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CK Parrot on the Dolphins draft options

Chris Kouffman (@CKParrot) is everywhere.

(Well, he’s actually in Tampa watching tape and managing money, but you get what we mean.)

He appeared on more than five hours of draft previews on our popular Three Yards Per Carry podcast. He made a stop in with Brendan Tobin and Brett Romberg and our Kevin Mayer on the 790 The Ticket morning show.

And he popped in for an hour with Ethan Skolnick and Chris Wittyngham on the Five Reasons flagship podcast.

You can find that episode here. 

We spent a lot of time debating Josh Rosen — Ethan likes trading a third round pick for the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, and CK does not.

Here are some of CK’s takes on players who may be available to Miami at some point in the draft:

Jawaan Taylor, Florida (OT): “He is the best tackle in the draft. The best left tackle in the draft specifically is Andre Dillard of Washington State. And he’s going to get pushed up because he is a left tackle. But Jawaan Taylor is the best tackle period. He reminds me of Laremy Tunsil. He would give me pause certainly if he were available at that 13 overall pick, even looking at him next to a Jeffrey Simmons. But most likely they’re going to try to trade down.”

Isaiah Johnson, Houston (CB): “This is a guy that is a lengthy corner that has genuine speed and good hips. Whereas Greedy Williams is not going to help you much in the run game and support tackling, Isaiah Johnson has a different sort of attitude and will come up and hit you and be really physical. I’m not saying he’s better than Greedy Williams. He is a wide receiver convert and so it’s going to take him a little bit of time. But again, if you don’t care about 2019 as much, you will allow him to develop. I think that will be a fantastic pick for the Dolphins somewhere in Day 2.”

L.J. Collier, TCU (DE): “A Trey Flowers clone. If you watch him on tape and watch him play against offensive tackles, I counted like six times in two games that he just straight up punched an offensive tackle to the ground. It wasn’t that the tackle tripped on somebody. He just knocked his ass up. He’s got those heavy hands, he’s a very powerful passrusher, he’s got different pass rush moves. He can pass rush inside, outside. Really productive guy at TCU. He went to the Senior Bowl and Pro Football Focus had him with the highest pass rush win rate of anybody.”

For more evaluations, check out this story from Josh Houtz here.


Three Yards Per Carry: Mug Contest!

We like giving you stuff here.

And since it’s NFL draft week, what better time to toast to whatever the Miami Dolphins do?

(Or choke on your coffee).

Three Yards Per Carry has you covered — as well as Xavien Howard, better than the Dolphins’ extra defensive backs.

Here are the Rules for the Mug Giveaway.

. Provide a List of Ten Names in this Format: (Player Name, Position, School, Draft Round)

(EXAMPLE: Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma, 1st Round)

. Whoever gets the most names drafted by the Miami Dolphins, Wins. The Tie Breaker is the Draft Round.

. Provide that List of Names in the Comments Below, make sure to include your Twitter Handle.

*Entries MUST be received BEFORE the 1st Pick in the 2019 NFL Draft is Made*
*Must Live/Ship in the Continental United States to be eligible*
*Up to Three Mugs will be awarded*

Good Luck!

Still chatter about Josh Rosen to Miami

They’d love him in Aventura.

And Boca.

And at Toojay’s.

But would you want him as your quarterback?

There’s been some talk this offseason that has connected the Miami Dolphins to second-year quarterback Josh Rosen?

Why? Well, he’s breathing. Even after all those hits behind a bad line.

Also, he was a hot prospect when the Arizona Cardinals jumped the Dolphins last spring to draft him out of UCLA at No. 10 overall. And now, the Cardinals have changed coaching staffs after one season, going from Steve Wilks to Kiliff Kingsbury, and Arizona picks first overall. So if they like Kyler Murray — and there’s smoke on both sides about that — they could take Murray and flip Rosen after just one season.

And the Dolphins need help at quarterback more than just about anyone.

Rosen was 3-10 last season, but just about anyone would have been, so it’s hard to judge him on that. He completed just 55 percent of his passes, with more interceptions than touchdowns.

That in itself is not disqualifying. The financial issues may be, as might compensation.

The positives: You get a look at a young quarterback a year before you really want to draft one (since the 2020 class promises to be infinitely better at that position than this one). And if you play him and he’s bad, you get higher in that next draft.

