Miami Dolphins Camp Quickie Notes: Day 11

Day 11

– The last practice before they p;ay actual Football.
– There is however one last Training Camp practice on Saturday.
– Coach Flores is late.
– He’s here.
– OL knee brace use is encouraged for camp to reduce the possibility of lower extremity injuries- Coach Flores
– Everybody will be ready to play for extended periods on Thursday. It could be 3 plays, 30 plays, 50 plays- Coach Flores
– We are working Kiko Alonso back, he fits in a lot of our packages- Coach Flores
– Player 1 to 1 interaction is important. For reinforcement, encouragement- Coach Flores
– We snuck in a walk thru at the stadium the other day- Coach Flores
– We might sneak in another one- Coach Flores
– Jesse Davis has taken every 1st team snap at RT for the last 8 practices. It’s no longer an “experiment”. He’s the RT. Can’t see them devote all of this time to this and then reversing course at the 1st sign of adversity. He would have to be a disaster to lose this job. IMO.
– Far field work today.
– Special teams work to begin practice, once again.
– Allen, Grant, Sterup, Jones, McMillan, Rowe, Woodard, Tankersely OUT today.
– Today should have a Walk Thru feel due to the game on Thursday.
– Stretch period.
– Jerome Baker is out here moving fine. No “extra” equipment. He’s a go.
– No change to the OL. Tunsil, Dieter, Kilgore, Calhoun, Davis.
– Ah. The all important warmup. Gets sharper by the day.
– Snap work…..Drake still on the 1st team.
– That UM time paid off…Mark Walton runs his shoot routes, and essentially every pass route out from HB to a tee.
– Sharp stuff from all 3 QB’s in warmup.
– 11v11 time. Fitzy starts off looking sharp, going through progressions, quick to find Wilson, Gesicki on timed routes.
– Josh Rosen in.
– Ok…….Josh Rosen delivers a 22 yard laser to Preston Williams. Dropped.
– Josh Rosen works on some timing, tempo stuff. (Bubble screen)
– Jerome Baker Fills nicely on Drake’s cut back…..Fitzy then drills Parker in the chest on a quick slant. Good looking stuff here.
– Assortment of TE talent getting 1st team snaps.
– Adolphus Washington having moments out here. Looks strong on 3 tech, 5 tech. He is in and around the backfield.
– Josh Rosen seems to have much better command of the offense, being much more decisive. But Fitzy is having a great day.
– Special Teams work.
– Back to some 11v11 work. Third team in.
– Rosen and the 2nd team in, pretty crisp 1 read passes. This practice has been a joy to watch.
– 1st team in. Fitzy works from 10 yard line.
– Some runs being called. Not much value to be gained from this. Mostly snap work. Real walk thru stuff.
– Rosen in. Much of the same. Prep for the Falcons.
– 11v11 simulated portion of practice.
– WHOA. Gesicki almost simulated the Odell Beckham catch vs. Dallas……dropped it however. Fitzy sailed it.
– Josh Rosen attempts the same 22 yard out, broken up.
– Some sloppiness seeps in here….we almost had a 100% clean practice.
– Sharpness returns at the goal line.
– Practice is over after some good looking goal line offense.
– As you can see by the header pic, USWNT World Cup Champion Coach Jill Ellis was a guest of Coach Flores.

Practice MVP: NONE-Walk Thru
Struggled: NONE-Walk Thru

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