Brewers took the loss in a social media battle in Miami

The Milwaukee Brewers community manager decided to be funny on Monday before the first game of the four-game series between Milwaukee and Miami.

The Brewers official account made fun of the Marlins using Christian Yelich – of course -, and his MVP award bobblehead.

However, the joke turned back to the Brewers, when some Marlins fans reminded the account they have not won any World Series, ever…

The Brewers made fun of the Marlins, and the joke came back to them real quick. Some fans in Miami still defend their team.

For now, the Brewers are fighting to get into the playoffs, a couple of games back in the National League wildcard, and the Marlins are in the middle of a rebuilding process that might take a while.

But don’t you ever forget. They have two World Series titles…


We talked to outfielder Harold Ramírez before the second game of the homestand. Check it out clicking here!

The Miami Mutiny

Towards the end of the 2018 season, all the talk was about the “Miami Miracle”.

Since then, we have confirmed that Gronk didn’t have the angle.  And that the play was unlike anything else in franchise history.  But truth is, it did nothing to alter the Dolphins’ season.  Except for maybe driving the the team further down the draft pecking order.  That won’t happen this year.  As the Dolphins are destined to have the top pick in 2019, come one way or another.

After all, most of the talk this offseason has been around the team tanking.  And if they are in fact doing whatever they can to land Tua Tagovailoa, it would probably upset a lot of the veterans in the locker room.  But just like we learned from Adam Beasley prior to the Dolphins trade with Houston, players were ready to ‘revolt’.

So how do you think those same players felt, after the worst home loss in franchise history?  Mike Florio, the man with more whisperers around the NFL than Lord Varys in King’s Landing, suggests a mutiny is forming.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, multiple Dolphins players contacted their agents after Sunday’s season-opening blowout loss and directed them to attempt to engineer trades elsewhere. The players believe that the coaching staff, despite claiming that they intend to try to win, aren’t serious about competing and winning and by all appearances have bought into the notion that the Dolphins will take their lumps now in the hopes of laying the foundation via high draft picks for building a successful team later.

Now let’s not pretend that this outcome is much different, regardless of who the Dolphins still had on the roster.  Everything about this team stinks.  And time will tell how all of this shakes up for Chris Grier,  Brian Flores, and the rest of the Dolphins’ organization.  But if reports are true, there’s a time bomb waiting to go off in the locker room.  When it does, the tank will be All Systems go.



Josh Houtz (@houtz) is a die-hard fan of the Miami Dolphins.  Buy your official 5 Reasons Sports ‘Tank For Tua’ shirt here!

Crashing from Grace: Antonio Brown is his own worst enemy

Antonio Brown is not making things easy on himself.

A  lot can change in a year. Just ask Antonio Brown. The National Football League superstar was once at the pinnacle of his profession. Once the best wide receiver in the game, it appeared that nothing could take him down. however, in the last year he has become his own worst enemy.

As I’m writing this, many are still trying to figure out the details of Brown’s suspension from the Oakland Raiders. Although this is big news, it is just the tip of the iceberg. This is something that has been manifesting for the past year now. If anything, his departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers sort of set the Antonio Brown train wreck into motion.  On March 10, the Raiders acquired him from the Steelers for a third and fifth-round pick. Following the deal, they reworked his contract. a three-year deal with a maximum of $54.125 million, it was certainly a healthy investment from Oakland.

It’s fair to call it a healthy investment because of the stuff that proceeded before the deal. Calling out JuJu Smith-Schuster for fumbling was, to put it lightly, a bad move. Sharing a locker room video on Facebook live following the Steelers victory was also not ideal either. He did apologize for it, so I have to give credit where it is due. For every step forward he may have taken, he always took two steps back. He was benched last December before Pittsburgh’s game against Cincinnati for a dispute with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

I hate to say it, because I’m not a fan of big Ben, but Roethlisberger looks the best out of anybody following the Steelers drama. He still sits from his perch as the team’s starting quarterback.

Anyway, I digress.

Brown’s tenure in Oakland, for how short it has been to this point, has been eventful so far. From freezing his feet in a cryo- chamber to having a dispute over helmets, he has certainly made for good television. If anything, he may have been the most interesting part of this season of Hard Knocks. The dispute on Thursday with general manager Mike Mayock is just the tip of the iceberg to all the things that have led before it. It’s a shame that his legacy is being tarnished by his actions. He’s a very good wide receiver, and the numbers certainly don’t lie.

