Tyler Herro: A Milwaukee Native, A Milwaukee Enticer

Some pretty interesting news came out today for the Miami Heat, when Ashley Nicole reported that Giannis Antetokounmpo is “prepared to sign a long-term deal in Miami.”

This is something that has been discussed consistently for a while now, which is why it’s no shock. The only difference is that it is now being discussed via trade instead of 2021 free agency, since Milwaukee wants to get some value in return.

I discussed his fit with this Heat team in a recent article, but what would this deal look like exactly?

Obviously it’s uncertain what Miami would need to give up exactly, but it definitely would have to include Tyler Herro.

I’ve been a big proponent of not including Tyler Herro in trades when they’ve been getting discussed over and over. I believe Miami does value him as untouchable, until Giannis gets put onto the table.

The reason I’ve been so adamant about not including Tyler Herro in these other trades that have been discussed, is because Miami has a shot at something much bigger.

Pat Riley is not afraid to make a move to get a “whale,” and I don’t even think Giannis is a whale, more like a cruise ship.

Tyler Herro, on the other hand, would be going back to the town in which he grew up.

There’s still so much unknown with this whole situation, since Miami is hoping for the opportunity to go after Giannis in free agency next season, but that may no longer be an option.

One thing about Pat Riley and the Miami Heat is that they’re never satisfied, which means there’s a good chance they make a deal to form a new big three in South Beach.

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