Which Miami Dolphins to Draft in Fantasy


Since I began playing fantasy football in 2012, I have been able to pick up some ironclad rules as to how to draft and operate my fantasy team. Without divulging all my “confidential” information, I can give the one that always hurt me the most: I refused to draft or pick up any Miami Dolphins. The heart and the brain just could never decide how to properly handle sits and starts. Also, any NE Patriot, they truly are a week-to-week team depending on the matchup. Now in 2021 I still have that rule but maybe some of you guys or gals are better than me at this and can handle the emotional roller coaster. Here I am to break down some possible fantasy football options on your 2021 Miami Dolphins.

Myles Gaskin
Myles Gaskin when healthy last season was one of the top 10 most productive RBs when it came to yards from scrimmage and 11th overall player.


Finishing the year with 972 in just 10 games played, dealing with covid, and spraining his MCL. If he had produced instead of 97.2 yards from scrimmage per game around 85-87 because of more usage at 16 games, he would have a little under 1400 total scrimmage yards with around 5-6 TDs. Gaskin 2 main obstacles in reaching said numbers in now a 17-game season would be how much teams focus on stopping the run to see if Tua can really beat them with his arm early in the year and also having players like Ahmed, Brown (potential TD vulture) and Gerrid Doaks looming in a potential RBBC but with that said, Gaskin has shown the resiliency needed to always fight his way onto the field as an integral part of the offense and I expect it to continue that way.

William Fuller
Speaking of Tua, his shiny new toy from the off-season is William Vincent Fuller V. A true threat to score from all 3 levels. He brings something that this offseason sorely lacked last season in speed, game-breaking speed to be exact. I won’t sugarcoat it for you though, he’s about the biggest boom or bust player in the entire league.

Every game that Fuller surpassed 100 yards receiving he followed it up with less than 60 yards every single time, with 2 instances of less than 38 yards, but in 2020 with DW he had his most consistent year in terms of playing all 11 games before his suspension as well as being a constant TD machine with 8 In 11 games. If Tua can put it all together, he and Fuller could put up huge fantasy points in a 17-game season.


Devante Parker
DVP is someone that feels like I always must defend in some sort of fashion, but this is a guy who all his career was put down for missing games for little nagging injuries but quietly performed even while dealing with a QB controversy and an outdated playbook.

In games where Parker saw 9+ more targets he had 10 catches for 110 yards vs Seattle, 6 catches for 61 yards and 1 TD vs the Broncos, 8 catches for 119 yards vs the Jets, and 7 catches for 116 yards vs the Bills. If Tua can find the chemistry that Fitz had with DVP, they both could unlock a dynamic duo with him and Fuller that will leave defenses with pick your poison scenarios every game.


Jaylen Waddle
Jaylen is the biggest unknown in this offense as he should in theory be looking at the starting slot job, but something about the way the Dolphins like to slowly bring rookies along especially early in the year doesn’t let me foresee him having enough targets to warrant an early draft pick for him. If you can take him late in the draft or through waivers/FA, he would be a great bench stash as he could explode later in the year once he’s adjusted to the speed of the game as well as showing the coaching staff, he can handle what’s required from him on the mental side because we know what kind of electric talent he is with the ball in his hands.

Mike Gesicki
Mike was probably the biggest disappointment in terms of how little they game planned to use him as the weapon that he is. Too many times I would see the game clock and notice it’s the middle of the second quarter and Gesicki was just getting his first target in the game. Mike is one of the few true mismatch TEs in the NFL and when you don’t script 2/3 of the first 15/20 plays to him, what’s the point of even having him on the team?

When you also only get 5.7 targets per game (13th best among TEs) you don’t get a chance to get into a rhythm in the same way WRs and other elite TEs can. If Mike can get more opportunities and be fed early and often he could put up big numbers with Tua as they have already shown the trust needed to perform at elite levels like in the Kansas City game.

Jason Sanders
Jason quietly put together a very strong 2020 finishing as the number 1 overall kicker in fantasy football with 172 points. He was also able to do it at a consistent pace as he beat his projections in 12 of the 17 games he played. If Jason finds himself again with an offense that struggles in the RedZone, he may find himself to finish well in the top 5 in fantasy points for Kickers again in 2021.

