Life With and Without Jae Crowder for Miami Heat

There is still a lot of uncertainty around what Jae Crowder’s decision will be.

He was a huge reason for Miami’s bubble success, due to his defensive presence and unexpected shooting stretches. But although Miami would like to bring him back, they will be prepared either way.

For one, life with Jae Crowder would mean that Pat Riley got his wish of running it back, which means they can play out this season with their core, while having the option of making possible deals at the trade deadline.

Life without Jae Crowder may be a little more dramatic for Miami, since ultimately they will need somebody to fill that role. Some guys like JaMychal Green and Marcus Morris were thought about as possibilities, but each of them ended up reaching a deal.

The Marcus Morris deal might’ve put some things in perspective for both Miami and Jae Crowder. Not many expected Morris to get a deal worth $64 Million over four years. And there was a rumor that $18 Million per year would’ve been the price if Morris came to Miami.

It’s clear that the money isn’t the issue with Jae, it’s the years, according to ClutchNBA5R. And with many of the viable replacements for Jae Crowder getting deals, it’s an indication in my opinion that Miami will work something out.

One name that still could be an option though is Paul Millsap. He seems to continually get linked to Miami, and he has yet to reach a deal with a team.

PJ Tucker could also be a great replacement via trade, since he does everything that Jae Crowder does, but slightly better.

Once again, there’s still uncertainty about the Jae Crowder decision, but Miami will be prepared either way. And ultimately, this is pure speculation, I believe Jae will be back in a Miami Heat uniform to start the season.

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