1,000 total yards in six straight seasons, 74 career touchdowns, and seven Pro Bowls. Those are just some of the accolades he has accumulated in his career. With so much talent, he is now throwing it all away. He was once feared by cornerbacks. Now, he is being feared by the entire National Football League because you never know what is going to happen next. The undoing of Antonio Brown is one of the most fascinating things I have seen. It’s not fascinating like exciting, it’s fascinating like “Wow, I can’t believe he self-destructed that quickly.” It’s sad really, and one of the more shocking stories in all of football.

Who knows what will happen next in this saga? As Antonio Brown has taught us, expect the unexpected.


The Heat have their Hero and Herro together

The Hero and Herro.

Well, this was refreshing.

As the Dolphins tank away everything but their toilets at the Davie practice facility, we’re getting closer to the no-tank team in town getting rolling again.

The Miami Heat open training camp on October 1st.

The Dolphins will likely have lost four games by then.

So it was a welcome sight to see new alpha Jimmy Butler back in the United States after his extended European vacation — and even better to see him working with the Heat’s new kid hope, Tyler Herro.

Warm and fuzzy yet?

And no, that’s not Dion in the middle, as some suggested.

What is the best part of this photo, other than the Heat’s present and future together?

The attitude.

I have high hopes for the Heat season, and we have the Hero and Herro.

A Heat team with an uncluttered roster and a chip on its collective shoulder?

Sign us up.

Especially in light of what’s happening with South Florida’s other pro teams.

Need something to wear?..

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The Miami Heat seems to be the only Miami professional team that is not tanking (the Panthers are from Broward, so do they count?), and we will definitively be very close to the team, as usual, but this time, going very often to the arena, to provide you with interviews, live analysis before and after games and a lot of Alf complaining. Please check out Five on the Floor and Cinco Razones Deportes Network (for Spanish listeners). We will have a blast!

Tate Martell ‘s transition to receiver going smoothly

When Tate Martell did not win the starting quarterback job at the University of Miami after transferring from Ohio State, he didn’t quit, he adjusted.

All the way to the other side of the field.

Martell began working with the wide receivers since Jarren Williams was named the starting quarterback and he has been welcomed with open arms by senior K.J.Osborn and the rest of the receivers.

“We accepted him. It was no nothing. We accepted him.” Osborn said after Wednesday’s practice.

Tate Martell had the advantage of having a strong grasp of the offense due to having to learn the whole scheme during quarterback competition. The knowledge he brought into his new crew not only helped himself, but his teammates improve.

“Like I said when Tate first got here, he’s very smart,” Osborn said. “He’s very smart. And he helps us out in the room. Like, if there’s a question about something, Tate, he’s got the answer. You know, quarterback reads, or line, or anything. He’s very smart coming from the quarterback position.”

The mental part of the transition may be smooth but the physical part wasn’t. He may have thought himself to be a mobile quarterback but even Michael Vick never ran as much as a wide receiver. The pains from practice served as an inadvertent form of initiation to the group, according to Osborn.

“He’s starting to get those wide receiver pains from running so much,” a laughing Osborn joked. “We trying to tell people on the team it’s different at wide receiver, like you run all day.”

Martell made his Hurricanes debut lined up at wideout against Florida. He’s still listed as a backup quarterback in the depth chart but he’ll be worth taking a look at over the course of the season.


Listen to pur podcast 5 Rings Canes clicking here. 

Dolphins trade Kiko Alonso to Saints

It’s official. Kiko Alonso is gone.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the Miami Dolphins have traded LB Kiko Alonso to the New Orleans Saints

In exchange for the veteran LB the Dolphins receive LB Vince Biegel.


The news broke almost 24 hours after the Dolphins shipped Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills to Houston, in exchange for a treasure chest of draft picks.

Alonso, 29, was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the second round (46 overall) of the 2013 NFL draft.  He spent his first two seasons in Buffalo, before making a stop in Philadelphia.

He was later dealt to Miami in 2016, alongside DB Byron Maxwell.  The Eagles and Dolphins swapped first-round picks which would help them in their pursuit for Carson Wentz.

During his time in Miami, Alonso eclipsed 100+ tackles in each of his three seasons.

Whether it be for an unnecessary hit on a QB, or a game-changing interception, we will never forget you, Kiko Alonso.

Check out some of Kiko Alonso’s highlights in this link.


