Bam Adebayo: A Chris Bosh Leap Incoming

Bam Adebayo just finished up a very impressive third season in the NBA, averaging 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists a game. Definitely not too bad for a 23 year old, and it’s only up from there.

When taking a deep dive into the stats of Bam Adebayo and former Heat player, Chris Bosh, you find many similarities. Bosh seemed to be one year ahead of Bam, since he didn’t have the luxury of making immediate impact like Chris did.

Chris Bosh averaged 17 points and 9 rebounds a game in his second year in the NBA with Toronto, which is pretty similar to Bam’s third year stats.

Chris then went on in his third year to average 23 points a game, without shooting the three ball.

The thing that people seem to want to see different from Bam next season is an improved jumper, which makes sense since that’ll elevate his game to an entirely different level. But it’s definitely not a necessity, since self improvement may hold an even higher importance.

The only difference that Chris Bosh seemed to show in his game when he made that third year leap was offensive confidence. I feel that’s a big thing when discussing Bam Adebayo, since it’s obvious what he can do on the basketball court, but his unselfishness seems to hold some of that back.

Even Jimmy Butler would repeatedly say throughout the season that he needs to try and score more. Miami already has an unselfish leader on the floor with Butler, so it’s Bam’s job to utilize his talent.

Chris Bosh got to the point towards the end of his third season where he’d attempt 20+ shots a game, while a big night for Bam is when he attempts 15 shots.

Once again, it’s just about a certain level of comfort and confidence when he has the ball in his hands to go and make a play.

The reason I know that’s the case is because he proved in the closeout game against Boston that if he has it going, he just can’t be stopped. He began to score at will towards the end of that game, which led to a 32 point performance to send Miami to the NBA Finals.

Another clear similarity between the two is they each have historical Miami Heat playoff blocks. Two guys who aren’t afraid to put their body on the line on the defensive end to make a play when it truly matters.

Although Bam Adebayo just made a huge leap in this past playoff run, that was just the beginning.

Be prepared for yet another breakout season for Bam Adebayo, even if Miami gets another superstar.

That Chris Bosh leap is coming, but I believe it’ll be a much larger one.

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