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MMA Fights of the Month: October 2020

Fight of the Month Power Rankings: October   What makes for a great fight? It’s much more complex than having two strikers go at it. There has to be a certain amount of tension that the fight emanates. The battle scars and aesthetic of a fighter going through war makes it all the better. If […]

NBA Bubble Trends: 3 Breakouts who will get Payouts

You could say that, as strange as these circumstances are, they have actually created the purest form of basketball. In the controlled environment of the NBA Bubble, players have minimal distractions other than the lure of cheap beer-shotgunning contests, Call of Duty confrontations and hopelessly broken golf swings. There are no families around to ask […]

Thursday Trends: 3 Plays in the NBA Bubble

So some things never change. Like Dion Waiters’ belief being stronger than your doubt. Lakers' Dion Waiters believes his shot will start falling soon https://t.co/ULFxJhwf1y — Brad Turner (@BA_Turner) August 5, 2020 But in these Bubble-licious times, much is different than we anticipated. We should be used to odd circumstances by now — after all, […]

Season Ticket: Is it Tua much trouble to be positive?

If it is true that misery loves company, it is also accurate that the truly miserable don’t when optimism is abundant anywhere. This is a trait particularly inherent in sports fan populations, with some trying to extinguish hope wherever it may appear. In South Florida, they are the Dolphins Downers. You probably know one. Or […]