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Will A New Set Of Golf Clubs Improve Your Game?

If you are interested in starting off with golf and wondering if an old golf club set-probably your dad’s-is going to be just fine or not, then you have landed on the right post. Maybe you’re thinking about getting a new set instead of utilizing the old beaten-up one. Will the condition of the golf club set make a difference? Let’s find out.

A New Set Of Golf Clubs Can Be Good For Old And New Players

With a new set of golf clubs, you can definitely improve your gameplay, but it can also depend upon your current level of skills and other factors.

For Experienced Players

If you’ve started playing golf and have learned some skills with an old set, you will witness a positive improvement in your abilities. As you would have already practiced playing golf using a used set of clubs, you will have more control over your swing speed with new ones. Old clubs could have lost their balance, which might train a golfer to use more force for a swing or some other technique. A new golf club will have every feature in mint condition to ensure more productivity with a little bit of effort.

For Complete Beginners

If you start your golfing journey or career with a completely new set of clubs, you are given the resources to do reasonably well right from the start. You will be well-suited to swing properly and with style without worrying about correcting your balance due to a damaged or old club. However, the improvement might not be as significant as that of an experienced player.

So, we can say:

A good and experienced golfer who practices with bad clubs, in the beginning, can do wonders with a new set of clubs.

On the other hand, a beginner who uses new clubs from the start of their golfing career can show improvements in a gradual manner.

Factors To Consider To Help You Improve

Several factors can help you improve your game with a new set of golf clubs. These could include the shape, size, and materials used for the grip, shaft, and head of the clubs. You may want to read more about how to select the right golf club to improve your game from the beginning of your golfing career. You will still need to practice your style, swing, and other skills to improve significantly.

Some might consider price a factor, but buying an expensive set of clubs is not going to improve your game overnight. Likewise, you cannot improve your skills if your golf clubs are not properly designed to withstand the swings and hardness of a golf ball.

Now, let’s look at the factors that will govern your ability to improve with a new golf set.

Swing Speed

How fast and efficiently you swing a golf club will give you an idea of how far the ball goes. Swing speed will help you reach an adequate amount of distance to cover the ground and reach the hole with as few swings as possible. However, swing speed does not convert to straight shots because it can be hard to hit the shot straight when you swing the club too quickly.


Golf Shaft

You can improve your swing speed when you have a good-quality shaft to support your move. The best golf club shafts come in steel and graphite, which have varying flex options, like regular, senior, and flex. Graphite, being lighter than steel, might be a recommended shaft type for beginners. For players who have a slower swing speed, the graphite club would be better as its lightweight and flexible material lets golfers swing the club faster.

For players who have a faster swing speed, a hybrid shaft, usually steel-based, would be a good option. A regular flex option would be ideal for such players. The most experienced players usually prefer senior flex options, which offer them the speed and bulkiness to obtain the maximum swing speeds.

Golf Club Heads

A golf club for a beginner will usually include an oversized head consisting of a large surface area for the sweet spot. With an oversized head, it’s easier to hit the ball because there is more surface to bring in contact with the ball without ruining the turn. You may also decide between muscle back and cavity back irons for your set of clubs. Muscle backs are capable of allowing a decent power to swing a clean and easy strike, whereas cavity backs are more suitable for players with controlled strikes.

An old set of golf clubs may still be needed in your golfing journey but keep in mind that the set you will use has to be in proper condition to withstand the swings, heavy-hitting, and other wear and tear while playing. If you plan on purchasing a new set of clubs, make sure to do thorough research beforehand. Using information from reliable sources can be a great help in determining the right set to improve your game. Moreover, a new golf club set will stick with you for a longer time, letting you heighten your game even further.

Second seed Stefanos Tsitsipas defeats Kei Nishikori at Miami Open

In a night that saw the humidity at Hard Rock Stadium at 72% and the temperature just below 80 degrees, second seed Stefanos Tsitsipas, drenched in sweat, took the win 6-3, 4-6, and 6-1 over Kei Nishikori at the Miami Open. 

