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Life With and Without Jae Crowder for Miami Heat

There is still a lot of uncertainty around what Jae Crowder’s decision will be.

He was a huge reason for Miami’s bubble success, due to his defensive presence and unexpected shooting stretches. But although Miami would like to bring him back, they will be prepared either way.

For one, life with Jae Crowder would mean that Pat Riley got his wish of running it back, which means they can play out this season with their core, while having the option of making possible deals at the trade deadline.

Life without Jae Crowder may be a little more dramatic for Miami, since ultimately they will need somebody to fill that role. Some guys like JaMychal Green and Marcus Morris were thought about as possibilities, but each of them ended up reaching a deal.

The Marcus Morris deal might’ve put some things in perspective for both Miami and Jae Crowder. Not many expected Morris to get a deal worth $64 Million over four years. And there was a rumor that $18 Million per year would’ve been the price if Morris came to Miami.

It’s clear that the money isn’t the issue with Jae, it’s the years, according to ClutchNBA5R. And with many of the viable replacements for Jae Crowder getting deals, it’s an indication in my opinion that Miami will work something out.

One name that still could be an option though is Paul Millsap. He seems to continually get linked to Miami, and he has yet to reach a deal with a team.

PJ Tucker could also be a great replacement via trade, since he does everything that Jae Crowder does, but slightly better.

Once again, there’s still uncertainty about the Jae Crowder decision, but Miami will be prepared either way. And ultimately, this is pure speculation, I believe Jae will be back in a Miami Heat uniform to start the season.

The Miami Heat’s Off-Season Prediction

The Miami Heat are expected to have an eventful offseason between trades, signings, and the NBA Draft. Some acquisitions from other Eastern Conference teams make these Heat decisions even more interesting, but here’s what I believe Miami can possibly do…


Goran Dragic 

It’s pretty clear that bringing Goran Dragic back is going to be a priority for Miami, most likely giving him a  one year balloon payment. I’ve mentioned the things he can bring in terms of production, but more important in terms as a mentor. Having him around to direct Tyler Herro in his second season is a priority for Miami, which is why he will be taken care of.

Jae Crowder

Crowder is another one that Miami will make sure to bring back, since he proved in the bubble that he is the ideal fit next to Bam Adebayo. His shooting was obviously much better than originally expected, but his defensive actions is why Miami will resign him. Miami’s defense definitely won’t be their best attribute with some point of attack issues, but having a versatile wing like Crowder helps that out a lot.


Wesley Matthews 

I’ve talked very highly about the signing of Wesley Matthews for a couple reasons. For one, he fixes Miami’s point of attack defense upon arrival. Secondly, signing him for the minimum is an absolute steal, especially since he’s also a knock down shooter. And lastly, it’s another move that improves Miami’s depth. While other teams will be trading away all of their depth for stars, Miami may look to counter for this upcoming season and grab a bunch of quality players.

Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel hasn’t been discussed much when talking about possible guys Miami could potentially sign, but I believe it’s a huge possibility. With the moves Miami might be making, it may leave them without a backup big. And with a cheap and productive Nerlens Noel on the market, I believe Miami may scoop him up. It also helps out Bam when he exits the game, since he can replicate some of the things he does on the floor.

Sign and Trade:

Miami trades- Kendrick Nunn, Kelly Olynyk, Pick 20, and possibly additional picks

Miami gets- Danilo Gallinari, Pick 53

Now, this is the trade that I believe Miami will end up pulling off. Miami will give Oklahoma City a quality young guy in Kendrick Nunn, as well as the 20th pick, and we all know they love their picks. We know how it would look for Miami adding Danilo Gallinari, but I also see them throwing in that 53rd pick. Miami has been intrigued with trading down to the second round, so it benefits both of their needs. Once again, Miami will look to counter these other teams, and that may mean adding a bunch of depth, as well as offensive talent.


