So you’re saying we (Dolphins) don’t have a chance?

The Dolphins had the perfect season.

And now they have the imperfect roster.

So the Miami Dolphins have accomplished something remarkable already, at least if a computer simulation is to be believed.

They have absolutely no chance of playing in the Super Bowl in their home stadium this February.

Zero. Point zero.





That’s 10,000 simulations.

And not once does Josh Rosen hit Preston Williams in the back of the end zone with a perfect strike to capture the Lombardi Trophy.

The Dolphins were the only team with that distinction.

Seriously, anything could happen if you tried it 10,000 times.

They might even draft a good offensive lineman outside the first round.


We love football and of course we like seeing our teams in Miami going to the playoffs and giving us something to root for. We know it is a hard time in Miami sports, but we are glad we can be with you in these difficult moments. Just do not let us go. We will go through the painful season together, and then, at some point, everything will be alright. Stay with us. Keep listening to our Five Reasons Podcasts, please. 

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