Tsitsipas, ranked fifth in the ATP, looked strong in the first set, breaking Nishikori’s first serve and holding all of his own. Not once did he allow the 39th ranked player from Japan to achieve 40 points, and the set passed quickly in just over 30 minutes. It was clear the young Greek was looking to prove something after his runner-up finish in Acapulco last week. 


However, despite notching 10 aces in the second, Tsitsipas couldn’t hold back Nishikori’s renewed attack. The veteran player, winner of 12 singles titles, proved he could still hang with the best of the young crowd as he held off Tsitsipas’ powerful backhand, even breaking one of the younger player’s serves in the second game and winning off his only ace of the match in the eighth. Tsitsipas, meanwhile, looked in danger of overheating compared to the cool and collected Nishikori, who spent much of his life training in the Florida sun and seemed to have a better strategy for the heat and humidity. 

But the first man to beat Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic before his 21st birthday was not to be denied in the third, changing the momentum early to favor himself and roaring out to a 3-0 lead despite Nishikori’s best efforts. The Japanese native fended off five break points in the first two sets but only took the advantage once and allowed the sweat-soaked Greek to break his serve twice. After going down 5-1, his racket met the floor.

In the three years since the two have played, Tsitsipas has matured greatly. Nishikori easily defeated the young Greek in straight sets then, despite a wrist injury the year before that set him back for awhile, but had a much more difficult (and longer) time of things this year.

Tsitsipas will move on to the fourth round tomorrow at seven p.m. where he will face Lorenzo Sonego of Italy. 


Step-by-Step Guide for Online Sports Betting

Online betting, before the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic, was already incredibly popular. A year later, online betting is the only way many people are even able to bet, which has seen a massive surge in the industry. Experts predict that online betting will continue its run long after the lockdown has ceased and casinos and betting shops reopen again, the reason being that people are now comfortable with online betting, find it more manageable, and do not have to spend hours bent over a slot machine. Online sports betting is convenient, simple, easy, and without a doubt, fun.

In this article, we are going to present to you a step-by-step guide for online sports betting. Navigating the online world can be incredibly difficult, we know, especially when it comes to subjects as expansive and vast as online betting. However, mastering the world of online sports betting can be done, and with this article, it’ll be more comfortable than ever.

It is important to add in; please gamble responsibly. With so much time at home, you may be spending money out of boredom; if you cannot afford it, then do not bet it!

Here is a step-by-step guide for online sports betting.

What’s Your Game?

Online betting is a vast industry. Are you into sports betting? Slots? Roulette? What’s your game? Figuring out your game will help you move forward with online betting and find your home there. Most platforms will offer you the ability to play games as well as perform sports betting, so you needn’t worry too much, but it is worth knowing which way you are inclined. Some platforms excel in sports betting, while others’ games. Give some serious thought to what your game is so that you can find the right platform for you.

Find a Platform

When you have established which game it is that you want to play or what you want to bet on, you can go ahead and find a platform. There is an almost infinite number of betting platforms on the internet – like we said, it is a huge industry – but you must find the platform right for you personally. This may mean that you have to try a few out before you find the right platform. When you do find the right platform, you will immediately know that you are in the right place.

Register On Your Platform

Once you have a chosen and favoured platform, go ahead and register. Registration is quite simple and very straightforward; simply fill in your personal details, attach a bank card, and upload a form of identification for verification. Registration on one of these platforms is usually instant, though it may take some time for your verification to return, so you may not be able to bet or go live until you have done so. Registration is not particularly difficult, so we will not spend too much time on it. Go ahead and get registered as soon as you are ready.

Multiple Platforms?

By this stage, you may have several platforms you want to use. Here, our advice is that you should just use one until you are comfortable and experienced with online sports betting. You can definitely use multiple platforms quite effectively, providing you are experienced, but if you know very little about online sports betting, using various platforms will just be a thorn on your side and overcomplicate things. For the time being, while you find your bearing, use one good platform rather than several at one time. Trust us – you will thanks us later.

