Madden 21: Predicting the Miami Dolphins 2020 season

With Week One’s matchup vs the New England Patriots right around the corner, I simulated the Miami Dolphins 2020 season using Madden 21. 


The 2020 NFL season is finally here.

And as we sit here and wait anxiously for kickoff in less than four hours, we’re left wondering, ‘how will the Miami Dolphins look in 2020?

Well, there are three ways to find out.

  1. Wait patiently for 2020 to end.
  2. Hop in a time machine and ruin everything.
  3. Simulate the season using Madden 21.

Since I don’t have the ability to time travel or fast-forward through the year 2020, I’ll decide to boot up my Playstation 4 and simulate the hell out of the 2020 season using Madden 21.

Now, I will admit, this process is far from perfect.

The first time I simulated the Dolphins 2020 season, they finished 1-14-1. Miami’s lone win was against New England in week 1, and the tie came in week two vs. Buffalo. 

This seemed a bit farfetched, so I decided to start over the process. 

Here were the results of my Madden 21 simulation. 

Miami Dolphins 2020 Schedule (Madden 21 Computer Simulation)

  1. @ New England  W 28-17
  2. vs Buffalo  L 10-17
  3. vs Jacksonville L 18-31
  4. @ Seattle L 28-14
  5. at San Francisco L 13-31
  6. @ Denver L 10-17
  7. LAC vs W 35-14
  8. LAR vs L 3-27
  9. @ Arizona L 0-21
  10. New York Jets W 27-24
  11. BYE
  12. @ New York Jets W 20-17
  13. Cincinnati W  20-14 
  14. Kansas City W 21-28
  15. New England L 27-33
  16. @ Las Vegas L 24-30
  17. @ Buffalo W 20-13

Final 2020 season Record 7-9

IN THE HUNT in Madden 21

According to Madden 21, the Miami Dolphins will start the season with an upset victory over the New England Patriots before losing 4 of their next 7 games.

The second half of Miami’s schedule seems easier than the first half, but no one truly knows in 2020.

So, after starting the season 2-6, the Dolphins won 5 of their last 8 games to finish these season 7-9–or In the Hunt.

Unfortunately, Miami must wait another year before getting their feet wet in postseason play.

Here are some of Miami’s projected statistical leaders in 2020.

(P.S Tua Tagovailoa only plays one snap this season)


Ryan Fitzpatrick, Quarterback. 3,458 yards, 32 touchdowns, 16 interceptions.


Jordan Howard, Running back. 162 carries, 842 yards, 8 touchdowns


Preston Williams, wide receiver. 72 catches, 987 yards, 9 touchdowns


Kyle Van Noy, EDGE. 12 sacks


Byron Jones, Cornerback. 8 interceptions


In the end, no one knows how the 2020 NFL season will take shape–certainly not an incredibly flawed video game like Madden.

However, 7-9 isn’t too far from where most ‘experts’ and ‘analysts’ believe our beloved Dolphins will finish in 2020. And I tend to agree.

But like I’ve continued to preach all offseason long, the 2020 NFL season is just an appetizer.

2021 is when Brian Flores, Tua Tagovailoa, and the Miami Dolphins show the world, competitive football is back in South Florida.


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