Miami Heat Off-Season: Best Player or Best Fit?

NBA trades will officially begin today, and there’s a chance Miami could be among one of them pretty soon.

There’s talk of Miami packaging young assets for the big star, or they could potentially just acquire a role guy.

The question is what is Miami’s goal this off-season, landing the best player or landing the best fit?

Two players that land under that category are Danilo Gallinari and Wesley Matthews, since it was reported that both may have interest in Miami.

Danilo Gallinari is clearly an outstanding player for this team offensively. Many rave about the fit next to Bam Adebayo, but the fit with Duncan Robinson stands out more. Having two guys in the starting lineup, along with Tyler Herro potentially, that are that deadly from three would improve Miami’s biggest strength even more. But, it also hurts there biggest weakness.

At this stage, Miami’s offense is not a worry at all. Obviously there’s always room to improve it, but defensively is what Miami should be looking at more. If Miami has Herro, Duncan, and Gallinari in the starting lineup, it would honesty be a defensive nightmare.

Some will say that you can stagger the starting lineup, but the ends of games will be the bigger issue. If you can’t put your best overall lineup on the floor on any given night, there’s something wrong with the roster.

Now, the Wesley Matthews pick-up seems to be a lot more appealing to Miami’s needs. He’s an ideal 3 and D guy, that can guard opposing wings and guards. And most importantly, he complements Miami’s young and evolving offensive talents.

Some may argue that obviously you take the guy that can average 20 a night, but ultimately, I believe there’s a chance you can get that from Herro next season. Instead, this 20 point per game scorer will have a defensive co-pilot helping him out every step of the way.

Although I’m discussing the better pick-up, Miami could potentially end up getting both.

But if, for some reason, only one could get acquired, I’d probably go with Wesley Matthews. I’m probably a small percentage of people that think that, but I believe in best fit instead of best player, unless you’re talking about a total superstar.

We will see how this all plays out, since there’s a good chance Miami’s roster will look a little different next season.

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