Image Source: Pixabay

Tips, Tips, and More Tips!

If you are considering sports betting, then you will want to find as many tips and insider suggestions as you can. Finding sure win soccer tips is not as hard as some may think; the internet is absolutely filled with them! Using tips to make more informed and better bets is definitely something we encourage that you do. Tips and tricks to help you win can prove to be a very effective way to ensure that every single bet is a winning bet. Read journals, magazines, and websites dedicated to helping you come out on top with every bet you make.

Spread Out

When you are betting, the best way to win is to spread your money out. If you concentrate all of your money in a single place, you are more likely to lose everything than to win a fortune. Spreading your money out into multiple different places can be an excellent way for you to make a fortune on bets. Do not spend everything in a single location, but instead, bet on multiple different things at once, and use multiple different games and methods of betting, from roulette to soccer; soccer to rugby!

Start Betting

By this point, we have covered virtually everything that stands between you and making a bet. Now you have registered, found some tips, spread your money out, and do some research, and you can start betting and making some money. Betting is very fun – very addictive, too, so bet in moderation. Many international sporting events are still going underway, notwithstanding pandemic, so you should have no problem finding things to bet on. Start betting today – stop wasting time. There could be a fortune waiting for you right now! Whether it’s football, rugby, cricket, or tennis, get going!

Bet Responsibly

A final word. When you bet, please bet responsibly. So many people throughout this pandemic have bankrupted themselves through irresponsibly betting. Betting is not something that is to be taken lightly. Yes, it is fun – yes, you can win a lot of money, but it can also be very NOT fun, and you can lose A LOT of money! Betting responsibly is something most platforms encourage. Set a stop loss on your bets, meaning that you cannot exceed a spending cap. Putting a cap up will help you to not spiral out of control and haemorrhage money.

Betting is fun – a lot of fun – but bet carefully. We hope that, armed with this article, that you will be able to conquer the world of online betting. Thank you for reading; please come back and visit us again soon.

The Biggest Sports Events Coming in 2021

2020 was a disruptive year for sports but, thankfully, many major sporting events are returning in 2021. Here are the key ones sporting fans the world over are hotly anticipating.


February 7: Super Bowl LV


The highlight of the sporting year for many fans is just around the corner. The 55th Super Bowl sees defending champions Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at their home stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Chiefs have produced some impressive performances during the regular season and they are favorites to win, but the Buccaneers could come out on top yet. To keep up with the latest news and odds, check out this helpful guide to Super Bowl betting.


21 March – 5 December: Formula One World Championship


The final may be a long way away, but the 2021 Formula One World Championship is set to get underway in March. The calendar consists of 23 races around the world. Having recently matched Michael Schumacher’s record of seven world titles, Lewis Hamilton will be doing everything he can to win the 2021 world championship.


Image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/golf-golf-ball-golfing-hole-1284011/


April 8 – 11: Masters Tournament


The 85th edition of the Masters Tournament is the first of the four major golfing championships due to be held in 2021. The others being May’s PGA Championship, June’s US Open, and July’s The Open Championship. The 2021 Masters Tournament will be held at the iconic course of Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Dustin Johnson will be hoping to hold on to his 2020 win, but no one has achieved a successive win since Tiger Woods in 2002, so Johnson has his work cut out.


11 June – 11 July: Euro 2020


Soccer fans the world over are eagerly anticipating this year’s UEFA European Football Championship for two reasons. Firstly, the tournament was postponed from last year, so fans have been waiting a long time. And despite the competition now being held in 2021, it will still be named Euro 2020. Secondly, as a romantic gesture to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European football championships, the tournament is uniquely taking place across numerous European cities, like Rome, Baku, and Bilbao, with England’s Wembley Stadium hosting the final.


