Could the KZ Okpala Unleashing Happen Now? I Believe So

KZ Okpala is one of the most intriguing players on this Heat team, mostly since everybody seems to be fascinated with the unknown. But we kind of do know what he’s capable of, after his big time scoring display in the preseason.

Many have been wondering when he will get his chance to shine in this rotation, and I believe that opportunity comes now.

Miami will be facing the Milwaukee Bucks in a back to back home-stand starting tomorrow night, and it seems as if there is no better time for him to get some run. And here’s why.

For starters, there hasn’t been an update on the injury status of Jimmy Butler, and since it’s a back to back, I’d expect him to sit out at least one of those games.

That obviously means there’s an opening at the wing position, which makes me think he could get thrown in off the bench for some spark minutes.

And even if Jimmy Butler played both games, I believe we see some minutes for him. Back to backs are always when the depth comes alive, especially with a turnaround as quick as the Miami Heat just went through.

Also, this is the first bundled up set of games that the Miami Heat are going into. And as I’ve mentioned quite a lot, it’s a circumstance where Erik Spoelstra can strive with his creativity.

That includes changing the rotation from one night to the next, by possibly inserting KZ Okpala.

There are tons of reasons why this back to back against Milwaukee seems to be Okpala’s first real NBA opportunity with something to prove.

And if the coaching staff wants to get another good look at him, why not throw him out there against one of the best players in today’s NBA, in Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Losing Jae Crowder in the off-season hurts the ability to overpower Giannis with physical bodies. But if KZ emerges by playoff time, he may be a key piece to stopping the league’s MVP.

Opportunities come pretty quickly on this Heat team right now. Just ask rookie Precious Achiuwa.

If KZ gets his chance over the next two days, there’s a possibility he may earn his spot for good.

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