Wild Offseason for Dolphins Culminates With Tunsil Deal

The Houston Texans saved the last dance for the Miami Dolphins, acquire Laremy Tunsil.

For days it seemed like everyone thought Jadeveon Clowney was going to be a Miami Dolphin.

Except Clowney.

Chris Grier and the Miami brass were determined to take advantage of a Houston power structure…without structure.

That they did it seems by sending franchise left tackle Laremy Tunsil and wide receiver Kenny Stills to Houston for two first round picks and a second rounder.


Miami also sends back a 2020 fourth rounder and a 2021 sixth rounder according to reports.

Stills’ departure was perhaps in the best interest of all parties, he gets a fresh start away from the noise in South Florida.

Houston is getting a good football player but an even better human being in the deal.


#TankSzn is here.

Wait, Don’t we Need a Left Tackle?

When you talk about a rebuild, there are four core positions that comprise the foundation.


Defensive end.


Left Tackle.

Miami locked in one of the four by signing Xavien Howard in the offseason.

Their pursuit of Clowney showed intent on resolving another spot.

Miami will likely draft a top prospect at the position next year, maybe the year after.

You can make what you will of the quarterback battle and outcome in preseason, but Josh Rosen will play this season.

Without a left tackle.

So why not keep Tunsil since he is one of the core four, on a team friendly rookie deal?

You’re going to need to find another left tackle eventually anyway.

The Miami Dolphins organization pushed all their chips in on 2020 and beyond.

While completing the fold on the 2019 campaign, in the process selling high on Tunsil.

High Picks Must be on Target

It is hard to remember a team with so much draft capital at their disposal.


Perhaps the Dallas Cowboys when they stole six picks from the Vikings for Herschel Walker.

Those picks became players such as Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, and Darren Woodson among others.

If the Dolphins can hit on the majority of those picks, especially the first rounders, the promising future could be upon us en masse.

Hopefully fans can survive the carnage they will witness in 2019 first.

From Stills and Jay-Z, firing of a coach, and some surprising cuts, another roller coaster summer has concluded in Davie.

Miami fans should be ready for anything at this point.

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