The biggest wildcard for the entire Miami Dolphins is Tua Tagovailoa because if he doesn’t perform how many expect, the entire offense might take a step back. Let’s not dive too deep into his numbers as they have been looked at from every which way possible enough this offseason. Let’s instead try to project what he could potentially look like with a real offseason, another year post-injury, more time to work on chemistry with WRs, and with the organization giving him their full support for 2021. Tua could potentially be looking at a year with around 3500-3800 yards with 24-28 TDs passing and another 3-5 TDs rushing. Tua has the talent at the skill positions to potentially have a second-year breakout but it’s up to him and the talent put in front of him to go and get it done.



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Five Takeaways from Eric Rowe & DeVante Parker’s Press Conference

Throughout the 2021 NFL season, players and coaches will meet with the South Florida media to discuss everything surrounding your MIAMI DOLPHINS—and we at Five Reasons Sports will be with you every step of the way.

Here are five things we learned from yesterday’s (6/2) Press Conferences.


Eric Rowe has a new look.

“Well, really it’s my wife’s idea. She was like, ‘let’s change it up.’ I said no at first. But she was like ‘no, no. I want you to change it.’ So I was like ‘let’s just do it.’ Now it just kind of stuck to me.

So, after I did it, I was like, ‘oh, I’m feeling it.’ And she was like, ‘I told you.’ I was like ‘ok, ok.’”

Translation: At first, I didn’t believe my wife when she said a blonde streak going down ¼ of my head would look nice. I thought she was crazy. But as we all learn at one point or another throughout our life, a happy wife= happy life. I like it. 

Is Jevon Holland ready to step up in Bobby McCain’s absence?

“The Bobby decision, that’s just how the NFL goes, right? At the end of the year, teams are always switching out players, adding players, letting go of players. That’s just the business side, so I really can’t say much on that. I’m not upstairs making roster moves. But as far as Jevon, I’ve worked with him the past couple of weeks. He is athletic. He has nice size; and then I’ve talked to him and he’s a smart guy. He’s picking up the defense pretty fast. We’re just doing walkthroughs right now, but I see him picking things up pretty quick.”

Translation: Look, it’s the NFL. This is a business, and every day, players are cut for one reason or another. I don’t know why Bobby was cut. That’s probably something you should ask those guys upstairs. But what I do know that Jevon Holland is working exceptionally hard to get better. Will he be the starter? That, I’m not ready to proclaim. But if he continues to work hard and pick things up quickly, McCain’s absence won’t be missed.

DeVante Parker is excited to have Jaylen Waddle in Miami

Translation: Y’all saw the offense last year, right?. Cousin Grant was dropping 55-yard dimes, and Tua Tagovailoa tried to fit the ball into non-existent spaces. Personally, I could not be happier to have an explosive playmaker like Jaylen Waddle in this offense. Now you got me, Will, Bowden, Waddle, Gesicki, Unicorn…the list goes on and on. This offense is going to be dirty. 

DVP on what he’s trying to improve on this offseason

“I would say just routes, period. Just getting out of my break quicker.”

“I’m just trying to get quicker, faster and more explosive.”

Translation: I know some fans tried to trade me before Jaylen Waddle was drafted, but that doesn’t bother me. I will continue to do what I need to do to get better and be the dominant No.1 wide receiver that I know I can be. I’m working hard at becoming quicker, faster, and more explosive in and out of my routes this offseason. Don’t worry, Stephen Gilmore. Daddy is coming home #soon. 


Parker on working with Tua Tagovailoa this offseason

“Footwork. (Getting) the ball out quicker. All of that.”

When asked how he can build chemistry with Tua this offseason:

“It just comes down to getting a lot of reps in with him and just taking it to the game. That’s all it comes down to.”

Translation: Say whatever tf you want about Tua Tagovailoa’s rookie season; the dude is doing everything he can this offseason to improve and get better. The Left Arm of God is looking jacked, and you’re starting to see him become a more vocal leader both on and off the field. This offseason, Tua texted the squad, and we all got together to throw some pigskin. Parker added that he noticed a difference in Tua’s mechanics this offseason.