28 June – 11 July: Wimbledon Championships


The third Grand Slam tournament of the year, the Wimbledon Championships, is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments on the planet. Defending singles champions Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep will be hoping to cling on to their title at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London. But whether they can manage to do so remains to be seen.


23 July – 8 August: The 2020 Summer Olympics


The biggest and longest-running sporting competition on the planet is due to return in 2021, having been postponed for the very first time in its modern history. Despite the 2020 Olympics now being held in 2021, the games are still being called the 2020 Summer Olympics. The multi-sport event will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo 2020 will see several new competitions being introduced, including freestyle BMX, 3×3 basketball, and baseball. The games will also see karate, surfing, and skateboarding making their Olympics debuts.


November 5 – 6: The Breeders’ Cup


Rounding off the international horse racing calendar in November is the prestigious Breeders’ Cup. The best horses and jockeys in the world will be heading to the iconic racing venue of Del Mar in San Diego. Kentucky Derby winner Authentic won the Classic in 2020, but he has now retired, so he will not be back to compete. However, plenty of other horses and jockeys are waiting to step up to the plate.



A Primer on Sports Betting: How to Win Big

One of gambling’s oldest and most popular forms of placing bets is on sports. In the early days, sports betting seemed to be primarily on horse racing. However, today, it seems that you can gamble on any type of sport imaginable. American Football, NBA Basketball and soccer from every league in the world is proving to be extremely popular. Sports betting, allows punters to mix their passion of their preferred sport and gambling together. It gives the punter a chance to put their money where their mouth is, in the hope that their knowledge of the game will help them predict the outcome and win some money. Many people will only bet on their team they support to show loyalty. Sports betting can change a dull or one-sided fixture into the highlight of your day. With gambling becoming increasingly legal in many countries around the world it seems whether you like it or not, sports betting is here to stay. There are many sites online nowadays that allow you to gamble on sports or slots, like eye of horus which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 


How Big Is Sports Betting?

Over the past few decades, the popularity of sports betting has been growing to new heights. Considering the first sports book was published online in 1996, the speed in which the industry has developed is incredible. In the United States, during 2013 the market size for legal sports betting was worth approximately $240 million US Dollars. However, the legal sport gambling sector was estimated anywhere from $1.5 billion to $11.8 billion dollars. Although, the exact figure for the illegal sports gambling market is impossible to give an exact figure, the estimations are staggering. Experts reckon if sports gambling was legal throughout all the states in America that the value of the market could be worth around $16 billion dollars per year. Legal sports betting investors claim today, with more states legalizing gambling, that the industry will be valued at $7 billion to $8 billion US dollars over the next five years. Many online casinos that offer slot games like blackjack online, are branching off into the sports gambling industry these days. 


Benefits Of Sports Betting

Sports betting can be extremely entertaining for those who take part. Whether it’s a day out with your friends at your local pub to watch your bets on the Premier League football matches, or, if you have a box seat at Wimbledon for the tennis final in London with your betting ticket in hand, sports betting can seriously add to the rollercoaster ride of emotions sport entails. The thrill is hard to come by in any of the other investment classes. Not many people invite all their friends over for pizzas and beers to watch the stock market channel. 


In many countries sports betting is tax free, which is a dream to any investor. Many governments cannot tax sports betting profits because they would have to allow equal tax credits for gambling losses. 


The Difference Between Investing In Stocks To Sports Betting


Unlike betting on the stock markets, sports betting unfolds in front of your eyes if watched live. This transparency gives the punter a view of exactly what is happening with their money. In soccer for instance, many of the bigger games will have team information, statistics, player and manager’s press conference before and after the games, TV interviews with players and coaches, former professionals and presenters opinions on the game, live commentary throughout the game and injury updates. It seems these days the amount of information on games and players appears to be endless. Many players use social media platforms nowadays to update fans on their physical condition and often post videos of themselves working out at the gym or going for a jog. Most stadiums now are fitted with lots of cameras with views from all angles in High Definition so the viewer doesn’t miss a thing. Nowadays, with the use of technology, sports are becoming even more regulated. In tennis, Hawkeye is available to the players which allows them to challenge an umpire’s decision. In soccer, VAR (Video, Assistant Referee) is available. This allows the referee on the pitch to get advice on a decision they might be unable to see. A group of referees with screens will be able to replay the situation in slow motion numerous times until a decision is made. As it’s impossible for the referee and assistant to watch all 22 players on the pitch at once, this new technology has proved very useful. Similar technology is seen in many sports these days including Rugby, Ice Hockey, NBA and Baseball. This gives the punter certainty in their investment. It also reduces their chances of feeling cheated.


