A Montrezl Harrell Miami Heat Signing Seems Unlikely, But Not Impossible

If you were asked to build a picture perfect Miami Heat big, he’d probably look a lot like Montrezl Harrell.

Montrezl is now heading into free agency this offseason with Miami looking for a similar big.

The reason I believe this is unlikely is because he’s 26 with an immense amount of upside. He should be looking for a 4 year deal since this is about that time for him to do that, but a one year deal with Miami is not out of the question.

Many believe that if he was to go the route of a one year deal, it would for sure be the Miami Heat.

Now, how would this fit be for this upcoming season?

For starters, the reason he’s a picture perfect Heat player is because he brings the type of intensity and physicality that Miami usually likes. And he’s had that motor since he played for Louisville in college. Being selected 32nd overall also proves he’s been doubted much like these Miami Heat players were.

Miami has struggled on the boards, which is why there’s been so much discussion about possible bigs, but Montrezl is the physical rebounder Miami may need. He’s only 6’7 but obviously rebounds and plays much bigger.

He’s also a force on the block, which may be good for Miami to have that big man activity down low, and allow Bam to dictate the offense. If he would be able to work the post a lot, that would open up Miami’s shooting even more.

His defensive versatilities are obvious as well, but his shot blocking abilities and strength against bigs could once again allow Bam to roam around the perimeter.

This Bam and Montrezl duo would truly be an exciting one, since they’re both emerging bigs with totally opposite skill-sets.

Obviously though, this signing would not be likely as mentioned previously, since there’s a good chance somebody will offer him a 4 year deal. I believe a lower tiered team will throw a huge deal at him this off-season, that he just wouldn’t be able to deny.

But once again, due to the crafty front office of the Miami Heat, anything is possible.


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