Miami Dolphins camp Quickie Notes: Day 9

Day 9

– NO Scrimmage. Regular Practice scheduled. Oh Well.
– Coach Flores arrives 5 minutes early.
– I know I said Ryan Fitzpatrick was leading the competition, but there is still plenty of competition left – Coach Flores
– The Practice schedule for today is unclear. When asked when the “Live” periods of practice will occur, coach Flores says, “Maybe an hour from now.”
– “We are in an evaluation process.” (when asked about the Depth Chart)- Coach Flores
– “DeVante Parker has had a strong camp” (glowing praise ensued) – Coach Flores
– Woodard, Jones, McMillan, Grant, Allen, plus 2 PUP guys…OUT.
– Practice begins, once again, with Special Teams.
– Stretch portion of practice.
– Indy drills for all. Uneventful start to practice.
– QB warmup time. Josh Rosen is cleaner with his mechanics. None of these QB’s wow anybody, ever, during any of these warmups.
– Team meeting at the 50 yard line. What’s this about?
– 11v11 now
– Drive #1. Fitzy to Stills for 6 on quick out left. Fitzy finds Parker beating the zone for 15. Drake busts a lead right for a big gain down to the 3. Charles Harris with a nice play to stop a run. Play Action Boot Pass to Drake for a TD.
– Josh Rosen leading the 2nd team.
– Rosen to Preston Williams for 15 on deep out.
– 2nd team offense has committed two penalties.
– Rosen with a good looking RPO?
– Rosen quick out to Preston Williams for 8
– 2nd team needs to punt having failed to get a 1st down.
– Fitzy to Stills…tipped. Xavien Howard INT.
– Josh Rosen back in. Penalty to start.
– Inside Zone runs, quick out to Brice Butler. Penalty. 3rd and 15. Inside zone run gains 6. Hmm. We have seen that before.
– Penalties, inside zone runs, and a quick out…with MORE penalties sets up 3rd and 25.
– Josh Rosen does well to gain a chunk by escaping pocket, finding Preston Williams. Sets up FG. Good.
– Fitzy has an uneventful series.
– Rudock in to take some snaps.
– Fitzy back in.
– Charles Harris with a sack on Fitzy. Beats Tunsil.
– Charles Harris is a menace. In on Fitzy again. On a twist.
– Van Ginkel got sucked in by the play call. Screen behind him. Drake with a big gain.
– Wow. Fitzy flag pattern for a big one to Stills. Off his finger tips. GREAT THROW
– Fitzy tries a go to Parker on right side. Overthrown. FG try.good.
– Halftime.
– Josh Rosen in. 2nd teamers.
– Rosen, incomplete in cut. Rosen complete out to Brice Butler. Sack by Adolphus Washington ends series.
– Fitzy starts series. Jerome Baker sack.
– Series goes quickly.
– Starting at their own 1. Josh Rosen leads the 2nd team. Dive play gains nothing.
– Rosen moves the chains on 3rd and 5. Rosen starts with a quick out on 1st down. Rosen hits Preston Williams on a beauty. 45 yard gain.
– Preston Williams is today’s clear cut star.
– Sets up a FG try. Good.
– Fitzy 1st teamers. Start at 25 going in.
– Gesicki beats Minkah bad on a back shoulder throw. He pushed off. Offensive P.I.
– ITS REVIEWED. REVERSED. GESICKI SETS UP 1st and Goal from the 5.
– 3rd and goal. Fitzy has nothing. FG try. Good.
– Rudock leads a TD drive on a series of runs on a short field.
– Fitzy starts from his own 1. Ballage moves it 6 yards out.
– Ballage sweep. Penalty. Count is somewhere between 12-15 penalties.
– Dieter consistently 1st team LG. Assortment at RG. Latest is Kyle Fuller.
– Here comes a Josh Rosen 2 minute drill.
– Rosen to Gesicki for 10. Fitzy comes in now. Ford for 10 on Howard.
– Fitzy pick on deep post. Xavien Howard with the pick to kill the drive.
– Rosen in now. Strike to Stills for 18 on curl. Holding. Bring it back.
– Rosen DEEP to stills…Howard with the pick. NO. Stills makes a play off of him. Huge gain. 50+ yards
– Rosen with a DISASTER throw in red zone. Xavien Howard pick. Off his hands. Caught by Ford for a TD.
– Goal line portion of practice.
– Ballage stuffed lead right. Godchaux on play.
– O’Leary TD on play action pass.
– Ballage TD on Dive play.
– Practice over.
– Stephen Ross and Josh Rosen have a long 12-15 minute conversation. Then Ross, Grier and Fitzy have a talk of their own.

Practice MVP: Xavien Howard, Preston Williams, Charles Harris.
Struggled: Kyle Fuller, Laremy Tunsil, Chris Reed

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