Sports betting is recession proof. Even if inflation rises, a war starts, a famine starts, none will affect the odds of a game. Games are completely independent to all the variables outside the game. 

Sports Betting Is Always Available

365 days a year, it seems to be possible to place your bets on sports. Fair enough, it might not be your preferred sport or league, but with the advantages of the internet you can gain access to sports and leagues throughout the globe. Even during the world’s current crisis when it seemed the entire world was on lockdown, you could still find games being played and online bookies ready to take your bet. Sports betting is limitless. 


Can Sports Betting Make You Rich?

Like any type of gambling, in the long run it is rare that people will make a profit. If your friends are consistent gamblers, it’s likely you only hear about their wins! Winning is something many of us like to boast about, losing is a topic most of us try and avoid. However, many punters have had their fair share of life changing wins. Sometimes making large sums of money predicting odds on sports, but unfortunately the number is small in comparison to those who cling onto the dream of a big win. In 2016, Leicester City were at 5000/1 to win the Premier League. The lowest odds given to any club in the league that season. They managed to come first and bookies all of the UK had to pay out those lucky punters. 

CORONAVIRUS Sports Tracker: Frequent Updates

The widespread coronavirus outbreak has impacted professional and collegiate sports across the nation.

Most recent at the top….

Hey, finally some good news!

THE MASTERS is now postponed. Could mark first time in history that the tournament is not played in April.


THE PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP is now cancelled, along with every PGA event till the first week of April.


Charles Barkley is among the latest to self-quarantine.


The Heat are working on something to help arena workers. More details to come.


Some NBA teams are doing the right thing.


Dwyane Wade doesn’t understand what the local school officials here are doing.


The XFL has caved. So much for the rebirth… for now.


It’s now infecting international soccer.


NBA will be suspended for 30 days.

Essentially that means the regular season is over.


Goodbye March Madness.


More details on the NBA coming soon.


Dan Gilbert is ahead of Micky Arison on something.

One league seems intent on outlasting all the others.

The entire ACC has postponed spring practice for all teams, which may also put the Hurricanes spring game in jeopardy.


Fans of the Marlins will have to wait a few extra weeks…

The American Airlines Arena has canceled all major events for the rest of March.


There will also be no NFL Spring meeting in Palm Beach for the time being.



The National Hockey League has suspended their season as well.




The Florida Atlantic University basketball season is over….

NFL now headed for a shutdown. Hard to see how free agency proceeds as scheduled…

So much for that InterMiami home debut.

Yes, it is already affecting prep for the NFL draft.

We are now waiting on the NHL.

A second NBA star has been diagnosed.


After it was learned Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus, the NBA has suspended the season indefinitely.


The NCAA had already announced that all men’s and women’s basketball tournaments would be held without fans.


Locally, besides the Miami Heat other sporting events are being cancelled or postponed including the upcoming Miami Open.


NBA Lottery Watch Party! Tuesday, 7 p.m.

We will win one of these eventually.

It probably won’t be Tuesday night, when the Miami Heat have a 4.8 percent chance to get in the top 4 of the 2019 NBA Draft — and a 1 percent chance of the top pick, which could mean Duke forward Zion Williamson.

But we’re trying anyway.

We will hold our 11th official Five Reasons Sports watch party, this one co-sponsored with Miami Heat Beat.