What was your biggest takeaway from Wednesday’s media availabilities? Let us know in the comments section below!

Josh Houtz wrote this article. You can follow me on Twitter @houtz.

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DeVante Parker took flight for seven catches for 159 yards against the Eagles. (Tony Capobianco for Five Reasons Sports)

DeVante Parker holds his own in Instagram battle with Michael Thomas

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Devante Parker and New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas had a nice and friendly Instagram exchange on Monday night. It was certainly a sight to behold, and I have to give the advantage to Parker in this one.

The NFL on FOX Instagram asked the question which feat was harder: Catching a pass on Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore or breaking up a pass while guarding Michael Thomas? Parker answered catching a pass on Gilmore, much to the chagrin of Thomas.

As some of you may recall, Parker had a rather easy time catching passes in Gilmore’s direction. In what was a win versus the New England Patriots in December, Parker recorded  eight receptions for 137 yards. In any event, he still made the Defensive Player of the Year look silly.

DeVante Parker won this battle

Parker certainly has a point. When I watch Thomas play, he catches a pass from Drew Brees on a five- yard slant and then makes things happen after the catch. Parker for one has never had the luxury of a Drew Brees. Secondly, Parker makes things happen down the field and doesn’t rely on the slant.

Sure, people can knock Parker for not being healthy. Health has certainly been an issue for him over the course of his career. However, he is undoubtedly one of the most explosive receivers in the game when healthy. The 2019 season really proved that. He was able to find his groove, particularly late in the

season. Hopefully, he can build off that and give the Miami Dolphins a true number one receiver in 2020.

With nothing else going on, social media had a field day with the exchange between the two receivers. Here’s a little bit of a glimpse at what the rest of the world thought of this heavyweight battle.




DeVante Parker took flight for seven catches for 159 yards against the Eagles. (Tony Capobianco for Five Reasons Sports)

Dolphins sign WR DeVante Parker to four-year contract extension

The Miami Dolphins have agreed to a four-year contract extension with WR DeVante Parker, worth an estimated $80-Million through 2023.

2019 has been an up-and-down season for the Miami Dolphins. But truth is, this year is about evaluating the roster–and trying to decide which players fit the chemical makeup of what Flores wants from his players. Today we found out one player that fits the new culture in Miami.

DeVante Parker, the first-round WR that many experts, analysts, and fans deemed a bust after his first four seasons, has seen quite the transformation with this new coaching staff. So much so, that he was rewarded with a nice contract extension a short time ago.

According to the Miami Dolphins official website, Parker has signed a contract extension through the 2023 season.

Parker, 26, is having the best season of his young NFL career. This season, Parker has recorded 55 receptions for 882 yards and 6 touchdowns. Though the details of his new contract are not 100% public, Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reported Parker will cost $8M in 2020 and $10M in 2021, before the Dolphins are forced to make a decision on their star wide receiver. One quick glance around the NFL, and this seems like a great signing for an ascending WR.

DVP’s biggest game of the year came in Week 13 vs the Philadelphia Eagles when he had his way with the Eagles’ secondary.


Hopefully, we get to see more of this from DeVante Parker for many, many years to come.


This article was written by Josh Houtz (@houtz) who believes the DeVante Parker extension is very good tbqh 



DeVante Parker was missed by the Dolphins against the Jets

Wide receiver DeVante Parker has reached another level in 2019. Miami’s offense felt the void left by the fifth-year receiver after he suffered a concussion early in Sunday’s 22-21 loss to the New York Jets.

The Dolphins lacked a clear target that could push the offense into the end zone. They had drives stall at the 21, 13, 16, and twice at the 19. While kicker Jason Sanders finished the day with seven made field goals on eight attempts, finding the end zone once could’ve been the difference for Miami.

The offense lost traction after losing both DeVante Parker and Albert Wilson to concussions. Parker had only two receptions for 28 yards before exiting the game.

It was also the first time since Oct. 13 that Parker was held beneath 50 yards. 

