat, and the run to the final of the MLS Is Back Tournament will act as good experience for the players. Like Inter Miami, they have a potential superstar in Alexander Pato. You get the feeling the Brazilian will either shine or flop, with no in-between. If it’s the former, then Orlando could land the MLS Cup.

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning 

Tampa Bay tops the power rankings and bookmakers’ odds to retain the Stanley Cup in 2021. What more is there to say? The champions are the best team in NHL, and the most likely Floria team to bring home a championship in 2021. 


After Trevor Lawrence, how do the Jaguars Build?

With the exception of the AFC Championship appearance in 2017, the Jaguars have had losing seasons every year since 2007. They hit rock bottom with a 1-15 mark in 2020.  After such a dreadful season, the team needs help across the board. Let’s take a look at the first few selections in a mock draft 2021.


Round 1: Trevor Lawrence, Clemson (Quarterback)


This pick is a lock. The Jaguars know that Lawrence immediately brings positive attention to the team as a player with star potential.  He’s far and away the best quarterback coming out of the draft.  Urban Meyer would not have taken the head coaching job if he wasn’t certain that Lawrence would be selected.


The numbers on Lawrence are mind-boggling. In 36 collegiate starts, he is 34-2 with his only losses coming in the College Football Playoffs.  Lawrence had a 90-to-17 touchdown-to-interception ratio for his collegiate career, threw for over 10,000 yards and rushed for nearly 1,000. In addition, he led Clemson to a National Championship as a freshman.


Round 1:  Christian Barmore, Alabama (Defensive Tackle)


Although he comes in without a lot of experience, Barmore is big on raw talent that can be easily worked with to developed into the type of player a team needs. He was a redshirt sophomore and only started one season. Barmore stepped up in the biggest of games, recording 15 tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble in the SEC Championship and two playoff games. 


The Jaguars counted on Taven Bryan to be a big difference maker in the middle of the defensive line, but turned out to be a huge disappointment.  Therefore, the team could really use a great interior defensive lineman and Barmore could fit that description.




Round 2: Rondale Moore, Perdue (Wide Receiver)


After coaching superior teams at the collegiate level, Urban Meyer knows how important speed is at the skill positions. Therefore, adding a player such as Rondale Moore makes sense. The wide receiver position isn’t as pressing a need for the Jaguars as other positions with the likes of DJ Chark, Collin Johnson, and Laviska Shenault on the roster. However, Moore could clearly play the slot and add depth.


At 5’ 9”, Moore doesn’t have the size NFL scouts look for in a first-round selection, but Moore possesses the elusiveness that the Jaguars currently lack.  He caught 113 passes in 2018 but then appeared in only seven games over the past two seasons, catching 64 passes.


Round 2: Tyson Campbell, Georgia (Cornerback)


After being torched most of last season in the defensive secondary, the Jaguars need an athletic corner such as Campbell. At 6’ 2” with good agility and talent, Campbell is perfect to add to the team’s limited depth chart.  The team is likely to add a veteran cornerback via free agency at some point, but Campbell is a solid selection for this pick.


Campbell has the size, strength and length to handle an outside receiver, so the Jaguars would likely look for a slot cornerback or allow Tre Herndon a chance to earn that position. Either way, Campbell is too good of a fit for the Jaguars to pass up with this late second round pick.


Round 3: Brevin Jordan, Miami (Tight End)


The tight end position is very thin for the Jaguars and particularly so following Josh Oliver’s injury. Coach Meyer always likes to use the tight end in his passing game, so selecting an athletic, pass catching tight end such as Jordan makes sense.


Jordan has great athleticism and the ability to gain yardage after the catch.  His skill set would fit in nicely with Lawrence, who has shown he can throw into the seams of the defense.  Jordan clearly would be an upgrade over Tyler Eifert and James O’Shaugnessy.

Super Bowl Primer: GOAT vs. Successor

It’s not too much of a surprise that the best quarterback to ever play is making his 10th Super Bowl appearance this year. Tom Brady is ready to go to the Super Bowl again, except this year, he is with a different team.