So, will the Dolphins do the Early Bird thing and grab Rosen before they really planned on getting a quarterback?

(We’re sorry. Enjoy the latkes.)


Photoshop by Josh Houtz.

Chris Grier isn't a perfect general manager, but he does not deserve to be fired.

QB or not QB? For Chris Grier, that’s the question

DAVIE – In his final media session prior to next week’s NFL Draft, Dolphins general manager Chris Grier was less than effusive Wednesday in rating the quarterbacks who will be available.
Although Kyler Murray is expected to be selected first overall by the Arizona Cardinals, this year’s quarterback class isn’t as rich as last year when Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen were taken in the first 10 picks.
“We thought a couple of those quarterbacks last year were really special,” Grier said. “I think this class is a good class of quarterbacks. I would say like all of them, this class probably has players that haven’t started as many games as you’d like to see, in terms of helping paint the picture for what they could be. So it’s a little more projection on a lot of them.”
For a rebuilding team that must secure a franchise quarterback before it can move into the category of ready to be a playoff contender, the odds appear against that being achieved in this draft.
It would be no surprise if the Dolphins select a defensive lineman or edge rusher with the 13th pick in the first round, or even an offensive lineman.
But mindful that team executives are always careful not to tip their hand prior to a draft, nothing can be ruled out based on Grier’s comments and inflections.
The Dolphins were to hold a private workout with Duke quarterback Daniel Jones this week, according to an NFL Network report, and it’s not their first contact with him. Jones, at 6 feet 5, 221 pounds, has size, arm strength and is relatively mobile.
Last season he threw for 2,674 yards, 22 touchdowns, and nine interceptions with a 60.5 completion percentage. He also ran for 319 yards and three touchdowns.
Jones also was a three-year starter in college, which checks one of the boxes Grier indicated that others are lacking.
Whether or not Grier and his scouts consider Jones as elite or a potential franchise quarterback is not known.
Regarding whether he sees any quarterbacks fitting that description in this draft, Grier said, “There could be. Quarterbacks have been so hit and miss. You go study them, it’s 50 percent or less end up becoming even good starting quarterbacks. But every class has one or two quarterbacks that can become a good player in the league.”
In the early stages of a major rebuild, the Dolphins have numerous holes to fill. The chances of hitting on a key contributor at No. 13 may be higher at other positions.
This draft is considered particularly rich in defensive line prospects, which Grier confirmed:
“I’d say there’s five really good players that you’d feel really good about — elite. But then there’s a lot of good players too.”
Here is how he rated the depth of talent at other areas that could benefit the Dolphins.
“I would say the receiver class is probably deeper than people would think. … You can get good value picks for the first three rounds,” he said. “I would say it’s a good offensive line [class] as well; a lot of potential of guys to be really good.”
In just over a week the Dolphins will be on the clock and the pressure will be on Grier to select multiple players to help get the wayward franchise back on track.
Although this is his first year heading the front office, Grier acknowledged Wednesday that he had final say in each of the past three drafts since becoming general manager. There have been some notable hits (Minkah Fitzpatrick, Laremy Tunsil, Xavien Howard) and the inevitable misses as well.
Is the pressure greater this time?
“I want every draft to be great,” he said. “You’re going to miss on guys and get criticized. But at the end of the day, when you build through the draft, it’s important. The most important thing is making sure that coaches and scouts are all on the same page of what we’re looking for so that we can try and eliminate the mistakes.”
It remains to be seen whether the consensus in the Dolphins’ draft room is pointing toward rolling the dice on a quarterback at No. 13.
High on Reshad Jones
Grier downplayed the absence of veteran safety Reshad Jones from this week’s voluntary minicamp. He said Jones has not asked to be traded.
“He doesn’t want a trade. At least he has not informed me. Reshad is going to be here,” Grier said. “This is a voluntary camp and he chose not to be here. We’d love to have him here, but he’s earned the right – and he’s not the only guy in the league doing it. It’s voluntary. We have not given him permission [to seek a trade] and he has not asked.”
Craig Davis has covered South Florida sports and teams, including the Dolphins, for four decades. Follow him on Twitter @CraigDavisRuns
More from Dolphin Maven

So what’s with Reshad Jones?

The Dolphins don’t have that many proven players left on the roster.

