Tua’s Here! Get Your New Shirts!

It started with one.

The classic Tua 2020 concept, with the #Tankovailoa hashtag, to honor the Miami Dolphins’ apparent backwards pursuit of the elite University of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

(Is that how you spell it?)

That’s been the biggest seller on our site, by far.

The trendsetter.

And you can still get it HERE, same price as always. 

Even comes in a tank….

But now we know you need more.

It’s a party in South Florida, so why not play off a favorite drinking establishment, the one with the slushy drinks that make you feel a little loopy.

So we have two shirts based on that bar, which is based on the New Orleans tradition.

You get the first HERE, in ORANGE:

Need something a little more elaborate and, shall we say, risque?

To make a request of the new Dolphins quarterback….

The Show Me Your TD’s shirt can be found HERE:

And we added another, loosely based a slogan you may have heard somewhere.

We don’t want to exclude the female fans of the Dolphins, or the network.

But, for one shirt? Sure.

You can get that one HERE:

You can find a variety of Miami Heat, Florida Panthers and Five Reasons Sports Network shirts and other apparel here on our site.

Continue to look for new designs from Adam Smoot on this MERCHANDISE page.

Also ask how to become a brand ambassador.

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