Ashton Hagans

So if Miami pulls off that trade, they would be picking late in the second round with the 53rd pick. And the guy I’ve continually mentioned Miami has their eye on is Kentucky guard Ashton Hagans. An absolute defensive burden, and could possibly make an impact off the bench in spurts. I’ve talked about Miami possibly selecting him higher than expected with pick 20, but this means they get him much cheaper.

Is the Most Ideal Power Forward for Miami Sitting Right in Front of Them?

Even though it seems as if Miami’s number one option in free agency would be a lengthy big who can rebound, some possible power forward options have come up.

Danilo Gallinari, Paul Millsap, and Jerami Grant are just a few of the names that have come up as possibilities, but doesn’t Jae Crowder make the most sense?

Obviously he was a clear fit right when he arrived in Miami, since he gave them some more of that defensive grit and even added a bonus with his shooting. Miami did not expect Jae Crowder to shoot at the level that he did to finish the season and for a good potion of the playoffs.

He also gave them great veteran leadership and had an obvious bond in both the locker room and on the floor with a bunch of guys. The college connection with Jimmy Butler, the Boston connection with Kelly Olynyk, and even began to show a front-court connection with Bam Adebayo as they went along.

There’s been discussion about who would fit the best next to Bam. The consensus seems to be a guy like Danilo Gallinari since he can space the floor for Bam so well. But Jae Crowder was doing just that throughout this season, and was a huge reason their defense had such success, which you wouldn’t be getting from Gallinari.

Once again though, it’s not guaranteed that he will be shooting at those same levels all of the time, but they truly don’t need him to when Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro are on the floor.

It’s all about playing your role on this Heat team, and I’m not sure other power forwards would be as willing to accept a certain role like Jae Crowder would. He’s willing to do a bunch of the dirty work on both sides of the ball, which came up huge for them in a bunch of big time playoff games.

It’s not that Jae Crowder is better than the other options they have a shot at, but it is the most trusted option.

The good thing for Miami is that Jae truly wants to play for this team and live in this city. It’s hopeful that they can give him a one year type deal for this season to keep the 2021 free agency options open, and then take care of him afterward.

And I’m pretty sure Miami knows what Jae Crowder can do for this team going forward as they try and compete for another title.

Miami has already found their fit for Bam Adebayo, and the only other guy that Miami will feel totally fine with replacing him would be Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2021.

#BugBrady: Taking Your Miami Heat Questions #2

Honestly, if we’re talking about realistic possibilities, I would like to see a Jae Crowder re-signing more than anything. Obviously there is hope that Miami can throw him a big one year deal and try to get someone else, but in my opinion that should be priority.

We can discuss possible fits next to Bam Adebayo, mostly since there is a need for a rebounding big, but Jae had a pretty great run at the 4 next to Bam in the Bubble. If you take a look back, he had an amazing stretch shooting the ball, which was not something expected when Miami brought him here originally. He had some cold stretches towards the end of the run, but he kept that hot streak going longer than many expected.

His defensive presence was also known upon arrival, but he was given a much bigger defensive role throughout the playoffs. He had to guard Giannis Antetokounmpo for most of the Milwaukee series, and held his own against Jayson Tatum. And when he was asked to guard opposing bigs on the Lakers, he did that as well.

Miami could really use Jae Crowder next season, and it’s a pretty realistic signing.

You mentioned it right there, Serge Ibaka is the most ideal signing. I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t think there’s a better player to put next to Bam than Serge Ibaka. He’s everything you’d want, since he can rebound, protect the rim, and space the floor.

And when I say space the floor, I don’t just mean that he can shoot the three ball, which he can. I really mean that he has a great feel for the game, that he knows where to position himself offensively to find dead spots. It helps that he played with a dynamic Toronto Raptors team, so he had to get out of others way. He likes to position himself on the baseline right outside of the paint, since he can be a disruption on the glass. This would allow Bam to work in his favorite spots, mostly at the free throw line extended.

