Lewis Brinson was optioned to New Orleans

Lewis Brinson has not been the star the Marlins thought were trading for Christian Yelich a couple of offseasons ago.

He has not played as a regular major league baseball player either.

He has actually been pretty bad, as has been the entire Marlins offense.

Craig Mish, of Swings and Mishes, reported on Tuesday afternoon that Marlins’ patience with Brinson had come to an end.

Brinson had been the starting centerfielder for the major part of the first month of the season, and was not able to make the adjustments to hit in the majors.

In this first month, he could only hit .197, seven points above his average in the majors.

Lewis Brinson’s lack of contact

Is what we saw from Brinson in a little over a season in the big leagues the player he really is?

Probably not. But he definitively needs to work on putting the ball in play.

He has struck out 165 times in 505 at-bats in his career.

That means that Brinson did not even put the ball in play in around 33 percent of the times he went up to the plate.

For someone with that speed, and not much power, this is unacceptable.

The Marlins prefer to keep working on it in Triple-A, after giving him an entire month, and an entire season last year.

Will we see Lewis Brinson back in the majors soon?

If he hits, we will.

If not, it will be time to move on…

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