While we are ready for the beginning of the NFL season, we know you might not be as cheerful as usual, with the last moves the Miami Dolphins have made. However, we invite you to enjoy our coverage of the team, the best in the market for sure, visiting often, and listening to our pods here

Paul Finebaum calls UM a “third world program”

Paul Finebaum opened the floor again.

Um, ESPN, about that no politics thing?

You remember how Dan LeBatard (our Dan LeBatard, of course) got heat internally for calling out the president’s racially-charged rallies?

Well, here’s the flip side of that.

Here is Paul Finebaum, known SEC shill and transparent provocateur, making a racially-loaded comment about the University of Miami, on ESPN’s airwaves:

What exactly do you mean there, Paul?

What would make us third world down here?

Our transportation system sucks. The Miami airport too. And yeah, there’s corruption.

But anyone who is associated with this area knows that “third world” isn’t referencing any of that. It’s referencing the populace…. much of which is brown or black.

That’s not a overly sensitive stretch. Just ask around.

This is a characterization that was all too common during the Heat’s Big 3 years. The national media constantly suggested that Miami didn’t “deserve” that team. Why? Well, sometimes they said it was because we weren’t passionate enough fans, too transient, all out on our boats. (You heard that a lot when national media members were cheering LeBron going back to “working class” Cleveland, i.e. more white).

But the other part of it was that we don’t look like other sports fans around the country, those pure fans from say, Boston.

“It’s a third world program if you ask me.”

Just say what you mean, Paul.

The caller did: “Well, at least no one was shot, I guess?”

Ha ha. That’s hysterical. No one shot. By Miami fans.

You forgot the word “thug.” Do better next time.

So Paul, nothing surprises us from you anymore.

Oh, and I’ve been to some of those SEC towns you love, where the Waffle House is deemed the equivalent of Ruth’s Chris — they both have butter! — and the unpaved roads to nowhere are lined with troopers waiting to pick up anyone who doesn’t answer to Bubba and have “Don’t Tread On Me” on his pickup’s bumper.

That world seems a lot more third than this.

En Miami veremos al FC Barcelona de Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann llegó al FC Barcelona este verano como el gran refuerzo para tratar de ganar la Liga de Campeones de Europa, esquiva para el conjunto blaugrana desde la temporada 2014-2015.

Este domingo se disputó el Trofeo Joan Gamper, y el Barcelona venció 2 a 1 al Arsenal en un partido realmente parejo, con un golazo de Luis Suárez sobre la hora tras un pase espléndido de Sergi Roberto.

Además de la victoria, la noticia del día fueron las declaraciones de Lionel Messi, aprovechando la presentación de la plantilla del equipo catalán para reafirmar su confianza en que estos jugadores consigan todos los torneos que van a disputar esta temporada.

El argentino no disputó ni un minuto en el Gamper, y se suponía que haría su estreno en esta pretemporada en su gira por los Estados Unidos, y mas específicamente, el próximo miércoles en el Hard Rock Stadium en Miami ante el Napoli de Italia.

Sin embargo, el argentino sufrió algunas molestias en su primera sesión de entrenamiento este lunes, y el club informó que el argentino no estará haciendo el viaje trasatlántico.

El Barcelona de Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann llegó al Barcelona a ser un importante actor de reparto, y no el protagonista principal de la obra. Sin embargo, tras la lesión de Messi, y con un Luis Suáres en la fase inicial de su preparación tras disputar la Copa América, es el francés la figura principal que vamos a ver el miércoles en el Hard Rock Stadium.

El amistoso ante el Napoli suponía la primera ocasión en que veríamos al nuevo tridente ofensivo jugando juntos, pero nos tocará esperar y verlo por televisión.

El Barcelona que veremos en Estados Unidos es el Barcelona de Antoine Griezmann, no el de Messi, y eso cambia totalmente el planteamiento de Valverde para estos partidos de preparación.

Probablemente veamos mas minutos de Suárez, Griezmann y Dembelé juntos en el ataque, un trio que no debe ser común durante la temporada, a menos que Valverde decida un planteamiento super ofensivo.


El miércoles estaremos en el Hard Rock Stadium para el primer duelo entre el FC Barcelona y el Napoli de Italia junto a Leandro Soto y Bruno Gómez, de 90 + Cinco. Estén atentos a nuestras redes sociales

Lionel Messi and Barcelona will play in Miami again this summer

Lionel Messi and Barcelona will play at Hard Rock Stadium once again, two years after we witnessed a summer edition of El Clasico in Miami.

