Miami Heat Add BJ Johnson as 20th Player

The Miami Heat brought in BJ Johnson as their last addition, which means he will now be battling to earn the final two-way contract.

Johnson is an intriguing prospect who is 24 years old and has been around the league. He is a 6’7 wing who has a pretty decent all around game.

He’s a left handed shooter who has a fluid looking jumper. Some of his better attributes seem to be when attacking the rim, since he has a great amount of athleticism.

His defense though is where he’s shown better flashes, since he can hit passing lanes and guard players one-on-one.

He got some run in the bubble regular season games with the Orlando Magic, and scored 9 points in limited minutes, knocking down two good looking triples.

He also had some good flashes when he played on the G-League Magic team, averaging 23 points a game.

One of his weaknesses coming out of college was his thin frame, but he has put on 25 pounds since leaving Syracuse.

It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top for that final roster spot, since he will be competing with Breein Tyree, Max Strus, and Paul Eboua. It’s a great mix of youth and experience, and honestly Miami could use either one right now, since the 15th man could actually be looked to in this very unique season.

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