A Long Shot Signing, But There’s Still A Shot

There has been a lot of speculation about what Miami can do this off-season via trades or free agent signings. A lot of big names have come up, but is that exactly what Miami needs right now?

A Christian Wood signing may seem a little unrealistic, but it’s not out of the picture.

For one, there’s a low chance that Detroit will let Christian walk, since he’s still evolving and has great upside. He will also be searching for a 3-year deal, which is something that Miami won’t look to offer. But once again, if there’s anyone that could pull it off, it’s the Miami Heat.

It’s also pretty obvious that the only young stars who get recognition are those on winning teams. Even guys like Karl-Anthony Towns and Devin Booker don’t get the recognition they deserve since they are on such low seeded teams. But Miami could fix that for Christian, since it seems as if winning is a priority right now…

The only issue that Christian seems to have is that he’s a bit scrawny for the center position. But what better team than the Miami Heat to get your body in the best possible shape.

He shares some similarities with Bam Adebayo, since he is 6’11 who plays like a guard at times. He’s an energetic force on both sides of the floor, who uses his length to his advantage. He’s also a good screen setter and floor spacer. This could definitely take some weight off of Bam’s shoulders.

And now to the Miami Heat’s point of view. Miami could clearly use another big, especially since Bam had such a burden throughout this run since nobody could replicate some of the things he does. And well, Christian could do some of those things, even stretching the floor to shoot the three ball. That also means that Miami could insert both of them into the starting lineup, which also deepens Miami’s depth.

If Miami had a Christian Wood to come off the bench in game six of the NBA finals when Bam was struggling, I have no doubt that Miami would’ve pushed it to seven.

And his story seems a little familiar to a couple of Heat players…

Obviously this is all speculation, but he could just fill so many holes on this current Heat roster. And once again, Detroit letting him walk does not seem like a viable option for them.

Miami may not need a home-run signing right now. Instead a guy like Christian Wood may be the better fit.

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