Jimmy Butler All-NBA Third Team, Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro All-Rookie Team

Jimmy Butler was named to the All-NBA third team on Wednesday afternoon, while Bam Adebayo did not make it.

Some may raise an eyebrow at Paschal Siakam on the All-NBA second team, but this is a regular season award. He led Toronto to the two seed in the Eastern Conference, which is why Jimmy Butler does not care about these awards. Jimmy is so locked in on the post-season and winning, that he’s more focused on the Larry O’Brien trophy. He would’ve liked Bam Adebayo to probably take his spot on the third team, but ultimately Bam isn’t fazed by that award either.

Especially right now, with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo on an incredible playoff run, they are not taking any time to reflect back on their regular season play. But either way, it’s a great honor to be atop of the league’s best players.

Jimmy Butler has earned this spot with not only his on-court play, but more importantly his leadership. He took the reigns of this Miami Heat team, and received much doubt for “coming to Miami to retire.” And now here he is, in the Eastern Conference Finals, on an All-NBA third team, with the much doubted Miami Heat team. That’s a winner and a leader.

And now to the All-Rookie team results. Kendrick Nunn was named to the All-Rookie first team, while Tyler Herro was named to the All-Rookie Second team.

Tyler Herro talked about his spot with media today, saying “I felt I could have been on the first team.” And that’s just the pure competitor in Tyler Herro. He did miss some time towards the end of the season, and ultimately he’s on to much bigger and better things.

But Kendrick Nunn, on the other hand, deserves this more than anyone. He hasn’t had a traditional route, going from un-drafted all the way to a starter on the Miami Heat. And although many are currently focusing on his postseason struggles, he had an outstanding regular season, which got Miami to their current position. For him to be third in voting behind the number one and number two is truly something to be proud of, since he’s earned it.

This Miami Heat team has been full of guys that are possible award winners, but ultimately, as mentioned before, they’re focused on a championship. Bam doesn’t need a Most Improved Player award to prove himself, since a championship ring will cap off his season just right.

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