Three More Miami Heat Draft Possibilities

One name that I haven’t gone too in depth about is point guard Kira Lewis Jr. That is because he’s been gaining more and more steam as of late to be a lottery pick, some even projecting him to possibly get into the top 10.

For that reason, there are a couple other intriguing prospects that Miami may have their eye on, which the first one is Jahmi’us Ramsey.

He’s a combo guard out of Texas Tech, who carries a wide variety of ways to score the basketball. He can score at all three levels, but most importantly he does it very efficiently, which usually is the downfall of most offensively talented players entering the draft.

He also can defend the guard position very well, which would definitely entice Miami.

It’s been clear that he’s more of a scoring guard than a true point guard, but with the development of Tyler Herro running the offense, that may not be a big deal.

He has actually gotten some comparisons to Marcus Smart, and it’s obvious that those are the types of players that Miami really likes.

Another guy that has been discussed is Desmond Bane out of TCU. He’s a knockdown three point shooter with very good size. He seems to have the ability to turn into the prototypical 3 and D guy, which could definitely help Miami.

And when evaluating other parts of his game, many have said that he’s the best passer in this draft who is not a point guard. But, he is far from being the best ball-handler in the draft, which is why people think his ceiling will be a quality role player.

But Miami doesn’t need a superstar in this draft. They might actually rather go the route of getting a guy that has a lower ceiling, but can contribute right away since he looks to have a fluid transition.

He has also been working out in South Florida preparing for the NBA Draft…

Grant Riller got brought up recently as well, which I believe is actually very intriguing. As I mentioned with Jahmi’us Ramsey, Grant Riller can also score from all three levels at a very efficient rate.

He’s a guy that was not supposed to be considered around that 20 range, but has slowly been creeping up the draft board.

People have said that not only is Riller the best finisher in the class, but he’s also one of the best scorers off the dribble. I’ve seen comparisons to Fred VanVleet, which makes sense since they have a similar size and have similar abilties on offense such as the step-back.

I’ve mentioned some other possible draft selections in past articles, but these three guys could potentially be considered as well.

We will see the route Miami elects to go on Draft night on November 18th.

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