NBA Chaos Leaves Heat in Advantageous Position

Chaos around the NBA could benefit the Heat.

You would expect the NBA to dominate the headlines in June, as the playoffs hit full stride.



Despite multiple competitive series reaching their peak, what seems to dominate our attention is the discontent around the league.


The Dallas situation seems to be the most tumultuous as within a span of 24 hours they lost both their General Manager and head coach.


Meanwhile, back in Miami.



I mean, what could possibly be better than this Heat fans?


In the City of Brotherly Love, there is not much left for Ben Simmons as the Sixers have imploded in back-to-back final quarters.

Simmons is shooting an ungodly 25.7% from the free throw line in the Eastern Conference semifinals, contributing mightily to the Sixers’ collapse.

Joel Embiid is the only player from the “Process” that has truly panned out.

Say what you want about Simmons three All-Star selections, the fact he was targeted by Atlanta and could not make them pay matters.



(Insert eye emoji)

The most realistic scenario however seems to involve Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry, who would instantly upgrade Miami’s backcourt on both ends.

Miami has roster flexibility and more importantly stability, especially in the near future.

Despite the season ending on a low with a playoff sweep at the hands of Milwaukee, the sting of that will heal.


The odds were stacked against Miami, and other “bubble teams” – the 2021 Miami Heat were not getting out of the East this year anyway.

After a redacted offseason and a roster that did not improve from last year, this team plateaued.

However the future immediately seems brighter in Miami.

Even if a lot of the positivity is perhaps hyperbole.

So sit back and relax Heat fans, enjoy the chaos from the safety of Biscayne Bay.


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