He also brings another element to their offense, which is a solid post-up game. Bam and Ibaka have such opposite playing styles, that I truly believe that big-man duo would work perfectly.

If Miami has a chance to grab Serge Ibaka, they will jump at it as fast as possible.

Well, I don’t know about significant, but I do believe that KZ Okpala could find himself a solid bench role.

Duncan Robinson bounced back and forth from the G-League to the Heat team all of his rookie year, much like KZ has. And look where he is now. This gave Duncan an entire season and off-season to be fully ready to make an immediate impact.

It seems like that’s the way they’re heading with KZ Okpala, especially since there’s a good chance Derrick Jones Jr won’t be in Miami next season. They are hoping he can take the role of DJJ, just younger and cheaper.

He showed during the season that he is an energetic defensive guy, and many believe his offensive package is evolving more and more.

Once again, I don’t know about significant impact, but I do believe he has a role next season off of Miami’s bench.

3 Keys for the Miami Heat to Win Game 2 of NBA Finals

The Miami Heat are currently down in the series, 1-0, against the Los Angeles Lakers. It seemed to get worse and worse for Miami after game one, since Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo are both doubtful for game two. Here’s what must happen for Miami to get a huge win in game two…

#1: Rookie experience turns into rookie production.

It’s not normal for a team to look towards two rookies in the NBA finals to take the offensive load, but that’s exactly what Miami will do. For starters, it’s clear that Tyler Herro doesn’t shy away from big moments, even though he struggled a bit in game one. He even told media, “I don’t think there is much pressure,” which further proves he’s ready for this. Tyler won’t be the only rookie depended on in game two, since Kendrick Nunn will be getting his number called as well. He’s been the big talk around this team recently, since he showed up big in the second half of game one, and will be back in the rotation for Goran Dragic. Kendrick relies solely on confidence, and now he seems as confident as ever heading into tonight’s game. Tyler and Kendrick will need to grow up quick, since they will not be looked at as rookies anymore. Instead, they are the keys to the offense.

#2: The Justice Winslow trade assets show up big with increased minutes.

Miami acquired Jae Crowder, Andre Iguodala, and Soloman Hill in a trade for Justice Winslow at the trade deadline, and it has clearly payed off. Now, it will need to prove so once again, since they will be getting increased minutes due to Miami’s injuries. Miami will need all of them to show up at their absolute best, Jae Crowder with his shooting, Andre Iguodala with his leadership and impact, and Soloman Hill with his defensive presence. It’s no longer about stars winning them these games. Now, it’s about role players playing to the best of their abilities. This is where the Heat culture will be on display. The grit, scrappiness, and intensity will need to shine in game two, and that will start with Jae Crowder, Andre Iguodala, and Soloman Hill.

#3: Jimmy Butler takes over the game, doing it for the injured Goran Dragic.

Even though many believe Miami is losing hope in winning this NBA finals, Jimmy Butler “begs to differ.” Even with Goran Dragic out, he told media “He’s carried us to this point. It’s only right we pay that back to him now.” And that’s exactly what he will need to do. He was hunting to score the ball in game one right out of the gate, which is what will be needed again in game two. He’s clearly capable of doing so, but he constantly says when he gets others around him going, it translates to wins. The only difference is that usually when they go through tough stretches, Goran would take initiative to get a bucket and get them out of it. Now that responsibility is on Jimmy Butler. If he plays at peak Jimmy Butler levels, Miami can win this game, and it’ll all be for the injured Goran Dragic.

