Reflecting on Tom Brady as the GOAT Calls it a Career

In the world of sports, only a few people deserve the title of GOAT or Greatest of All Time. In basketball, Michael Jordan is a name that many people agree on. In golf, Tiger Woods is the GOAT. With hockey, Wayne Gretzky a.ka. The Great One is there. In Boxing, Manny Pacquaio is a name that’s already reached GOAT status. In football, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have done enough to secure the title of GOAT for fans all over the world.


The people mentioned above have displayed skill, prowess, confidence, and grace throughout their careers, enough to be named as the greatest to have played in their fields. As the Super Bowl is fast approaching, another legend will be joining the people mentioned above. 


With a loss against a solid and hungry Los Angeles Rams team, Tom Brady from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will finally call it a career. Disappointing as it sounds, Tom Brady will not be heading to this year’s Super Bowl event. Many fans and curious onlookers will have to agree that the GOAT’s retirement is well deserved. With that said, here’s a look at what Tom Brady has done to deserve the GOAT status.

22 at 44

In many eyes, Tom Brady has earned the GOAT title even before retiring. Playing 22 seasons alone is a mere feat as the NFL isn’t exactly known for its gentleness. At the age of 44, Tom Brady is considered by many as an artifact, an old “dude” in a young man’s game. Despite what naysayers call it, the GOAT continued to defy the odds and went on to become one of (if not the greatest) quarterbacks in NFL history.


Although Tom Brady isn’t the oldest quarterback in the NFL at 44, he never experienced a drop in terms of performance. At the age of 40, Tom Brady was the oldest to win the NFL MVP in 2017. And to add to the greatness, he has three NFL MVP awards to his name.

A King Deserves a Queen

Already a smooth player on the field, Tom Brady is also smooth with his love life. He’s married to none other than supermodel Gisele Bündchen. If you don’t know who Gisele Bündchen is, she’s a model from Brazil and one of the highest-paid in the industry. Tom and Gisele have been married since 2009 and have two children together.


With Super Bowl Prop Betting Odds getting exciting, many exotic prop bets are popping up. In fact, Gisele’s appearance on TV while Tom Brady is a legit exotic prop bet. The bet goes like this: How many times will Gisele Bündchen appear on the screen? Many exciting things happen when Tom Brady is playing, such as this weird yet amusing prop bet.


Tom Brady didn’t reach the top by just sitting pretty. He did many things on the field that left both opponent and onlooker in awe. For starters, he’s won 7 championships when he was playing for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If that’s not amazing enough, take note that there are 12 franchises in the NFL that haven’t even won a trophy.


If you’re still not convinced of Tom Brady’s greatness, hold your breath and see these stunning personal records he has:


  • Most Wins in the NFL – 243 Wins
  • Most Pro Bowl Appearances – 15
  • Most Super Bowl MVP awards – 5
  • Most Starts: 316
  • Most Three-Touchdown Games: 101
  • Most Four-Touchdown Games: 39
  • Most Attempts: 11,317
  • Most Passing Yards Accumulated: 84,520


And that’s just a few of his personal records during the regular seasons of his career. Tom Brady doesn’t even bat an eye when it comes to the playoffs and the biggest stage of them all. Here are some of his personal records in the postseason:


  • Most Appearances in the Super Bowl: 10
  • Most Wins in the Super Bowl: 7
  • Most Appearances in the Playoffs: 19
  • Most Games started in the Playoffs: 47
  • Most Game-winning Drives: 14
  • Most 4th Quarter Comebacks: 9


These are just some of Tom Brady’s personal accolades. We’re not even including his franchise records. As you can see, there’s really no argument as to why Tom Brady deserves to be called the GOAT.

Talent Recognizes Talent

As news broke out that the great one was retiring, many superstars from other sports greeted the GOAT. From Basketball, LeBron James congratulated Brady and thanked him for the memories and inspiration. He ended his greeting by putting in a goat emoji. In Boxing, a fellow GOAT, Manny Pacquiao, says that Tom Brady earned it and ended his greeting with another goat emoji. 


Even Tom Brady’s nemesis in the NFL, Eli Manning, came out and greeted the GOAT. It should be noted that Manning defeated Brady twice in the Super Bowl. His greetings were a bit cheeky as he mentions Brady’s generosity in “sharing a few of those Super Bowl with me.” Never has a sports personality garnered the love from fellow GOATS like Tom Brady. Indeed, talent does recognize talent.


Being eliminated from the playoffs, Tom Brady will be calling it a career after 22 seasons. He’s the oldest active player and has accumulated accolades that will be tough to beat. Even if he’s already 44, many experts feel that Tom Brady has a lot left in the tank. 


Just like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady retires at an elite level. Will he opt for a comeback on the field? Only time will tell. For now, let’s allow the GOAT to relish the moment and join him in looking back at his incredible career.


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