“It definitely made it a little bit difficult,” quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said postgame about losing both Parker and Wilson. “We had guys out there hobbled and giving everything they had. I was proud to be in the huddle with those guys. I know there’s a lot of stuff people won’t see or don’t really care to write about, but there were some guys that really gutted it out today. It was tough sledding in the second half from communications and lining up for us just because of some of the injuries we had.”

The Dolphins entered action on Sunday as one of the league’s strongest teams inside the red zone. Parker helped Miami score with touchdown grabs of 17 and 43 against the Eagles in week 13.

Keep in mind, DeVante Parker has spent most of the season playing at an elite level. 

Mike Gesicki then caught a touchdown from 14 yards out after the defense turned its attention to Parker. The Dolphins tried to go back to Gesicki after Parker left the game on Sunday, but the second-year tight end finished with just one reception on six targets for just six yards.

Isaiah Ford stepped in and had career highs in both receptions (6) and yards (92). With that in mind, the Dolphins lacked a player with a nose for the end zone.

“He’s a guy that has done a great job of despite not being on the active roster,” offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea said of Ford. “He’s a conceptual learner, so he can line up anywhere and that happened in the game. He basically lined up at several different spots in the game. He did a good job of getting some other guys lined up, helping ‘Fitz’ (Ryan Fitzpatrick) in the huddle.”

The Dolphins are excited to see Ford finding himself a role on the team. However, they’re hoping to get both Parker and Wilson back sooner rather than later. Both were still in concussion protocol as of Wednesday morning.

Dolphins displaying true ‘next man up’ mentality

One of the key philosophies of the New England Patriots for the past decade has been their ability to take backup players and make them play like starters. Whoever takes the place of the injured player has to provide the same level of play. Teams in the NFL look for that “next man up” mentality year in and year out. Only some actually manage to find it. However, it seems that the 2019 Miami Dolphins are on their way to putting it all together in that regard.

Observe what Miami has endured this season in the injury department. Even after trading a vast majority of their best players, those who remain on the team still are not contributing due to circumstances beyond their control. They are now all on season-ending injured reserve.

  • CB Xavien Howard – Knee
  • WR Jakeem Grant – Ankle
  • WR Preston Williams – ACL
  • SS Reshad Jones – Chest/Ankle
  • FS Bobby McCain – Shoulder

And the list goes on and on from there. As a result, the Dolphins are being forced to call on players who normally wouldn’t even make an NFL roster to take their place. Yet they make it work. They compete week in and week out in spite of their withering roster.

Unfortunately, it got even harder for Miami on Sunday. Both DeVante Parker and Albert Wilson, two of the Dolphins remaining wide receivers, left the Jets game with possible concussions. That left only Allen Hurns, newcomer Mack Hollins, and the returning Isaiah Ford as their wide receivers for the game. Parker is having a career year, so losing him especially hurt.

“It definitely made it a little bit difficult.” Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said after the game. “We had guys out there hobbled and giving everything they had. I was proud to be in the huddle with those guys. I know there’s a lot of stuff people won’t see or don’t really care to write about, but there were some guys that really gutted it out today. It was tough sledding in the second half from communications and lining up for us just because of some of the injuries we had.”

But again, while it was tough, it wasn’t impossible. Isaiah Ford responded by playing the best game of his career. The young receiver out of Virginia Tech caught six passes for 92 yards against New York. Obviously, he’s unhappy with the loss. But he’s glad he got a chance to show what he’s capable of.

“I’ve had confidence in myself the entire time that I can play at this level.” Ford said. “I know I can go on the field and help our team win.”

Undoubtedly, it’s good to see players like Ford stepping up. But who could predict the Dolphins would even be in this situation by this point?

“Just when you thought this season couldn’t get any crazier.” Fitzpatrick said. “Isaiah has been on the active (roster) and off, on the practice squad and up and down. He’s worked so hard. He’s a guy we have so much faith in as quarterbacks because whenever anybody has a question, sometimes when coaches have questions, we’ll go back to Isaiah and say, ‘What is this signal? What is this route?’ and he knows everything. I was happy to see him get out there and get an opportunity to catch some balls and really take advantage of it and make the most out of it today.”

In spite of that, Brian Flores admitted that it isn’t easy to compensate for the loss of top players like that.

