Why is Attacking the Basket Essential for Tyler Herro?

In Miami’s match-up with the Washington Wizards on Saturday night, Tyler Herro put on a scoring clinic, reaching a new career high 31 points.

The scoring wasn’t being generated from the perimeter though. Instead, he continued to attack the basket on Washington’s weak defenders, and used his craftiness to score around the rim.


The reason that part of Tyler’s game is so important is because the rest of his strengths generate from it. Once Tyler gets into the paint a few possessions, it leads to more room on the perimeter for him to work. And when they began to play high on him, he found himself wide open off back door cuts for open layups.

And as I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s when his passing abilities are most visible. He is a great play-maker once he is in an offensive rhythm, since he makes instinctive decisions instead of over thinking.

When Tyler Herro is rolling with confidence, it’s when he is at his best.

Before this game, he mentioned throughout the week that the performance against Boston was totally on him, and he needs to be better. And well, he was.

This team is very confident with Tyler Herro having the keys on the offensive side of the ball, especially since it gives their two stars, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, a break from their efforts on the defensive end.

Another main reason Tyler Herro’s penetration is important for his overall game, is because it leads to increased effort on the defensive end.

When he sees the ball go through the net a few times, the energy levels naturally rise. And although Tyler struggles on that end, all you can ask for is effort.

If he can consistently score at the rim on a nightly basis, it makes everybody’s job easier, especially Duncan Robinson. Now that they’re sharing the floor quite a lot, it’s important for them to bounce off each other offensively.

It’ll be interesting to see if Tyler Herro can keep this up on the second night of a back to back, since they’re playing a short-handed Boston Celtics team.

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