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Josh Rosen acknowledges he has a lot to prove as he joins the Miami Dolphins. (Craig Davis photo)

You bet Josh Rosen has a monster chip on his shoulder

DAVIE – Josh Rosen acknowledged he’s got a lot to prove as the starts fresh with the Dolphins, not just to his new team but to all the critics of his rough rookie season with the Cardinals.

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier said after the trade to acquire the quarterback from the Cardinals that he expected Rosen to come to Miami with a chip on his shoulder.

“I don’t think my chip’s got to grow any more, I might tip over,” Rosen said with a smile during his introductory media conference Monday.

Rosen strives to overcome bad rep, show he’s a good teammate

Rosen avoided sounding cocky but made it clear he is confident despite his struggled with Arizona. Asked if he still believed he can become the franchise-caliber quarterback the Dolphins have been seeking for two decades since Dan Marino retired, Rosen said, “Yes, because I think I am a good quarterback and I think I am a good leader.”

He indicated he understands that attaining that level in the NFL is an endless challenge.


Josh Rosen discusses overcoming the negative perception about him during his introductory news conference with the Miami Dolphins. (Craig Davis)

Josh Rosen striving to erase bad rep, show he’s a good teammate

DAVIE – New Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen came out of college with the reputation of having a big arm and a mouth to match.

Rosen said Monday that he has made an effort to prove that he is a good teammate, and that is on his mind as he starts fresh with another team.

“I think I had a little bit of a bad perception at first, but what I’ve tried to do is not really say do anything extra, just kind of be me and continue on and keep my head down, and eventually the story will straighten out,” he said. “I think it has for the most part.”

You bet Rosen has a monster chip on his shoulder

There were reports while he was at UCLA that he was disliked by teammates. He is a complex personality and didn’t shy away from expressing controversial opinions, including criticizing Donald Trump and the NCAA.

“I was thrown into the spotlight pretty quickly at UCLA. I was pretty young, so I didn’t really have all of my answers as perfectly crafted as I do now,” he said with a grin. “I just kind of said some things kind of off the cuff about all different kinds of things and people kind of misconstrued them in certain different ways. “

Rosen said it is important to him to earn the trust of teammates and that he intends to do that by trying to “be consistent, be thee came guy, have the same kind of energy every time I step into the locker room and the facility so that all of my teammate know what guy they’re getting.

“So I think time and consistency is the best medicine to cure the narrative. … Over the test of time and being consistent and trying to be a really good teammate, I think the narrative is starting to straighten out a little bit.”




Why the Character Assassination of Josh Rosen?

This has been an odd weekend, when it comes to the relationship between the Miami sports media and the Miami fans.

Three local reporters have been extremely vocal in their criticism of the Miami Dolphins’ Josh Rosen trade and general draft approach, which is entirely within their rights. Reporters don’t need to like everything a team does. It’s better if they don’t at times; there are some beat writers in this market who go along with whatever the team says at all times, in exchange for access, and that’s not ideal either. But for at least one of the three (and not the two that this writer respects, Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel and Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald), some of this Josh Rosen criticism comes off as  personal.

You’d get whiplash trying to follow all of that writer’s Dolphins opinions over the past 25 years, since they seem to fluctuate based on whether that athlete, executive or agent is giving the writer the inside information he wants. But again, this one has been weird, even though some of it is expected, since Rosen is outspoken politically, with views that don’t align at all with that writer.

On March 5, that writer tweeted that “trading maybe a 4th for Josh Rosen is a win-win. If he grows up and balls, they may have their franchise QB. If he stinks, he helped team #TankforTua while giving impression they were trying.” That’s an extremely lucid take. And it’s fair to point out that the Dolphins did not trade just a fourth round pick for the second-year quarterback out of UCLA on Friday. They traded a second-rounder and a 2020 fifth-rounder, though it was a lower second-rounder (No. 62 vs. No. 48) than they originally had, and they did pick up a 2020 second-rounder in that earlier deal. So it’s sort of like they did trade a fourth-rounder.

But again, evaluating Rosen as a player, and deciding he isn’t worth something, is totally within reason. Changing your mind is within reason. Some of those in the Five Reasons Sports Network did that to some degree as well. Circumstances change. Evaluations change.

I mean, our guys on Three Yards Per Carry don’t even agree with each other on the trade, and our network is split down the middle.

That’s all fair. That’s sports.

What’s not really fair is the character hit job on Rosen.

We’re not dignifying this by posting any screen-shotted tweets (and it took a while to find someone in our network who isn’t blocked), but this was the quote in that tweet: “I’ve talked to multiple people about Josh Rosen today. The play is not what troubles. The person does.”

So, unnamed sources about someone’s character?

That’s sort of well, journalistic malpractice.

Is it because of what that writer tweeted earlier Friday that “it was safe to believe Dolphins would NOT give up their second round pick (48 overall) for Josh Rosen”? (Again, true that they didn’t give up 48 ultimately, even if that’s splitting hairs.) …

Is it because Rosen wore a “f— Trump” hat on a Trump golf course, and that might offend someone who has devoted so much energy to trashing Colin Kaepernick?

Whatever it is, it appears to be total BS.

This guy seems like a fairly swell person, no?

OK, maybe he could have faked that.

This too….

Well, there’s a segment of the political population that doesn’t care for either LeBron James or Chris Long, and thinks they should “shut up and dribble” or, in Long’s case, “shut up and sack” or something.