Barcelona will face Napoli at Hard Rock Stadium on August 7th and soccer fans in our city will have the opportunity to see two of the best teams of European club soccer.

The last time Barcelona played here, they still had Neymar in their roster, and there have been a lot of rumors that the Brazilian striker could be back with the team by the end of this summer.

So, maybe, we get to see Neymar here too again.

James Rodriguez will not stay at Real Madrid, and many Colombians are not happy because of that. However, there have been many reports linking James to Napoli, Barcelona’s rival in that friendly match at Hard Rock Stadium in August.

Barcelona coming back to the US

The club informed that FC Barcelona preseason will be divided into two parts this summer. Several months ago it was announced that the first team will be playing two games in Japan against Chelsea in Tokyo (July 23) and Vissel Kobe in Kobe (July 27), and it has now been announced there will be two further games in August in the United States against Napoli for a newly created trophy, the LaLiga Serie A Cup, to be contested between teams from the Spanish and Italian leagues, in this case the champions of the former and the runners-up from the latter.

This will be the ninth time that FC Barcelona visits the United States, and the third year in a row. In 2017, the team played three games in New York, Washington and Miami, and last year switched from the east to the west coast and played in Los Angeles, Dallas and San Francisco, as well as a training camp in Portland, where they were joined for the first time on tour by the women’s team.

More News:

David Beckham is still one of the owners of Inter Miami

Mas: Inter Miami aspira ser el equipo global de la MLS

Inter Miami tiene todo para convertirse en el equipo global de la MLS.

Eso lo tiene claro Jorge Mas, quien sigue dando la cara por el Inter Miami en los diferentes medios de la ciudad.

El empresario de origen cubano conversó con Carinés Moncada y Agustín Acosta en su programa Cada Tarde en Actualidad 1040AM, saliendo al paso a las declaraciones del comisionado Manolo Reyes, confirmando que el Inter Miami va a tener un equipo de la MLS en Miami, además de equipos en todas las categorías de divisiones inferiores.

“Vamos a tener equipos en nuestra academia con niños de entre 12 y 19 años. Vamos a tener nuestra propia cantera, muy al estilo de los equipos europeos y sudamericanos.”

Inter Miami Global

El fútbol en los Estados Unidos sigue creciendo de manera impresionante, y el éxito que ha tenido la nueva franquicia en Cincinnati con el FC Cincinnati le pone cada vez mas alta la barra a los inversionistas dueños del Inter Miami.

Para Mas y su grupo de socios, Inter Miami tiene las condiciones de ser el equipo global de la MLS. Y esa es su aspiración, mas allá de convertir al Inter en el mejor equipo sobre el terreno.

“Miami es una ciudad global, con una fanaticada con una pasión extraordinaria. Miami es una ciudad única en este panorama de los Estados Unidos. Somos un mosaico cultural precioso”

Miami es una ciudad en la que la mayoría son hispanos, con muchos inmigrantes que fueron acogidos buscando una segunda o tercera oportunidad en la vida. Mas proviene de una familia así.

“Empecé a jugar beisbol. No soy experto en el soccer, pero amo a mi ciudad, y quería traer a un equipo de primera categoría a Miami. Por eso me involucré”.

El empresario explica que este proceso empezó hace seis años, cuando Beckham escogió a la ciudad de Miami para ejercer el derecho que le había dado la MLS cuando él vino a jugar en los Estados Unidos con el LA Galaxy en 2007.

El rol de Beckham en el Inter Miami

David Beckham es la cara mas conocida de este proyecto y ha usado toda su influencia mediática para poder llevar adelante este proceso, a pesar de todas las dificultades que se le han presentado en el camino.

Algunos dijeron que Beckham era solo eso. Una cara. Pero Mas dice que eso no es así exactamente.

“David Beckham ama a esta ciudad. No solo es uno de los dueños, también tiene un rol activo diariamente. Él está encargado de las operaciones de fútbol. En estos momentos está enfocado en contratar al que será el director técnico del equipo y está escogiendo jugadores.”

Beckham jugó en los mejores clubes del mundo, incluyendo el Real Madrid en España, el Manchester United en Inglaterra, el Milan de Italia y el PSG de Francia.