5 Post-Practice Comments from Spoelstra, Crowder, Iguodala

The Miami Heat basically went through a non-contact practice today, which everyone on the team attended. Afterward, Erik Spoelstra, Jae Crowder, and Andre Iguodala talked with media about their mindset after that game three loss and some minor mistakes they will need to critique. Here’s what was said…

Post-Practice Comment #1:

Jae Crowder spoke about the hot topic heading into into game four on Wednesday, Jimmy Butler. He said, “He’s a guy who is about action. You can tell if he’s in one of those moods where he’s going crazy all game.” He followed that saying that the Heat need a more focused and intense Butler. That is indeed the truth. Many people have been saying that it’s time for Butler to start being a primary scorer, but that’s just not him. What he can do is intensify the team through his on-court actions as Jae mentioned, which would speak more volume than any scoring he could do. He did say at the start that Jimmy doesn’t do a lot of talking pregame, which is why you never know what Jimmy you’re getting heading in. But on Wednesday, I’m pretty sure Jae Crowder and this Heat team know what Jimmy Butler they’re getting.

Post-Practice Comment #2:

Jae also talked about some adjustments they will be making, without going into detail. He said, “I don’t want to give it away through you,” when discussing some match-ups they will be searching for. This may be the spark for not letting the game get away from them early, which he expanded on starting games better as well. He said, “Our spirit is right, our heads are right, our energy is there. We just want to see how we can play a complete game.” There’s no question that this Heat team has been better in the fourth quarter in all three games, but the key is putting that out there in the first three quarters as well. That’s something else that has to do with intensity, since they finally get a burst of energy down the stretch it seems.

Post-Practice Comment #3:

Erik Spoelstra touched on Duncan Robinson for a bit, mostly about the defensive side of the ball. He mentions that he “just has to do things with force and detail.” He knows that teams are going to continually try to attack Duncan no matter what, especially in the post, but he says that “he’s gotten much better at it.” There were many instances that Marcus Smart or Jayson Tatum would take Duncan to the rim, and Miami displayed zero help defense. Duncan struggles one-on-one defensively as it is, and with no help, it seemed problematic. Spo also mentioned that Boston came out with “great force off the dribble” and that they must do a “better job of that.”

Post-Practice Comment #4:

Erik Spoelstra was going into great detail about their young star Bam Adebayo. He said Bam is genuine and real, but on the court he’s as nasty as anyone in the league. “One of the best competitors on this planet.” That statement was on full effect in game three, when Bam was giving it his all even when they trailed by 20 points. Jimmy even recognized it post-game on Saturday, saying “He did everything he could to try to will us to this win all game long.” Spo also transitioned into selecting Bam on draft night, saying “He was the guy we wanted to take. We were just hoping he was going to be there.” He then said that he’s the “Anti-AAU player,” since he never played AAU basketball. Spo ends with “He’s wired differently, which we like.”

Post-Practice Comment #5:

Andre Iguodala touched on what it has been like to mentor Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and others. He said, “I had really good vets…I like to take no credit at all.” He also said, “Once you master something, it’s your duty to teach it. So it’s my duty.” Bam Adebayo having Udonis Haslem as a mentor and Jimmy Butler taking Tyler Herro under his wing has shown to be very essential for this young group. Andre also talked about his recent play, which has been tough due to some issues with back spasms. He said, “One thing you don’t want to be is a detriment to the team.” He says that the Bubble “has been more good days than bad days,” but today is one of those tough days. He finishes off with “We are really built for this environment, it really puts us in an advantage.”

5 Comments from Media Session with Spoelstra, Crowder, Adebayo

The Miami Heat closed out the series with the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday, and are officially in the Eastern Conference Finals. Erik Spoelstra, Jae Crowder, and Bam Adebayo talked with some media today about the chance of a Finals appearance and more. Here’s what was said…

Post-Practice Comment #1:

Erik Spoelstra talked about the improvements from all of their young guys while in the bubble. He said, “They’ve gotten better every single month…High pressure situations certainly helps their confidence.” When talking about the young guys, a lot is referring to Heat’s rookie Tyler Herro. He also mentioned that a big part of Herro’s improvement have come from the support of their veterans. I’ve mentioned quite a few times in the past that Goran Dragic has been a huge help for Tyler. We continually see more of Goran in Tyler’s game every game he plays.

