Is the Most Ideal Power Forward for Miami Sitting Right in Front of Them?

Even though it seems as if Miami’s number one option in free agency would be a lengthy big who can rebound, some possible power forward options have come up.

Danilo Gallinari, Paul Millsap, and Jerami Grant are just a few of the names that have come up as possibilities, but doesn’t Jae Crowder make the most sense?

Obviously he was a clear fit right when he arrived in Miami, since he gave them some more of that defensive grit and even added a bonus with his shooting. Miami did not expect Jae Crowder to shoot at the level that he did to finish the season and for a good potion of the playoffs.

He also gave them great veteran leadership and had an obvious bond in both the locker room and on the floor with a bunch of guys. The college connection with Jimmy Butler, the Boston connection with Kelly Olynyk, and even began to show a front-court connection with Bam Adebayo as they went along.

There’s been discussion about who would fit the best next to Bam. The consensus seems to be a guy like Danilo Gallinari since he can space the floor for Bam so well. But Jae Crowder was doing just that throughout this season, and was a huge reason their defense had such success, which you wouldn’t be getting from Gallinari.

Once again though, it’s not guaranteed that he will be shooting at those same levels all of the time, but they truly don’t need him to when Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro are on the floor.

It’s all about playing your role on this Heat team, and I’m not sure other power forwards would be as willing to accept a certain role like Jae Crowder would. He’s willing to do a bunch of the dirty work on both sides of the ball, which came up huge for them in a bunch of big time playoff games.

It’s not that Jae Crowder is better than the other options they have a shot at, but it is the most trusted option.

The good thing for Miami is that Jae truly wants to play for this team and live in this city. It’s hopeful that they can give him a one year type deal for this season to keep the 2021 free agency options open, and then take care of him afterward.

And I’m pretty sure Miami knows what Jae Crowder can do for this team going forward as they try and compete for another title.

Miami has already found their fit for Bam Adebayo, and the only other guy that Miami will feel totally fine with replacing him would be Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2021.

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