“It complicates things a lot.” He said. “Obviously, when you go into a game with a specific game plan with guys in mind. When you lose one player at any position, you have a backup for that. When you lose two, that’s when it’s tough … Again, Isaiah Ford stepped in and played well. Mack Hollins who we just got a couple days ago, he stepped in and gave us some good snaps, drew a pass interference penalty. And then our tight end group, they really stepped up for us. So, I thought as a collective group, given the adversity of losing two guys, I thought we battled through it.”

Once again, coaching deserves credit for adapting and helping players shine in bad circumstances. Flores will have a lot of roster turnover come next season, with talent coming from free agency and the draft. But here and now, he has to work with what he has. What he has is not good. However, that’s what “next man up” is all about. The Dolphins are taking players who have far less talent, and bringing it to the wire every game. That alone is a sign of things to come.

Luis Sung has covered the Miami Dolphins for numerous outlets such as Dolphins Wire for six years. Follow him on Twitter: @LuisDSung

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s bomb to DeVante Parker was the longest pass of Week 13

In a season of lows, Ryan Fitzpatrick has provided some excitement for Dolphins fans. Miami has won three of its last five games and Fitzpatrick is a crucial part of the recent run.

Sunday’s 37-31 win over Philadelphia was no different. Fitzpatrick finished the afternoon with three touchdowns and 365 yards. His favorite target on the day was DeVante Parker, who caught seven receptions for 159 yards and two touchdowns.

Fitzpatrick showcased his big arm on a third and 13 from Miami’s 40-yard line that went 52.4 yards through the air and ended in Parker’s arms for a long completion.

Parker and Fitzpatrick have developed quite the rapport. Parker already has career highs in yards and touchdowns. He also caught touchdowns in three-straight games earlier in the season. Keep in mind, there are still four games remaining in the 2019 season.

Fitzpatrick’s big performance was noticed by the league as he was nominated for the FedEx Air & Ground player of the week award.

Madden also added a little Fitzmagic to the popular video game with a new Fitzpatrick card available in the Ultimate Team game mode.

It is also worth noting that Ryan Tannehill, the former quarterback with the Dolphins, was responsible for one of the week’s longest passes. Tannehill has been impressive with the Titans since taking over as the team’s starting quarterback. He has thrown 12 touchdowns to just four interceptions with a quarterback rating of 113.9.

The Titans are currently 7-5 and riding a three-game winning streak. They’re currently one game behind Houston and will play them twice over the seasons final four games.

Miami will look to end the season on a good note. They’ll head to New York on Sunday to face Adam Gase and the Jets. Kickoff is at 1 p.m.

Fitzpatrick, Parker, Gesicki tank-proof as Dolphins stun Eagles

This seemed like the Dolphins’ ideal afternoon until the 2019 season mercifully ends.

Play hard. Play smart. Play close. Lose, while others among the NFL’s lowliest win — in this case, the Bengals and the Redskins.

Except for one thing.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, DeVante Parker, Mike Gesicki and Brian Flores didn’t oblige.

All four were outstanding in Miami’s come-from-behind 37-31 win against the sagging Philadelphia Eagles, part of the NFL’s worst division. The Dolphins, yes, the Dolphins, simply couldn’t stop scoring, with 23 unanswered in the second half. Without a running game, at least until tank commander Kallen Ballage left for Patrick Laird due to a leg injury, Fitzpatrick was nearly perfect in the second half, finishing 27 of 39 for  365 yards. Parker and Gesicki combined for 238 of those yards, manhandling their matchups, frequently high-pointing the ball, with Fitzpatrick completing 12 of 17 to them.

And the undrafted Laird, who should have been playing more the past few weeks, showed wiggle on the drive that put the Dolphins ahead late. They did this is front of a crowd that was roughly 70 percent Eagles fans, serenading them with “Fly Eagles Fly.”

And they did it with Flores flair, with the first year head coach taking every conceivable chance, a welcome change from most of his predecessors.

A deep completion to Parker for a touchdown on fourth down, and another fourth down conversion to Parker on the clinching drive.

One of the most creative trick plays you’ll ever see, as punter Matt Haack flipped to kicker Jason Sanders for a touchdown.

