Can the Dolphins finally come within two touchdowns?

The Dolphins are making progress, at least in one way: they are losing by less touchdowns.

Yes, they’re an enormous underdog again Sunday, after losing their first three games by a historically lopsided combined score by a 133-16, scoring 10 fewer points in three contests than Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has scored in any one game in his career.

And of course, they’ve been setting records when it comes to point spreads. They were 20-plus-point underdogs in Weeks 2 and 3, and still lost ATS (against the spread) both times. Back home to face the Chargers in Week 4, oddsmakers have the Fins as mere 16.5-point underdogs at some sites (16 at others). Odds on each sportsbooks may be a little different but, according to Sports Betting Dime, there are a few that consistently rank at the top of the list.

If luck is on your side, a straight-up Miami win will pay out at about +700 on average so shop and compare a few of the listed sites before you go chasing after that payout.

Expect even more money to come in on the Chargers late in the game, now that this has happened:

Also, while the Chargers fans don’t travel particularly well — most of their old San Diego fans don’t even go up the 405 to Los Angeles — it’s likely that many Dolphins fans will stay home Sunday. It’s Josh Rosen’s first home start, and maybe that has some appeal. But this entire process is painful, and it’s not clear Rosen is even part of the future anyway.

Who wants to watch your team get bludgeoned week after week?

The good news — or bad news if you’re in favor of the tank — is that the Dolphins schedule loosens up considerably after the bye. The Bengals, the Jets, the Giants. There are wins to be had, maybe, if the Dolphins even want them.

But for now, you can make this exercise more interesting by betting for the Dolphins to come within a couple of touchdowns.

Or not.

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