But what about these tweets from someone who would seem to know better — the Cardinals’ respected broadcasting voice?

A guy who happens to do a lot of national work for ESPN?

Oops, sorry, a screenshot slipped in.

OK, OK, Pasch works for the team.

The fans probably hate Rosen, though, right?

I mean, he wasn’t good last year, and apparently he’s a personality problem.

Oh, and even that writer’s colleague:

No, throwing under the bus is reserved for reporters, apparently.

Well, maybe just one here.

Because others seem to get it.

Best and worst tweets from the Josh Rosen trade

For some, what the Dolphins have done over the last two days has been impressive.  To others, it has been quite the opposite.

After day one of the NFL draft, much of #DolphinsTwitter was in perfect harmony over the Christian Wilkins pick.  Every. Single. Account. tweeted out the GIF of him doing a split at the National Championship game, and the provocative picture from the Ohio State game.  But for the second straight year, fans, experts, and analysts were all impressed with the Dolphins first-round pick.

And then day two came and the rumors that the Dolphins were interested in Josh Rosen had split twitter into their usual civil war.  No one knew what would happen.

Soon we would find out, the first domino would have to fall.

Miami traded down with the New Orleans Saints.

And then, the seemingly unexpected happened.

What came next was mass disarray and quality entertainment.

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly from the Josh Rosen trade on Twitter.

Is Ethan Skolnick of Five Reasons the three-eyed raven?



And the best of all..



Dolphins acquire Josh Rosen for two picks

Over the past 15 years, under four different regimes, the Miami Dolphins have spent second-round picks — either in the draft or in trades — on five different quarterbacks.

A.J. Feeley.

Daunte Culpepper.

John Beck.

Chad Henne.

Pat White.

Hopefully, the sake of Chris Grier — who has been here all this time — this will go better.

After trading down out of the No. 48 overall spot (second round) to accumulate more picks (including this year’s No. 62 plus a 2020 second-rounder) from the Saints, Grier send that No. 62 slot to the Arizona Cardinals for Josh Rosen, drafted No. 10 overall out of UCLA just last spring. The Dolphins also threw in a 2020 fifth-rounder, which was contrary to initial reporting.

Rosen — who struggled badly with a terrible team — will now compete with veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting job in 2019, and perhaps carve out a long-term position on the team, though it may not be as a long-term starter if the Dolphins are bad enough to draft an elite quarterback in 2020.

Chris Grier addressed the media shortly after the trade.

Here are the key quotes:

This might make this tryout palatable to fans:


And here’s a factoid:

Report: Dolphins Close To Trade For Josh Rosen

Dolphins fans might have been disappointed they didn’t get their quarterback on Day 1 of the NFL Draft, with Dwayne Haskins on the board at 13, but they might get their guy on Day 2, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network described trade talks as “Dolphins or bust” earlier today and that the trade could be finished as the Dolphins are on the clock.

Further reporting from NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo has the Dolphins potentially asking for a later round pick as well from Arizona because they feel giving up the #48 pick would be too much.

Dolphins fans should definitely stay tuned here and to Day 2 of the draft tonight.

Chris Grier isn't a perfect general manager, but he does not deserve to be fired.

Is Josh Rosen still in play for Dolphins?

Chris Grier didn’t give anything away.

And neither have the Arizona Cardinals… yet.

Following the selection of Clemson defensive tackle Christian Wilkins in the first round, the Dolphins GM was asked about interest in now-displaced Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen — interest everyone knows the Dolphins have.

Grier demurred, and the media moved to other topics. But as the draft moves to round 2 on Friday, and the Cardinals now have a new franchise quarterback (No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray), the Rosen-to-Miami stuff isn’t going away.

It sure appears — now that Giants and Redskins have also drafted quarterbacks — like the Dolphins have considerable leverage, as the only team really in play.

So what would it take?

Well, the chatter was about a third-round pick, and maybe the Cardinals hold out for that or more, and deal with the consequences of having an unhappy quarterback in their camp.

Especially after this all-time @OldTakesExposed tweet:

And they seem to be using Adam Schefter to get some leverage back:

Could Rosen be a redemption story? Here?

Still chatter about Josh Rosen to Miami

They’d love him in Aventura.

And Boca.

And at Toojay’s.

But would you want him as your quarterback?

There’s been some talk this offseason that has connected the Miami Dolphins to second-year quarterback Josh Rosen?

Why? Well, he’s breathing. Even after all those hits behind a bad line.

Also, he was a hot prospect when the Arizona Cardinals jumped the Dolphins last spring to draft him out of UCLA at No. 10 overall. And now, the Cardinals have changed coaching staffs after one season, going from Steve Wilks to Kiliff Kingsbury, and Arizona picks first overall. So if they like Kyler Murray — and there’s smoke on both sides about that — they could take Murray and flip Rosen after just one season.

And the Dolphins need help at quarterback more than just about anyone.

Rosen was 3-10 last season, but just about anyone would have been, so it’s hard to judge him on that. He completed just 55 percent of his passes, with more interceptions than touchdowns.

That in itself is not disqualifying. The financial issues may be, as might compensation.

The positives: You get a look at a young quarterback a year before you really want to draft one (since the 2020 class promises to be infinitely better at that position than this one). And if you play him and he’s bad, you get higher in that next draft.

So, will the Dolphins do the Early Bird thing and grab Rosen before they really planned on getting a quarterback?

(We’re sorry. Enjoy the latkes.)


Photoshop by Josh Houtz.