Juan Pierre evaluates progress of José Devers, Víctor Víctor Mesa and Lewis Brinson

Juan Pierre is still a very valuable piece for the Miami Marlins leading off.

The new Minor League Outfield Coordinator is working with hitters in all different levels of the organization, trying to answer as many questions as possible for them.

Pierre is a great guy to have around the future of the franchise, a key member of that 2003 champion team, with the experience and

He is one definitively one of the most beloved players of that 2003 team. He wasn’t the superstar, but he was a great player in that roster.

Leandro Soto caught up with him during the series between the Marlins and the Saint Louis Cardinals to talk about his role with the team.

Juan Pierre on prospect Nasim Nuñez

There are many ways to work on your swing. Sometimes, you have to step out of the cages, sit down in the dugout and just talk to the guys that have been there.

Juan Pierre is that guy. And he has been that guy for the Miami Marlins minor league teams this year.

He was at Marlins Park on Tuesday to see Nasim Nuñez’ workout, and is happy about what he saw. “I heard he has been switch-hitting for just two years. The ball jumps out of his bat from both sides. His lefty swing looks good, versatile”

Nasim Nuñez is a bright guy, with a bright smile and great attitude. “I don’t want to put pressure on him, but he’s going to draw a lot of comparisons with Francisco Lindor,” Pierre told Leandro Soto.

Hours before, Nuñez said the Puerto Rican shortstop was his favorite player. Could he turn into a Marlins version of Lindor? Hopefully he has some of that power.


Juan Pierre: “In Jupiter they ask a lot of questions”

“Talk to them”.

That was probably the order Juan Pierre received when he was called to be part of the staff. He’s dealing with young yuys trying to get where we got. “They ask a lot of questions,” Pierre said.

How are prospects José Devers and Víctor Víctor Mesa doing in Jupiter?

José Devers is really coming to swinging, seeing the ball well, playing good defense. Mesa is still adjusting to the American lifestyle. “He shows flashes of what he can be on a consistent basis. He’s starting to get more consistent with his swing and being an outfielder, but his biggest adjustment is to adapt to the American lifestyle”

The confidence of a hitter

When will Lewis Brinson be back to the team?

Confidence is the key.

“I’ve talked to him and I’ve seen the numbers he’s putting up. He’s getting a more consistent path to the ball. That was the matter with him. Bringing his game in a consistent basis.”

He will be back pretty soon if he keeps doing what he is doing down there.

“Confidence. Believing you can be here. Relaxing and putting all his work out there on the field.”

That’s it, right? Juan Pierre makes it sound easy…


Leandro Soto finally didn’t ask players or coaches about the shift, and he will continue to go to Marlins Park every week, until the Marlins win the World Series, so you have a lot of time to enjoy his work

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