It’s also not that much of a surprise that the next face of the NFL also made the super bowl for a second year straight. Patrick Mahomes is one of the flashiest quarterbacks in the NFL, making no-look passes left and right in style.

Tom Brady has easily made himself the best player to ever play football, at least in my opinion. Before this season, people made the argument that Brady only made Super Bowls due to Bill Belichick, but now that Brady made a Super Bowl under a different head coach, he has proven he is much more than a system quarterback.

I also think that out of any person in the National Football League, Patrick Mahomes is the only player who can become the next Tom Brady. Mahomes has already proven that he is an amazing quarterback, and he can bring a team to Super Bowls year after year.

Let’s get into what everyone wants to know.

Who’s going to win the Super Bowl, 43 year old Brady, or 25 year old Mahomes?

While the Buccaneers are a more balanced team, I still think the Chiefs are going to win. The Chiefs offense is unstoppable. Tyreek Hill can outrun any player in the NFL, Travis Kelce is the most dominant Tight End, and Patrick Mahomes is a top talent. Along with their explosive offense, their defense makes big plays when they’re needed.

The Buccaneers have a star-studded offense between Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski. They also have an amazing defense from Shaq Barrett to Lavonte David to Devin White.

Even though the Buccaneers have the more balanced team overall, I really can’t see the Chiefs offense being stopped in this Super Bowl, considering they beat the best defense in the NFL in last year’s super bowl against the 49ers.

No matter who wins, this should go down as one the best Super Bowls in NFL History.

Bater’s Best Bets: Week 17 NFL

Previous Week’s Record:  2-1
Overall Season Record:  26-18 


As we finish this first year of NFL Best Bets, we are glad to do so with a guaranteed winning record and having provided a little respite from the sheer awfulness that was 2020. 


Now we begin 2021 with an injection of optimism and perhaps facing the biggest challenge of the season thus far, because Week 17 is perhaps the riskiest of the past 20 years to gamble in. 


Think about it: As of Thursday, the Cleveland Browns were facing a potential win-or-go-home game unable to practice because of COVID-19 cases on the team, the Pittsburgh Steelers are sitting their most important starters but the Buffalo Bills may or may not pull theirs. Add the fact that the Los Angeles Rams will place their own playoff hopes in the hands of a backup quarterback who has never thrown a pass in the NFL and you have a recipe for craziness in the making. 


Alas, we go forth and place our bets because we are bold with Mahomian confidence and a healthy dose of Fitzmagic. 


You can find all odds for this weekend here, via Yahoo! Sports. 




The Bills are just 1.5-point favorites at home. Hosts usually are at least a +3, so that means Vegas is thinking that the Bills will A) rest their starters or B) play at least a healthy portion of the game with Matt Barkley as their QB. 


This will be Tua’s first start against the Bills, who defeated the Fitzpatrick-led Dolphins 31-28 in a game that had the Fins leading 20-17 with six minutes left in the game before consecutive passing touchdowns by Josh Allen. 


If Tua can clear the cobwebs in his mind and play with confidence while the Dolphins defense plays with much more zeal and desperation than a Bills offense looking to stay healthy, I like Miami to win and finish fifth in the AFC. 


My pick: Bills 24-27 Dolphins (+1.5) 




The most meaningful game for two teams that hope to drunkenly stumble into a playoff game at home. The Indianapolis Colts may miss the playoffs with a 11-5 record in the AFC, but the NFC East might gift the 6-10 Giants a divisional title. 


The Cowboys have won three games in a row averaging 36.0 points per game during that streak, while the Giants lost all the swagger they had after beating the Seahawks in Seattle and have averaged 8.6 points per game during their latest three-game slide. In fact, they haven’t scored more than 20 points since Week 11 against the Philadelphia Eagles. 


Dalton is hot, New York is not. 