And so, now with the Jets, Giants and Bengals remaining on the schedule, the Dolphins could be headed for 6-10.

Think about that? 6-10! After the way this season started.

Maybe Tua will be available at No. 8.

Here’s the best from the account of our Josh @Houtz, serial videographer and Laird fanatic…..


Miami Dolphins: Devante Parker turned back the clock Sunday

Devante Parker put on a show for the Miami Dolphins Sunday.

The Miami Dolphins lost on Sunday to the Buffalo Bills by a 37-20 score. Nevertheless, there were several good individual performances. Miami seemed to get things going a bit offensively. However, they could just not get the job done.

In spite of the loss, Devante Parker turned back the clock on Sunday. He finished the game with seven catches for 135 yards. Averaging 19.3 yards per reception, a 50-yard snag was his longest of the afternoon. In addition, five of his receptions equaled a first down. That’s production at its finest. His performance on Sunday was a microcosm of what has been a successful season.

On the year, he has caught 40 passes for 604 yards and four touchdowns. He needs only 66 more yards to record his highest total since the 2017 season. That year, he had 670 yards. He is obviously not going to catch his career mark of 744 yards this season. However, it is a goal he can shoot for next year.

Sunday, he recorded his first 100-yard receiving game since last October against the Houston Texans. It was great to see him show what he is truly capable of. People forget how impactful he was at Louisville. However, he was one of the most dangerous receivers in college football.

Parker had a tremendously successful career at Louisville. He recorded 10 100-yard receiving games during his time there. His best season came in 2013. He played in 12 games, and caught 55 passes for 885 yards and 12 touchdowns. He had three 100-yard receiving games that year. Two of those came back-to-back against Cincinnati and Miami. In those games, he recorded 104 yards and 142 yards respectively.

While at Louisville, Parker was named to the all AAC First-Team in 2013 and the All-ACC Second-Team in 2014. There was no doubting that Parker had a ton of talent. The Miami Dolphins were definitely wise to draft him with the 14th overall pick in 2015.

Parker turns back the clock on Sunday for Miami Dolphins

Before Sunday’s game, Parker had only recorded four 100-yard receiving games. Sunday, he did it with relative ease. He sliced and diced the Buffalo Bills secondary. With high expectations placed on Parker throughout his tenure with the Dolphins, it was nice to see him deliver. Hopefully, he can continue to do so. He turned back the clock on Sunday and it was great to see.

With the Miami Dolphins heading into the last stretch of the season, I hope Parker can put up more big-time numbers. He is definitely a key piece of the Miami offense. Hopefully, he can continue this success and use it as the building block for next year. In a season that is all about building blocks, Parker has found himself ahead of the game.

Parker making most season under new staff

The Dolphins suffered another loss on Sunday.

Falling 17-16 to a previously winless Washington team offered little-to-no bright spots for Miami. The 16 points the Dolphins scored was the most they’ve scored this season, but they needed a bye week and two quarterbacks to reach that total.

One player that is showing some life for the Miami Dolphins is DeVante Parker, who doubled his 2018 (and 2017) touchdown total on an 11-yard grab from Ryan Fitzpatrick with just six seconds remaining in Sunday’s game.

“Yeah, it was a good thing we kept moving the ball [on Sunday],” Parker said after the game. “At the end, we didn’t win. That’s all that matters.”

Despite the offense struggling in general, Parker is putting together a decent season after signing a two-year deal (which is basically a one-year prove it deal) this offseason.

“It was fun. I mean that whole fourth quarter was fun just to be out there,” Fitzpatrick said of the fourth quarter. “Some guys made some nice plays, and then DeVante (Parker) on the touchdown – a big catch. That’s the kind of stuff – that’s why I still like being out there and playing this game. ”

The former first-round pick has 13 receptions for 229 yards, good for a 17.6 average that includes a season-long 49-yard grab that came week one against Baltimore.

In fact, this is the first time Parker has secured touchdowns in back-to-back weeks since late in the 2015 season.

Parker and the Miami offense has a big test next week as they travel to Buffalo. They’ll face a Bills team that is coming off their bye and is allowing just 14 points a game, the fourth-best mark in the NFL headed into week six.