And those who are?

Well, they are hardly guarantees going forward.

Xavien Howard and Laremy Tunsil are due extensions, and it’s not clear if the Dolphins are committed to them. Albert Wilson and Jakeem Grant are coming back from major surgery.

Reshad Jones?

Well, it’s not clear if he’s in or not.

Jones, one of the Dolphins’ few players with Pro Bowl pedigree, had a frustrating season, seeming to clash with now-ousted defensive coordinator Matt Burke about his role and even asking out of a game.

Tuesday, with a new coach (Brian Flores) on board, Jones was the most notable no-show for a “voluntary” veteran minicamp.

Then the explanations came, sort of.

And here was one of our affiliate podcast’s interpretation….

Whatever the reason, it’s becoming clearer that this will be close to a complete housecleaning.

Might want to try to get something for your old jerseys soon.

New episode of Three Yards Per Carry will be up overnight.


Photo by Tony Capobianco…..

Jeffrey Loria: Your worst person in Miami sports history

We probably didn’t need to do this.

It was kind of a foregone conclusion, when we selected 52 of the least popular sports figures in South Florida history — split into Sports Figures and Athletes brackets — that the frugal, former owner of the Miami Marlins would eventually tear down the nets like he tore down baseball in this market.

Still, we went through it anyway, and Jeffrey Loria was the big winner… or loser.

(We won’t show his face because, well, why?)

He was never really challenged, not against another former Marlins owner (John Henry), not against former Dolphins GM Mike Tannenbaum, not against the destroyer of the University of Miami football program Nevin Shapiro, not in the Futile Four against former Dolphins coach Nick Saban — who upset Loria’s son-in-law David Samson in the Awful Eight — and certainly not in the Final against the person you oddly deemed the worst athlete (former Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin).

This was a rout.

And why not?

Loria did win a World Series as owner, but he also made decision after decision to destroy the Marlins franchise. (Oh, and he called me a “piece of crap columnist” once, so I’ll acknowledge some bias.

He’ll probably take this condemnation as a compliment.

What was strange was the other side of the bracket, where four former Dolphins (Martin, Dion Jordan, Mike Wallace, Jay Cutler) were the last four left, not exactly the quartet we expected. In fact, Dolphins kept beating Heat, Marlins, Panthers and Hurricanes players in terms of how much you disliked them.

But no one beats Loria, not at this game.

The Glorious Birth of a Ryan Fitzpatrick Meme

Nowadays, the internet will take a picture of anything and turn it into the next great “meme”.

So when the Dolphins released a video of their off-season workouts–which looked very similar to my high school gym class–I had to watch.  After all, this is year one of the Brian Flores Era and I’m anxious to see what the next regime has to offer.  And so you watch intently, as the players run from one end of the indoor practice facility to the other.  The montage is giving me goosebumps. And then I see the man, the myth, and the legend.  The Dolphins 2019 starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

See, I like Ryan Fitzpatrick.  In fact, I spent way too much of my life writing an article about it last week.   He’s going to bring the good and definitely the bad.  There will be some 400-yard games and then some stinkers. That is who he is.  But today, I saw a guy that like me, has enjoyed one too many IPAs in his lifetime. No one expects these guys to look as chiseled as Cameron Wake, but have a little respect for yourself. *As I stare blankly into the mirror*

And so I snapped a picture with my phone, of the Dolphins’ 36-year old quarterback along with the clever words.

Twitter did exactly what you would expect and responded perfectly.  Here are some of the best tweets and memes from today’s events.











Josh Houtz (@Houtz) cooks in his spare time, when he’s not working on 65 things for Five Reasons Sports Network and Dolphin Maven.

Tom Brady annoys people again

It’s April’s Fools Day, if you weren’t aware, people play practical jokes on this day.

And no one is a bigger joker than Tom Brady.

So today, the typically reclusive New England Patriots quarterback — and Miami Dolphins tormentor, except in Miami Gardens — sent out his first tweet.

And it was a super funny one.

This thing had nearly 100,000 likes as of this post.

Apparently, some didn’t find it that amusing, even those very calm people in the Boston area.

No, the Tuck Rule call was a bad joke.

So, sorry, Dolphins fans.

You’re getting more Brady this season, with all his hilarity.

(Photo by our Tony Capobianco)