Post-Practice Comment #2:

Jae Crowder spoke about the chances of this Heat team reaching the NBA finals. He said, “Honestly I feel we have a great chance to do it. But it falls on us. We are the only team that can stop us right now.” This is indeed the truth. As I mentioned before, Miami must totally forget about the last two tough performances, and press the reset button. Since if they get into their own heads, that’s the only way they can be beaten. Jae Crowder knows what it takes to win playoff games, which is why he will be key in this next series.

Post-Practice Comment #3:

Bam Adebayo spoke a little about the thing that Heat fans love to hear about. Heat culture. He said, “You can only understand it if you’re in it. So for the people trying to figure it out, you can only figure it out if you’re in it.” The thing about Heat culture is that they’re not formed into that mindset when they arrive. The guys they acquire have had that mentality their whole lives. That’s a big reason Pat Riley puts so much trust in John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats, since they hold their players to a high standard as well.

Post-Practice Comment #4:

Bam Adebayo was also asked about some of the award voting that he’s been in the conversations of. He said, “I don’t care about Most Improved Player if we win a championship. Because I’ll have a ring.” This answer seemed sort of familiar. When Jimmy Butler was asked about his shooting struggles early in the bubble, he said that they won’t worry about that if he wins a championship. This is another clear indication of that Heat culture. This team shares a mutual mindset, and it’s a winning one.

Post-Practice Comment #5:

Bam Adebayo finishes off the session talking about his main focus heading into the next round. He said that it’s mainly about cutting down the turnovers. This will be an absolute key for the series, since you can’t give a talented team like Boston or Toronto easy points. He also mentioned that they have the capability of getting to a whole other level defensively. He said, “I don’t think we’ve played a whole 48 minutes yet.” And now tonight’s the night Miami finds out their match-up, which Bam mentions he will be watching very closely, since he can see “some of their tendencies.”

5 Takeaways from Heat’s Late Loss to Milwaukee in Game Four

The Miami Heat came up short against the Milwaukee Bucks in overtime, with a score of 118-115. After Giannis Antetokounmpo went out with an injury, Khris Middleton stepped up and ultimately led the Bucks to a win. Here are five takeaways from the game…

#1: Giannis Antetokounmpo comes out the gate hungry, but ultimately goes out with injury.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was playing with a purpose out the gate, scoring 19 points in only 11 minutes. But eventually, stepped awkwardly on his injured right ankle, which put him out for the remainder of the game. This consequently fell on the supporting cast of the Milwaukee Bucks. As I’ve mentioned during the series, the only way for the Bucks to compete is if the rest of the team shows up. And after Giannis went out, George Hill and Eric Bledsoe stepped up to finish the second quarter, which put them up 2 at the half. Khris Middleton also stepped up for Milwaukee in the third quarter, scoring 21 in that stretch. He iced the game with a late three to put the game away.

#2: Jae Crowder doesn’t get enough credit for his elite shooting abilties.

Jae Crowder has clearly been a key piece for this Heat team all season, but especially in the bubble. First off, he deserves major credit for his ability to guard Giannis the whole series, which is a tough task in itself. He brings physicality on the defensive end on every possession, which further proves the fact that he’s a Miami Heat type player. And now to his offense. He has continued to be one of Miami’s most consistent and trusted offensive players in the postseason, especially with his shooting. Milwaukee is basically daring Jae to shoot threes for some reason, which definitely benefits Miami. And his on-court chemistry with Jimmy Butler has been clear in this series, since they constantly bounce off each other for offensive sparks.

#3: Miami’s bench unit struggles on the offensive end.

One of Miami’s biggest strengths and advantages this season has been their talented depth on the roster. Tyler Herro, Kelly Olynyk, Andre Iguodala, and others usually give Miami a huge offensive spark, but that wasn’t the case today. Miami’s bench scored 5 points in the first half, which ultimately led to Miami trailing by two at the half. What sets the Heat apart from others is that there is no drop off when their bench enters the game. With others, that’s not the case. But the problem is that if Miami’s bench doesn’t totally show up, they usually struggle. Today, their bench ended up scoring 17 points, with most coming from Tyler Herro at the end of the fourth quarter.

