THE EXTRA YARD: 2020 NFL DRAFT Top 5 CB/Safeties

Welcome to the Five Reasons Sports 2020 NFL Draft Guide.

We will be bringing you a top 5 list compiled by Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga), and a counter list by Simon Clancy (@SiClancy) for each position, for the 2020 NFL Draft. By offering you rankings of prospects 1 thru 5 for each position, we hope you will better understand this most important draft. Enjoy!


Miami Dolphins Picks:
Round1· Pick 5(5)
Round1· Pick 18(18)PIT > MIA
Round1· Pick 26(26)HOU > MIA
Round2· Pick 7(39)
Round2· Pick 24(56)NO > MIA
Round3· Pick 6(70)
Round4· Pick 35(141)Compensatory
Round5· Pick 7(153)
Round5· Pick 9(154)JAX > PIT > MIS
Round5· Pick 28(173)BAL > LA > MIN
Round6· Pick 6(185)
Round7· Pick 13(227)IND > MIA
Round7· Pick 32(246)KC > MIA
Round7· Pick 37(251)Compensatory



1. JEFFREY OKUDAH- Ohio State- 6′-1″ 205 lbs.

Another 5 star recruit that found himself onto the Ohio State Buckeyes, All American, All Big 10 teams and the First round of the NFL Draft. The headliner of the best cornerback class since 2017 (Marlon Humphrey, Marshon Lattimore, Adoree’ Jackson, Tre’Davious White), Okudah is a clean top 5 prospect. Smooth stride gives nothing away deep, and has the size, length to stifle the short passing game. Not the best tackler on the edge against outside runs, and does tend to stick to blocks, but is a willing tackler.

2. KRISTIAN FULTON- LSU- 6′-0″ 197 lbs.

One of the top 30 prospects in the country in 2016. Was suspended for 2 years by the NCAA for using somebody else’s urine sample for a PED test. He admitted to smoking Marijuana and trying to tamper with the test. His suspension was then cut to one season, and Fulton returned for the 2018 season. A very good press-man corner with strong hands in the jam. In zone, Fulton breaks on passes and looks to make plays on the ball. Been accused of not being a willing tackler, but it rarely shows up on tape. Had success versus all world Alabama WR corp.

3. CJ HENDERSON- Florida- 6′-1″ 204 lbs.

Spurned the Hurricanes to join the Gators at the last minute, which made him very unpopular in his home town of Miami, Florida. Since then, he has made every ALL-SEC team, including a first team nod in 2019. No wasted motions, and strong combine numbers make Henderson a special athlete. A physical tackler, that always looks to strip ball carriers. Explosive closing on the ball in zone, CJ Henderson is a playmaker, more than a zone specialist. Good in man, but has had flags with his back to the QB. What he can ad is a bit of scheme awareness, and route recognition to complete his game.


4. TREVON DIGGS- Alabama- 6′-1″ 205 lbs.

Brother of Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs. Yet another Alabama Defensive back with a possible 1st round future. Tall, lanky, but with an athletic stride has had him draw comparisons to Aqib Talib (Lance Physically strong, with apparent, elite foot speed, although there is no recent 40 yard dash time on record (did not run at combine). Makes a lot of plays underneath, and has a noticeable first step toward the ball in zone. Can be a bit “grabby” on intermediate and deep routes, so the “flag machine” label has reared it’s head. Had some good moments versus top SEC competition, but some bad ones versus LSU.


5. TROY PRIDE JR. – Notre Dame- 6′-0″ 193 lbs.

Elite size, speed profile that NFL GM’s love. There is really good tape of Pride Jr. exploding to close on routes in zone, but there is also some bad tape of him in man, especially on deep routes. Lack of technique can be the issue as he seems to lose contact on deep routes as his stride shortens noticeably. We know it’s not his speed, so some schooling is necessary for Troy Pride to reach his potential at the next level. Not a noticeable tackler, but effective in run support with positioning. He has a good instinct for sniffing out the run game. Challenging WR’s vertically is not his game.


