The Miami Heat’s Off-Season Prediction

The Miami Heat are expected to have an eventful offseason between trades, signings, and the NBA Draft. Some acquisitions from other Eastern Conference teams make these Heat decisions even more interesting, but here’s what I believe Miami can possibly do…


Goran Dragic 

It’s pretty clear that bringing Goran Dragic back is going to be a priority for Miami, most likely giving him a  one year balloon payment. I’ve mentioned the things he can bring in terms of production, but more important in terms as a mentor. Having him around to direct Tyler Herro in his second season is a priority for Miami, which is why he will be taken care of.

Jae Crowder

Crowder is another one that Miami will make sure to bring back, since he proved in the bubble that he is the ideal fit next to Bam Adebayo. His shooting was obviously much better than originally expected, but his defensive actions is why Miami will resign him. Miami’s defense definitely won’t be their best attribute with some point of attack issues, but having a versatile wing like Crowder helps that out a lot.


Wesley Matthews 

I’ve talked very highly about the signing of Wesley Matthews for a couple reasons. For one, he fixes Miami’s point of attack defense upon arrival. Secondly, signing him for the minimum is an absolute steal, especially since he’s also a knock down shooter. And lastly, it’s another move that improves Miami’s depth. While other teams will be trading away all of their depth for stars, Miami may look to counter for this upcoming season and grab a bunch of quality players.

Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel hasn’t been discussed much when talking about possible guys Miami could potentially sign, but I believe it’s a huge possibility. With the moves Miami might be making, it may leave them without a backup big. And with a cheap and productive Nerlens Noel on the market, I believe Miami may scoop him up. It also helps out Bam when he exits the game, since he can replicate some of the things he does on the floor.

Sign and Trade:

Miami trades- Kendrick Nunn, Kelly Olynyk, Pick 20, and possibly additional picks

Miami gets- Danilo Gallinari, Pick 53

Now, this is the trade that I believe Miami will end up pulling off. Miami will give Oklahoma City a quality young guy in Kendrick Nunn, as well as the 20th pick, and we all know they love their picks. We know how it would look for Miami adding Danilo Gallinari, but I also see them throwing in that 53rd pick. Miami has been intrigued with trading down to the second round, so it benefits both of their needs. Once again, Miami will look to counter these other teams, and that may mean adding a bunch of depth, as well as offensive talent.


Ashton Hagans

So if Miami pulls off that trade, they would be picking late in the second round with the 53rd pick. And the guy I’ve continually mentioned Miami has their eye on is Kentucky guard Ashton Hagans. An absolute defensive burden, and could possibly make an impact off the bench in spurts. I’ve talked about Miami possibly selecting him higher than expected with pick 20, but this means they get him much cheaper.

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