5 Takeaways from Heat’s Huge Game Four Win Over Celtics

The Miami Heat came away with a huge game four win over the Boston Celtics, 112-109. This gave Miami a 3-1 lead in the series, behind big time performances by Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo. Here are five takeaways…

#1: Tyler Herro unconscious early once again.

Tyler Herro once again put on an absolute scoring display in the first half, scoring 15 points. The scoring though is not what stood out from Tyler, it was his feel for the game. He took control of the pace of the offense, when Goran and Jimmy weren’t. This was finally the dribble penetration Miami was looking for, which led to some nice dishes down low to Bam and others. It seems as if it’s the same story-line every game from Tyler, but ultimately it is. He’s a 20 year old rookie who may be the most consistent Heat player right now. Not only is he the future, but he’s the present.

#2: Bam Adebayo brings needed intensity on both sides of the floor.

Many speculated Jimmy would need to be the aggressor early in game four, which he was, but it ultimately falls on Bam Adebayo. It’s clear that he controls the dynamic of how their offense will flow. And tonight, he brought the energy on both offense and defense that they needed. For starters, the defensive plays Bam was making you won’t see in a stat sheet. He’s a guy that forced so many Boston Celtic misses both around the rim and perimeter. He truly impacts the game in a special way. On the offensive side, he was assertive early with his pick and rolls with Goran Dragic. He also made himself useful on the boards, especially since Miami went with smaller lineups. Once again, Bam’s the motor to this team’s success.

#3: Jayson Tatum scoreless first half was a game changer.

Jayson Tatum went scoreless in the first half of tonight’s game, which was far from expected. He’s arguably Boston’s most deadly and needed scorer, but when he’s off it’ll hurt you. His struggles had a lot to do with the constant adjusting defensive schemes. This led to him settling for more jump shots from beyond the arc, instead of just attacking the rim. But well, it was inevitable for this to be the case all night, since he exploded for 16 third quarter points. There’s not many games where you’ll hold a star to 0 first half points, which is why you must take advantage of those moments.

#4: Both teams struggle shooting the ball from deep.

After Miami didn’t shoot the ball particularly well in game three, it seemed as if they’d clean that up easily for game four. And well, the three ball wasn’t there best friend throughout the night, especially for Duncan Robinson and Jae Crowder. Somehow, they still controlled the pace for most of the game, mostly since Boston didn’t shoot well either. As mentioned before, that was mostly because of the early Jayson Tatum struggles. Brad Stevens made sure to tell the team to step into their shots and control the mid-range. Miami, on the other hand, stuck with their shooting and attacked the rim when needed.

#5: Miami takes 3-1 lead, one win away from the NBA finals.

The Miami Heat have officially taken a 3-1 lead over the Boston Celtics, which means they’re one game away from an NBA finals appearance. This game was a full representation of this team’s grit. Not shooting the ball well, two of your starters non-offensive factors, but they still find a way to get the win. This was behind the outstanding performance by Tyler Herro, as mentioned before. Although I expanded on Tyler previously, he’s the reason they have this 3-1 lead. He once again showed up when others did not, due to his outstanding feel for the game. Bam Adebayo also controlled the paint on both sides of the floor, which was a major contribution to this win. And now, as mentioned before, they’re one win away from reaching the NBA finals.

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