1. Jeffrey Okudah – Ohio State
2. CJ Henderson – Florida
3. Jeff Gladney – TCU
4. Noah Igbinoghene – Auburn
5. Kristian Fulton – LSU



1. ANTOINE WINFIELD JR- Minnesota- 5′-9″ 203 lbs.

We have seen this type before. The smallish deep safety (Bob Sanders?) where his frame and length don’t seem to matter since he gets to every spot on the field in a hurry. He plays noticeably fast, and had very good combine numbers. AP All American and a 1st team ALL Big 10 nod, with eye popping counting stats in 2019, yet he is not talked about at the top of this safety class. He is being punished for his size. Oh, did I mention that Winfield’s father is former pro bowl corner Antoine Winfield of the Vikings? If he has a real knock, it’s that his size prevents him from overwhelming ball carriers with his tackling and he tends to arm tackle a bit.

2. XAVIER MCKINNEY- Alabama- 6′-0″ 201 lbs.

Yet another Alabama defensive back with first round pedigree. McKinney is a high football IQ, thinking man’s football player, with elite size, and game speed. His 4.63 forty time at the combine was a surprise to many, as he was expected to run in the 4.5’s. McKinney is that “swiss army knife” that teas covet with the versatility to play single high, man up in the slot with a Tight End or slot WR, or play in the box and erase underneath routes from RB’s. A good tackler in space, but not a powerful one versus the run on outside zone runs. Tends to QB watch and lose track of his zone responsibility as he can be seen drifting past his assigned landmarks.


3. GRANT DELPIT- LSU- 6′-3″ 213 lbs.

“Safety U” produces another one. Delpit is a real alpha versus the run game, and will thump you when you come across his zone. Delpit also possesses the noticeable range that NFL GM’s want in their deep safety. Can look a bit stiff matched up in man coverage, and doesn’t always look the part as a fluid athlete. He is not so much smooth, as he is twitchy and explosive in his movement. While being a monster in run support, he spent most of 2019 missing too many tackles. There is some evidence of him taking unnecessary “ kill shots” when a secure tackle will suffice. Not many more Safeties in this class are as fun to watch.


4. ASHTYN DAVIS- California- 6′-1″ 202 lbs.

A track star, turned football walk on. Worked his way from special teams, while winning the team’s Special Teams MVP in back to back years, Davis found himself becoming an all conference safety by his senior year. If you want a single high type that can cover a lot of ground, there is nobody better in this draft class. While having a short career in football, Davis seems to have an instinct for the passing game, and is rarely out of position. Has a real alpha attitude in run support, and does not have the look of a guy that is relatively new to football. His rare physical gifts, high character and “rawness” make him a Coach’ dream.


5. J.R. REED- Georgia- 6′-1″ 202 lbs.

Son of former Viking Jake Reed. Good size and speed profile, to go with a highly productive 2019, where he was an All American, All-SEC and a Jim Thorpe finalist. Not the “rangy type”, but Reed is always on the spot. High Football IQ, and a physical demeanor make him a playmaker vs. the run game. You would like to see him be a bit more fluid in his movement, as he sometimes looks slow to change direction. J.R. Reed has some limitations in man coverage when it comes to locking in one on one, but his special awareness is as good as any safety in this class, as Reed is a highly instinctual player. Belongs in the second tier, but he should be as good as gone when round 4 starts up.



1. Grant Delpit – LSU
2. Antoine Winfield Jr – Minnesota
3. Xavier McKinney – Alabama
4. Jeremy Chinn – Southern Illinois
5. Ashtyn Davis – Cal


Alfredo Arteaga (@Alf_Arteaga) and Simon Clancy (SiClancy) are two-thirds of the trio that does the Three Yards Per Carry (@3YardsPerCarry) podcast.

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