This one will start at 7 p.m., at Tap 42 in Midtown Miami.

tap 42 midtown 2

The address is 3252 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33137.

The lottery is 8:30pm., with the start of the Western Conference Finals (Warriors vs. Blazers) after.

We will have free appetizers. You buy your own beer to drink away your sorrows, when the Heat slip from No. 13 to No. 14 simply because we are there (that happens if the Boston Celtics, via the Sacramento Kings, jump into the top 4).

To follow the event, go to….

Facebook-  Tap 42 MIAMI
Instagram – @tap42bar
twitter- @tap42bar

Why the Character Assassination of Josh Rosen?

This has been an odd weekend, when it comes to the relationship between the Miami sports media and the Miami fans.

Three local reporters have been extremely vocal in their criticism of the Miami Dolphins’ Josh Rosen trade and general draft approach, which is entirely within their rights. Reporters don’t need to like everything a team does. It’s better if they don’t at times; there are some beat writers in this market who go along with whatever the team says at all times, in exchange for access, and that’s not ideal either. But for at least one of the three (and not the two that this writer respects, Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel and Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald), some of this Josh Rosen criticism comes off as  personal.

You’d get whiplash trying to follow all of that writer’s Dolphins opinions over the past 25 years, since they seem to fluctuate based on whether that athlete, executive or agent is giving the writer the inside information he wants. But again, this one has been weird, even though some of it is expected, since Rosen is outspoken politically, with views that don’t align at all with that writer.

On March 5, that writer tweeted that “trading maybe a 4th for Josh Rosen is a win-win. If he grows up and balls, they may have their franchise QB. If he stinks, he helped team #TankforTua while giving impression they were trying.” That’s an extremely lucid take. And it’s fair to point out that the Dolphins did not trade just a fourth round pick for the second-year quarterback out of UCLA on Friday. They traded a second-rounder and a 2020 fifth-rounder, though it was a lower second-rounder (No. 62 vs. No. 48) than they originally had, and they did pick up a 2020 second-rounder in that earlier deal. So it’s sort of like they did trade a fourth-rounder.

But again, evaluating Rosen as a player, and deciding he isn’t worth something, is totally within reason. Changing your mind is within reason. Some of those in the Five Reasons Sports Network did that to some degree as well. Circumstances change. Evaluations change.

I mean, our guys on Three Yards Per Carry don’t even agree with each other on the trade, and our network is split down the middle.

That’s all fair. That’s sports.

What’s not really fair is the character hit job on Rosen.

We’re not dignifying this by posting any screen-shotted tweets (and it took a while to find someone in our network who isn’t blocked), but this was the quote in that tweet: “I’ve talked to multiple people about Josh Rosen today. The play is not what troubles. The person does.”

So, unnamed sources about someone’s character?

That’s sort of well, journalistic malpractice.

Is it because of what that writer tweeted earlier Friday that “it was safe to believe Dolphins would NOT give up their second round pick (48 overall) for Josh Rosen”? (Again, true that they didn’t give up 48 ultimately, even if that’s splitting hairs.) …

Is it because Rosen wore a “f— Trump” hat on a Trump golf course, and that might offend someone who has devoted so much energy to trashing Colin Kaepernick?

Whatever it is, it appears to be total BS.

This guy seems like a fairly swell person, no?

OK, maybe he could have faked that.

This too….

Well, there’s a segment of the political population that doesn’t care for either LeBron James or Chris Long, and thinks they should “shut up and dribble” or, in Long’s case, “shut up and sack” or something.

But what about these tweets from someone who would seem to know better — the Cardinals’ respected broadcasting voice?

A guy who happens to do a lot of national work for ESPN?

Oops, sorry, a screenshot slipped in.

OK, OK, Pasch works for the team.

The fans probably hate Rosen, though, right?

I mean, he wasn’t good last year, and apparently he’s a personality problem.

Oh, and even that writer’s colleague:

No, throwing under the bus is reserved for reporters, apparently.

Well, maybe just one here.

Because others seem to get it.

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