Bam Adebayo Will Miss Game Two

It’s official that Bam Adebayo will miss game two of the NBA finals with a neck strain.

The only good news reported with this injury, is that there is hope that he can return in game three. Bam hasn’t missed many games over the last two seasons, but this one is pretty crucial.

This does mean that some other role players will need to step up, including Kelly Olynyk who will most likely be starting in his place. Kelly will be looked towards to take advantage of some things that Bam doesn’t do, which is spreading the floor with his shooting abilities. If he can get going, it’ll be a big help for this Heat team.

But obviously Bam can’t be replaced, since he just does so many things on the court. Jimmy Butler will be looked towards to step up as the star he is for game two, and hopefully get his co-star back in game three.

Without Bam Adebayo it’ll be tough, but it’s not impossible.

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