The Key to Miami’s Offense: Giving Bam Adebayo “The Room to Just Go”

Kyle Lowry being inserted into Miami’s updated offensive scheme elevates them immensely. The growth of Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson improves things greatly. Jimmy Butler’s continued downhill effectiveness will alter them in a positive direction.

But nothing changes things more than a full aggression commitment from Bam Adebayo when the ball is in his hands.

Following the Miami Heat’s media day on Monday morning, plenty of story-lines are flying, beginning with Adebayo’s comment stating “I want to be a shooter.”

The part that stuck out when this was said was his sense of urgency on the subject. It was the first thing brought up when addressing the things he worked on most, and he said it with supreme confidence. And well, that’s how he will need to let that ball fly as a shooter: with confidence.

Another interesting comment from Adebayo was when he mentioned “not getting bored” by scoring in the same way every time. As most players want when trying to progress their offensive game, Adebayo wants diversity in his role.

Last season, the void of a true initiator left him in an odd spot. Constantly finding himself stationed at the elbow, before passing out, squaring up for the jumper, or exploding to the rim.

Anybody would be bored with that layout, which is why we’re going to see a much freer Bam Adebayo this season. Potential three-point attempts, spread out mid-range game, and much more.

All that stuff is great to hear before the season starts, but the most interesting comment regarding Adebayo came from Jimmy Butler during his initial presser.

When asked about the things Kyle Lowry unlocks on this team, Butler said it “gives Bam the room to just go, and be who you are, and not worry about too much else.”

That right there is the key. As I’ve said many times before, Adebayo will receive plenty of Lowry enhancements through the lob pass, easy buckets on the dive following a blitz, etc. But that pure takeover mentality is what knocks this team up to the next tier.

“Just go” should be on the wall walking out of the Miami Heat’s locker room. Victor Oladipo may be a wild card, young progressions may do wonders, but Bam Adebayo being Bam Adebayo is the true X-factor.

How can this be done exactly?

Well, adding around 15 pounds heading into the season screams extra attacking opportunities for him. He has always had the speed to get past opposing 5’s on a face-up, but the ability to take it up strong instead of acrobatic and athletic finishes every time will be huge.

On a team that seems like they’ll live at the free throw line on paper, Adebayo will need to be in that mix as well. That extra muscle up top can really do wonders as a downhill threat, and I think we’ll see that translate immediately.

What is the theme of that topic as well? Just going.


Adebayo’s off-season mostly consisted of a ton of polishing, but it’s time to understand that it’s okay if that polish is removed in the process. It can always be re-layered.

And that’s why you always hear that connected nickname: “No ceiling.”


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