“Con su trayectoria de haber jugado en los mejores equipos del mundo, hay docenas de jugadores que están hablando con él pues quieren venir a jugar acá en Miami. Él está involucrado día a día. Tenemos una ventaja de tener una figura como Beckham con nosotros.”

Cuánto le cuesta el Inter Miami a la ciudad

René Pedrosa, director de comunicaciones de la alcaldía de Miami, confirmó que este es un proyecto en el que los contribuyentes no van a tener que pagar ni un centavo, y que va a generar miles de empleos permanentes que pagarán al menos 15$ la hora.

Mas, por su parte, habló de lo que va a tener el parque en el que estará el estadio del equipo, que incluye canchas públicas, un hotel y caminerías para el uso de los habitantes de la gran Miami, entre otras cosas.

Los dueños de este equipo son empresarios en el área de la tecnología. Mas espera que el Miami Freedom Park no solo sirva para entretenimiento, sino también para que empresas transnacionales hagan negocios.

“Soñamos en grande. Queremos crear un área de entretenimiento amplia, en la que la gente puedan ir a entretenerse comiendo en restaurantes, justo al lado del mayor motor económico de la ciudad, que es el aeropuerto de Miami. Además, pensamos en la posibilidad de que se aprovechen esos espacios para que sean las sedes de empresas en esa área. Todo será financiado privadamente.”

Dinero para Miami

El arrendamiento de estas tierras es de 99 años. El terreno seguirá siendo de la ciudad de Miami, que va a recibir al menos $3.5 millones anuales por ese alquiler.

Pero esos tres millones no será lo único que perciba la ciudad. Mas prevé que pueden generarse mas de $40 millones entre la ciudad, la junta escolar, el condado Miami-Dade y el estado de Florida.

Todo eso, sin sumarle los empleos. Según Mas, el monto de ganancias podría llegar hasta los $100 millones anuales.

“Será el único estadio que pague arrendamiento por su tierra y pague impuestos de propiedad.”

Además, los inversionistas van a pagar por la limpieza del terreno y prepararla para que se pueda construir un proyecto de esta índole, tomando en cuenta las limitaciones que hay con respecto a los diseños en esa área, por la proximidad al aeropuerto.

Visitando la página web usted puede ver todos los detalles de este proyecto., en inglés, español y creole.

El tráfico de Miami y el Miami Freedom Park

Hay una preocupación genuina del impacto que puede tener este proyecto en las comunidades adyacentes, sobretodo con respecto al tráfico.

“Lo primero que dije cuando vi los planos del proyecto es que éste no podía interrumpir en lo absoluto la entrada y la salida del aeropuerto de Miami. En ninguna hora del día.”

Mas afirma que el mismo está pensado con una entrada en la 42, en el norte de la ciudad, que está diseñada para no tener ningún impacto con el tráfico que entra y sale del aeropuerto.

“Las entradas por el sur de la 14 no va a afectar a ningún vecino entrando o saliendo de su casa.  Son áreas comerciales. Dentro del proyecto hay mas de dos millas y media de carretera dentro del parque queing. El tráfico va a estar dentro del proyecto, no afuera.”

Con los vecinos se ha hecho un estudio para que los días de los juegos los carros no puedan pasar por la 37, ni puedan estacionar en esa calle. “Es un estudio exhaustivo. Vamos a tener un plan en el que el tráfico no va a ser un problema ni un obstáculo para llevar esto a cabo. Yo vivo aquí,” afirma Mas, confiado en que los vecinos no sufrirán los días de los juegos, como sucede en el Marlins Park.

¿Ayudará al transporte público?

Jorge Mas dice que este proyecto incentivará el uso del transporte público.

Dudar es normal, pues en Miami siempre se ha dicho eso, y la situación sigue empeorando en ese sentido.

Una ventaja de este proyecto, según Mas, es que va a tener un impacto positivo sobre el transporte público.  “Al norte de la propiedad está el metro. Esperamos que mas de la tercera parte de los fanáticos lleguen ahí. Puente peatonal para que la gente pueda cruzar por encima de la 21.”

Ojalá sea todo un éxito, y no termine Miami con otro estadio semivacío, que solo ocasiona tráfico, como nuestro querido Marlins Park.

Escuche la entrevista completa, cortesía de Actualidad Radio, aquí:

Sigue a Alejandro Villegas, Ricardo Montes de Oca y Leandro Soto en Cinco Razones haciendo click en este link