My pick: Giants 17-20 Cowboys (-2) 




The Bears have lost eight of their last nine against the Packers and haven’t prevailed in Green Bay since 2015, when Jay Cutler was their quarterback. 


Aaron Rodgers was the Packers QB back then and he still is now, with the NFC’s number one seed and consequent bye week in his sights and the fresh memories of putting up 41 points and four touchdowns on the Bears in Chicago during a 41-25 spanking that was 41-10 after three quarters in Week 12. 


A motivated Rodgers is a lethal Rodgers, and I’m afraid that the Bears will be glued to the TV in the locker room hoping for a Rams win over the Cardinals on Sunday afternoon. 


My pick: Packers (-5.5) 31-20 Bears  

Tua Tagovailoa had reason to celebrate as the Dolphins won in his first NFL start against the Rams.

Martin’s Best Week 16 NFL Bets: Dolphins and More

Previous Week’s Record:  1-2
Overall Season Record:  24-17 


We have arrived in the last week of 2020 for the NFL, the penultimate one of the season. And you know what? Good riddance to the worst year ever. The one that made us play with fear and uncertainty, the one that infected players and coaches from coast to coast, the one that kept fans away from cheering on the teams they love!  


No matter what happens the rest of this year, the best bet you should make is that 2021 will be better for everyone.   


Now let’s take a look at what Week 16 has in store for us. One thing is for sure, I am not putting any money on the Pittsburgh Steelers. They couldn’t even beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football to give us a winning slate last time around. For shame. 


You can find every game’s odds here on the Yahoo! Sports website. We took the ones as of Thursday morning. 




Two teams heading in opposite directions.  


The Raiders are 1-4 in their last five games, just a push away from being eliminated from playoff contention and from their 17th season with eight or fewer wins in their last 18 tries dating to 2003. Their defense has allowed 36.0 points per game since they were 6-3.   


The Dolphins are 8-2 in their last 10 and 5-2 with Tua as their promising starting quarterback that doesn’t seem to make the same mistake twice. He takes care of the ball and the defense forces opposing turnovers while allowing 21 points or less in five of their past six contests. 


I don’t really care whether Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota start at quarterback for the Raiders. I’m going with the Dolphins, and the Raiders don’t even cover at home. 


My pick: Raiders 20-27 Dolphins (-3) 




The NFC East is such a shitshow that it is currently being led by a team whose owner currently believes he is the victim of a extortion while their backup quarterback is fined for “pulling a Harden” (AKA breaking COVID-19 protocols for stupid reasons). 


An organization in such a state of disarray shouldn’t be just two wins away from a division title and the fourth seed in the NFC playoffs, and yet that is exactly where the Ron Rivera Riverboaters find themselves.  


Christian McCaffrey looks to be MIA for the Panthers for the sixth straight game, and why wouldn’t he be? All his presence can do is increase his risk of aggravating his quad injury and putting Carolina’s top five draft pick in jeopardy. 


The Panthers have allowed seven sacks combined in their past two games against the Broncos (11th in the league in that category) and the Packers (10th). Now they will face a hellacious Washington front four led by rookie sensation Chase Young that’s tied for fourth in the league in sacks. 


My pick: Washington (-2) 20-17 Panthers  






As if 2020 wasn’t bizarre enough, we end it with the division-leading Buffalo Bills that boasts a quarterback that is also an MVP candidate facing a Patriots team with nothing to play for and serious questions under center for this game and for the future. It’s like the Freaky Friday of football. 


The Pats were a Cam Newton fumble away from at least forcing overtime in Buffalo back in Week 8, but they ended up losing 24-21 instead during what would be the beginning of the end for them. 


The Bills’ offense has averaged 34.8 points per game since then, and they are a Kyler Murray Hail Mary in Arizona away from being 8-0 since Week 7. 


Their firepower and motivation to secure the second seed in the AFC will be too much for Belichick and his players to overcome. 


