Some Takeaways from Adam Simon Press Conference on Draft

Adam Simon spoke with media this afternoon, to talk about the NBA draft on Wednesday.

He started off talking about the challenges of understanding talent since a lot of stuff is virtual, which he said “Something is better than nothing.”

He also spoke about the depth of this NBA draft, which favors Miami since they have the 20th pick. He said, “We feel good about the players we have studied.”

And without mentioning specific players that they are interested in or worked out, he gave some comments that kind of tell you which way they’re looking to go.

For one, he talked about some guys bodies being improved majorly during the layoff, since they haven’t seen a lot of these players since March. And that comment makes you think about center Vernon Carey Jr, since he’s lost about 30 pounds since the end of last season.

He also made some comments about things that I’ve been talking about for a while now, when referring to Miami’s possible draft selections.

I’ve been saying for a while now that Miami will not draft a player that needs to be developed majorly. There are many guys in this draft that are already polished, both through their games and bodies, which will make this pick a lot easier for Miami.

He also pointed out that they’re focused on guys who are two-way players, since shooting doesn’t matter if they can’t defend. That is why I’ve mentioned the name Ashton Hagans for quite a while now, since Miami is the type of team to make that selection.

And when discussing guys always trying to impress teams by shooting the three ball, he mentioned that he would rather players play to their strengths, especially big men. He mentioned the word “versatility,” quite a lot, but not in the sense of Bam Adebayo, since he said he’s just “unique.”

There are quite a few things to take from this press conference, and it mainly involves Miami making a pick that best fits them, since that is what they will do no matter what on Wednesday night.

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