Jerome Baker

Jerome Baker is ready to fight through tough times

Jerome Baker will embrace the situation and fight along all season.

Hours after the 59-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, ProFootballTalk reported that players wanted out of Miami.
Whispers spread that players were contacting agents with the hope of escaping the 2019 Miami Dolphins. Jerome Baker wasn’t one of them.

Shortly after, the Miami Herald reported that the Dolphins have not heard from any agents.

As a result, Jerome Baker took to Twitter to make it known that he is ready to battle through the tough times in Miami.

Baker played 71 of 76 total defensive snaps for the Dolphins in the first week of the regular season. Keep in mind, he was also named a captain for the 2019 Miami Dolphins.

Hopes are high for Baker in his sophomore season as people expect him to take a huge leap in his second year under coach Brian Flores. Despite the hollow roster surrounding him.



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