My pick: Bills (-7) 31-23 Patriots   

Betting Better: How to Win in the NFL Game

Though betting in the NFL may still pose some risk percentage, there are still useful ways to improve your winning chances when placing a wager. Most bettors just kind of know the tip of the iceberg when predicting some game’s outcome, but there are still some critical betting factors that only a few people take into account, and that’s what makes them expert bettors. 


If you’re still reading here, then you will know in a bit what some of these vital betting factors are. As long as you’re open and willing to learn, you will soon reap the rewards and will shortly become a better NFL bettor. To explain further, provided below are some powerful tips that help improve your winning chances in NFL betting. 

Look For The Edge

One of the best ways to gain a better chance of winning your NFL bet is to look for some clear edge in some matches by trying to identify which is the best NFL team to win in a particular game. There will always be those matches where the other team is dominating over the other, though there is still a risk of losing, the percentage is far lesser than most typical games. 


For example, the Philadelphia Eagles are not in the top ranks but still have an incredible offense. They won 5 games against teams in the top 15 defense. Although they won in the two games, they even failed to cover the spread of 6.5 when they played against these two teams, especially with the ones that have higher passing defenses that ranked 12th and 10th in the league. They had a rough time going through their opponents’ pass defenses. 


When they played against a team with a passing defense ranked 24th, they easily won by 38-21, covering a higher spread of 7.5. And when they played against Arizona, whose strongest passing defense only ranked 30th in the league, it was a no-brainer match for them, and got the easy W. 


Given that it was an easy win against the team ranked 24th, how much more against a team who’s passing defense ranked 30th? This is what pro bettors call an edge. Pro bettors identify these edges so easily because they do their homework way better than typical bettors do.

Set A Safe Budget

One of the most common cliches that every bettor has heard is to “only bet money that you can afford to lose.” Being too familiar with this idea, many bettors tend to sweep this truth under the rug. And for some, they continue to bet whenever they want without reservations. With that said, it is one of the best formulas to become broke in betting. 


Expert bettors consider the worst-case scenarios all the time, especially when things do not go their way. With that said, successful bettors, most of the time, prevent gambling temptations by limiting a budget only for betting. They make it a non-negotiable! That’s why they are successful in a general perspective.   

Numbers Don’t Lie

Another essential attitude when engaging in NFL betting is to check the numbers because they never lie. Numbers like facts, statistics, ranks in the offense, ranks in defense, etc., reveal almost every strength and weakness of all the currently active teams. And not everyone takes the time to study and analyze these critical factors.  

Many bettors, mostly amateurs, make poor bet judgments because they tend to rely on uneducated guesses or emotions rather than do their research and acknowledge what the current numbers tell. This is where most bettors lose their money and fail. Acknowledging the numbers and facts in NFL betting are critical components to become a successful bettor.

Continue Expanding Your Game Knowledge

Expanding your game knowledge is one of the critical components to increase your winning chances in NFL betting. Successful NFL bettors do not stop learning things about the sport. Even though they have become so familiar with the game’s critical aspects, they do not take this as an excuse to stop studying and learning more about the sport. 


For instance, a particular NFL team is ranked 20th in passing defense in the past season. But because they have adjusted their roster by acquiring some key players and a promising rookie in the current season, their defensive qualities and numbers can go up. And who knows, they might just make their way to the top 5 rankings in best passing defense. 

Discipline is Everything

In the game of NFL betting, discipline is everything. If you do not discipline yourself to look for the edge in specific matches, you won’t profit. If you don’t discipline in setting a safe budget, you might end up using important money. 


If you don’t discipline yourself by considering what the numbers tell, you will have wrong predictions most of the time. And if you don’t discipline yourself to expand your sports knowledge, your winning chances will decline sooner or later. Although discipline sounds cliche, it undeniably influences the success of a pro bettor. 


The ideas above are beneficial, mainly if your goal is to become a successful bettor. Remember that to absorb these ideas successfully, you must make sure to execute them every time you decide to bet to improve your winning chances in NFL betting significantly.