Which NBA Players Have Been Spotted Gambling?

Professional athletes have always had a hard time gambling. Not only is it frowned upon by people, but sports authorities also have stringent laws to be followed. As far as basketball players go, they’re allowed to bet on sports and online casino games. They are obviously restricted from wagering on games they’re a part of, but betting on other sports is fair and legal. They can also join the best online casino 2023 to wager on classic casino titles like blackjack and poker. 

Let’s take a look at gambling within the NBA and list down some of the most famous players that enjoy betting on sports and casino games. 

Background of NBA and Gambling 

Being one of the major sports in the USA, basketball has historically been a favorite for gamblers. It is so popular, in fact, that many of the best online casinos in New Zealand also offer chances to wager on NBA events. The experts at casinotop.co.nz list the reviews of the top online platforms to select the one you like. Head to the sports betting section and you’ll see NBA games listed for you to wager on.

Betting on basketball games is popular for many reasons. The matches are fast-paced and highly competitive. The players are celebrities that people root for. And each game can turn around thanks to a single player at times. For an NBA player who enjoys gambling, part of the charm is using their own knowledge of the game to win money. 

List of NBA Players Spotted Gambling 

Sports betting isn’t just for the fans. Many top online casinos in New Zealand and beyond also welcome professional players. As for gambling in physical casinos, the following are some of the most popular names in the sport. 

Michael Jordan

Not only is he the most famous basketball player of all time, but Michael Jordan is also among the greatest gamblers on this list. He has never had any addiction to betting but rather enjoyed the competitive nature of games like poker. Jordan is known to visit Atlantic City casinos quite often. He wagers so much that he’s alleged to have lost north of $100 million on a golf game. 

Charles Barkley

Charles is an avid gambler in Vegas casinos and has lost a whole lot of cash because of his favourite pastime. But even with around $15 million dollars lost, his passion for gambling hasn’t died. Another scandal Charles found himself in was when he didn’t pay a debt of some $400,000. He also allegedly lost $2.5 million in a single blackjack game. Still, the player became more careful about his gambling habits after the lawsuit, though, and still loves the activity. 

Antoine Walker

Antoine Walker is a good example of why you should gamble in moderation. Walker loved betting and would spend whole nights at casinos. His recklessness led to him owing millions of dollars to casinos by 2009. It ended with his career getting ended and his reputation going downhill. 

Allen Iverson

Another example of how gambling addiction gets the best of you is Allen Iverson. He was a rising star among basketball players of his time. However, his addiction to poker and blackjack led to significant financial loss. It got to a point where he had to live hand to mouth and lost his career. 

Charles Oakley

Charles Oakley is among the most tenacious basketball players who love casino gambling. He enjoys winning and hates to lose. His competitive side came through once when he pulled all his chips back from the table when about to lose. As a result, the player was banned from the casino. He also got into a fight with someone who owed him over $50 thousand. This happened during a preseason NBA game, so the NBA fined him for $10 thousand for this. 

JR Smith

Smith’s passion for gambling became evident when a suitcase filled with thousands of dollars was discovered by thieves. When asked by the authorities why he had so much cash, he told them it was his gambling money. Strange as that may sound, it shows just how much this basketball player loves to gamble. Like some of the others on this list, Smith has also lost a lot of money. Since he has always gambled within the regulations of the NBA, he hasn’t faced any resulting issues. 

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq is famous not only for being a great NBA player but also for being an avid gambler. He loves casino games and stakes massive amounts of money on them sometimes. The legend once admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that his minimum bet starts from $100. He has also mentioned once betting $1 million on a dice roll which is nothing short of incredible. 

Seth Curry

Stephen Curry’s brother Seth plays for the Brooklyn Nets. Fans have seen him on multiple occasions at different Vegas and LA casinos. He finds casino games fun and has been playing them within NBA’s regulations for a long time. 

To Sum Up 

Just like normal people who love casino games, many NBA players also enjoy titles like poker, blackjack, and even slots. Betting is completely legal for a basketball player as long as it’s done within the limits set by the NBA. From the examples above it is obvious how many sport legends love to wager their money on games and sports alike. It is also easy to see how much of it can lead to the destruction of one’s career and personal life. So, if your favorite basketball player inspires you to try gambling, be sure to go slow and enjoy the activity. 

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