#4: Bam Adebayo is special. Very special.

It’s evident that Bam is the most impactful player on the floor at all times, due to all of the small things he does so well. He’s proved to be an absolute force throughout this whole series around the rim, but what everyone has been waiting for is his mid-range jump shot. And well, not only was he attempting these shots, he was making them. His confidence with the ball in his hands seems to be getting better and better. And with Giannis going out, this also opened up Miami’s offense for Bam inside. And once the defense began to key on him, this led to him utilizing his unique play-making ability, which is clearly his biggest strength. Bam’s ability to take over a game in so many ways was on full display today.

#5: Although a tough outcome, Miami’s in good shape.

The Miami Heat may have lost this game in a tough fashion, but it definitely wasn’t their best performance. Other than Bam Adebayo, Duncan Robinson, and Jae Crowder’s good games, there’s wasn’t much contribution from anybody else on the offensive end. As mentioned before, Miami’s bench didn’t show up today, scoring fourteen points. And most importantly, Jimmy Butler wasn’t able to get in a rhythm with the ball in his hands. Although all of this seems problematic, Miami won’t have these scoring issues many times, which means their shouldn’t be much worry heading into game five. And there’s just not much you can do with a scorching hot Khris Middleton.

5 Post-Practice Comments from Spoelstra, Crowder, Dragic

The Miami Heat had another early practice on Thursday, following Wednesday’s crazy finish against the Milwaukee Bucks. Erik Spoelstra most likely focused on late game execution today in practice, since it was pretty choppy for Miami down the stretch. Anyway, here’s what was said in today’s media session…

Post-Practice Comment #1:

Erik Spoelstra mentioned Goran Dragic’s winning mentality that was displayed yesterday. He said, “He’s one of the more skilled, experienced winners in this league.” It’s been pretty clear that Goran has yet to have a bad game in the playoffs thus far. He has the ability to attack the rim at will, which he constantly uses his backboard floater, and also his elite shooting ability makes him that much more of a threat. But most of all, as Spo mentioned, Goran is a winner. That’s why he fits in so well with teammate Jimmy Butler. For example, though he’s not a great defender, Goran made a crucial steal in game one which iced the game, and even poked the ball loose from Khris Middleton in game two, which slowed the game down. That’s why he will be on the court to close games no matter the situation.

Post-Practice Comment #2:

Erik Spoelstra was asked about an update on veteran Andre Iguodala, after he turned it pretty severely in yesterday’s game. Erik responded with “there’s no new update.” That definitely isn’t the best news, considering there was supposed to be an update today. If Andre was to be out a few games, that would mean Derrick Jones Jr would be back in Miami’s rotation. Derrick gave some pretty solid minutes in game two, especially with his scrappiness on the defensive end. It did seem as if he may be too small to guard Giannis one-on-one, which is why we will see him in lineups with Jae Crowder or Bam Adebayo. This will allow him to play off the ball, and do what he does best, which is utilizing his instinctive help defense.

Post-Practice Comment #3:

Jae Crowder was asked about his current feeling on this Heat team being up 2-0 on the Milwaukee Bucks. He said, “It’s definitely nothing right now.” The key for this Heat team now is to not get complacent. The reason I don’t think Miami will is because they have still yet to play their best game in this series. Jae also mentioned that he’s been down 2-0 before and still won the series. And honestly, Jae doesn’t seem to get enough credit for what he is doing in this Milwaukee series. For one, he’s knocked down some big shots for Miami down the stretches of both games. And second, he’s been an absolute Giannis stopper. Well, sort of. There’s no way to stop Giannis, but Jae Crowder does as good of a job as anybody guarding him, due to his size and physicality.

Post-Practice Comment #4:

Goran Dragic talked a little about the controversial call when he fouled Khris Middleton on a three point attempt. He said, “You can’t give a referee a chance to put the game in their hands.” He then mentioned how he needs to do a much better job to avoid fouling jump shooters, especially at the end of a game. He also mentioned, “You have smart players, too. They know how to flop.” This comment may have a little something to do with that Khris Middleton shot as well, when Khris made sure to absolutely sell the foul call. But, if Miami can win a game like this, they can win any game.

Post-Practice Comment #5:

Goran Dragic capped off his media session with the quote of the day. He said, “I’m 34 years old. I feel awesome.” As I’ve mentioned previously, some of the reason for Goran’s current play is because of the huge break, which seemed to get him back to his early season self. Another factor could be because of the current environment, which Goran mentioned today feels very similar to his summer three years ago when Slovenia won EuroBasket. Either way, Goran is 34 years old playing 34 minutes a game, and these are very quality minutes. Some also thought it had something to do with the match-ups, but Goran proved that wasn’t the case since he did pretty much whatever he wanted against Eric Bledsoe as well. If Goran keeps up this hot streak, this Miami team is a tough team to beat.

5 Post-Game Comments from Spoelstra, Crowder, Robinson, Butler

The Miami Heat took a 2-0 lead today, after a big win in game 2 against the Pacers. There seemed to be a mutual topic in each player’s media session, Jimmy Butler. Here’s what was said…

Post-Game Comment #1:

Erik Spoelstra was asked about the second half aggressiveness of both Goran Dragic and Jimmy Butler. He started off saying that it’s mainly because they are both “veteran leaders.” He then began to talk about Jimmy Butler’s importance, saying “Everyone knows why we got Jimmy Buter, it’s for these kinds of moments.” It’s pretty clear that this is why the Miami Heat brought Jimmy in, but this is finally the time it can be showcased. And Jimmy has not shed away from showing it, after having two big games to start the series. But, he impacted both games in different ways. One by completely taking over by scoring, and the other by every aspect. This whole team is 100% invested in their leader Jimmy Butler.

Post-Game Comment #2:

Jimmy Butler used a phrase that he’s been talking about a lot lately. He said, “As long as we keep fighting like the dogs that we are, we’ll come out on top.” Not only has Jimmy continually spoke about the amount of “dogs” on this roster, he also continually talks about “coming out on top.” The thing about this is that he truly believes. Actually, the whole team believes it. They have an absolute different mentality than these other teams, which gives them the edge they need.

Post-Game Comment #3:

Jimmy Butler also talked about what is so different about the Heat. He responded, “They let me be me…to cuss people out.” He then talked about nobody taking it personal. Bam Adebayo talked about this yesterday as well, saying that he’s able to yell at Jimmy Butler and others since they all want to win. We saw this in today’s game when Bam wanted Tyler Herro to clear out, but he didn’t. Bam consequently made sure to let him know. But once again, nobody takes it personal. This is truly what separates this Heat team from the rest.

Post-Game Comment #4:

Jae Crowder also talked about the big topic of the day, Jimmy Butler. Jae said, “I’ve been with Jimmy in some of the biggest games of his life back in college.” Jae notes that this has been Jimmy’s mentality for a while now. He mentions “his level of play rises to the occasion.” This is indeed true, since Jimmy has struggled from three all season, but has become truly confident in taking them now. Many have questioned Jimmy Butler’s offensive ability, even approaching the post-season, but he’s showing them all that he’s a different breed in the playoffs.

Post-Game Comment #5:

Duncan Robinson quickly mentioned after the game that he had some elite shooters reach out to him over the hiatus, including Mike Miller and Reggie Miller. Obviously they aren’t giving Duncan huge pointers on how to shoot, but shooters like this have the important insight on the small things. And it seems as if Duncan has picked up on some things since returning, including a side step dribble and an eagerness to attack the basket. And since this is basically Duncan’s rookie year, he has much more time to develop his game even more.